Episode 18: Different People, Different Approaches


Welcome to the show everyone. On this episode we are talking about networking. And key points to take away is that networking is different things to different industries. My version of it is different than anybody else’s here on the table. So be listening for that. And we have some tactical things that you can put into your process starting hopefully tomorrow or immediately after you listen to this episode to have better results. If you’re listening to this and you know someone else who was struggling, please share it with them. Everything is at Sales Throwdown on social media. If you have questions or stories or want us to dig in on something you’re struggling with, we’d love to do that. Enjoy the show.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the main event. In the D corner we have Clint The Cleaver Bigelow. In the I corner, we have Al The Gambler Daniel. In the S corner, we have Nan The Promoter Fallman. In the C corner, we have John Small Mountain Hill.

Let’s get ready to throwdown!

Welcome to the show everybody. Today we’re talking about networking. And the reason why we’re talking about it is because it takes on some different forms depending upon who you’re talking to at the table. Clint has talked a lot about going out with, you know, job runners and you know, kind of building relationships and things like that. And Nannette and Al have to do a fair amount of that as well. And networking in my world is a little bit more trying to build relationships, that way people will refer me so I don’t have to network with my clients as much. So there’s kind of a gap between those two things.

It’s almost like you legitimized your version versus ours. In my world, it’s like really getting business done but you guys just goof off in you’re networking. Where’re you going with that?

Because we, well, because we’ve talked about the fact that you’re selling cycle is much longer than mine, right? So you know, for Clint, you know, his is, ours can vary a lot. Okay, that’s completely fair. I, most of my selling cycles are pretty short. And so if I’m out networking, it’s much more about, Hey, who do you know that I should be talking to, as opposed to networking with a potential client because the selling cycle is longer.

And you brought up a good point, yours is maybe a little bit quicker than ours at certain times. But our networking allows us to stay in that selling cycle around some of these individuals. Absolutely. That we want to keep that door open, our face in front of. Sure.

We’re kind of limited. We’re not as broad as probably the rest of y’all are. The other two.

Broad, be specific when you use the word broad.

We don’t have as many clients out there as the…

Oh, that’s true. True. That is there because because I heard you say broad and I was thinking like I think you offer to your clients a much broader offering than what I offer or what Clint offers.

No, yeah, yeah, you’re right our clientele in certain arenas is kind of limited geographically because there are just only so many in town. We’re mainly here in the Metroplex, Dallas Fort Worth, to be specific.


Go Cowboys.

You say broad, I just think women.

Well we are talking about networking, aren’t we?

Clint, go ahead. That’s an opening for you.

So, Clint, tell us about your networking activities and make it PG.

And I don’t think we need to bring up the bunny situation.

Bunny ranch?

Well, that was an analogy in another episode. So let’s let him, let’s hear him out on this. On this, this topic.

Networking. You know, for me, it’s a it’s a lot of different things, right. So it’s conferences. It’s a big networking, in construction assurance, right. That’s kind of maybe once a year when you get all your customers and future customers and all the players and partners that you need in one, under one roof. For me, that’s, that’s a big, it’s money well spent usually, to go to those things right for me.

Can I ask you a question? So we have a little bit of in our world is that the thing where business during the day and then hang it out at night?

Yeah, I think it’s a, I think it’s pick who you want to party with. Yeah, kind of deal.

Like in your little cubbies and

That’s where bonding and rapport for me usually starts right. That’s relationship builders and and we’re not, I’m not talking about going out to you know to the bar till three in the morning. Sometimes, yeah, right. Sometimes that happens because of because of the client because you’re having a fun time not even about the climb, maybe you’re just having fun. And that’s what it takes to build trust and build commonalities. Doesn’t you know, alcohols pretty good tool for loosening lips usually, sometimes, I mean, I hate to throw that out there.

I mean, we speak the truth here.

Especially, yeah, especially if you’re buying right yeah, there is that Law reciprocation that if you do something nice for someone, they want to do something nice for you.

So yeah, I’m not, I’m not telling you to go out there and get loaded and take a customer and get loaded. But it happens, it happens, right? And take advantage of what the situation is.

You’re usually just building bonds, you’re like, yeah, you’re a good guy, man. A lot of times, it’s just, I like hanging out with ya.

Well, so it goes out to that true true self form, right? So we can pretend a few hours out of the day to be the certain person that we maybe truly aren’t, or trying to act. And eventually, in a business relationship, or any relationship, that truth kind of comes out, right. But in those instances, when there’s no real gravity, tying you to each other, just having fun, you’re kind of loose, you’re in that environment where it’s just a real casual business setting.Your true self is usually there, right? And so if you can build relationship in those environments, then the true relationships in my book, yeah, right. That’s really important.

And you can get a lot of work done because you’re in that environment that’s talking about business while you’re relaxing and being yourself. And so the two meet in the middle a lot of times at these networking events.

It’s the truest form of rapport, right in my,

And you fact find about kids and where they go to school or what neighborhood you live in, and what social circles should revolve around because it opens that social avenue, but still coupled with, hey, we’re here because we’re all pulled together because of business conference, or what do you seen at the conference that you like? So you interject that along the lines with a, you know, where do you get your kids, my kids? What are their age groups? What do they do?

That’s what we should be doing on a Tuesday in conference room with our customer.

Hard to get there, though, on Tuesday.

Maybe. Well, the point of it is is that sometimes you said I agree, and that’s why we have to network, right? Yeah. Okay. So we have to build that relationship outside of that conference room or that office. So that when we do get there, we’ve already done all this stuff and established things to get there. That’s to me that’s what networking truely is about. Networking to some, I think means that we’re trying to go out and find new clients. We’re trying to go out there and find new stuff. Yeah.

And that’s how I view. Sure.

And I do too, just more.

You know, so so hold on a second though, because, you know, you said boring and joking. Well, no, but I think that some people excuse me would hate my version of networking. right because it because for some it, it sounds very transactional. It’s not.

I was gonna say you’re very calculated.

Well, wait a second, I’ve been to some of your stuff, like the golf thing that you guys do at Top Golf. True. Can I say that? Yeah. Yeah. So that was a lot of fun. Yeah. And…

That was fun.

So yeah, so I’m part of a networking group, we meet each week. And then once a year annually, we put on an event and all the proceeds go to benefit a local nonprofit that works with families where there’s a cancer diagnosis. And it’s awesome, right? And it’s once a year and we we bring in everybody we can and it’s a really good time. But over and above that, the networking happens in that meeting each week, right we’re there every every Thursday at lunch talking about what are you working on? What’s important to you? Where are you struggling stuff like that? You’re smiling, what’s going on?

Sounds like the chess club to me, but go ahead. I mean, I love chess. I’m not knocking any of that.

Because this is this is where I get really into networking is that everyone in that room has a really clear understanding of what I do and who I’m trying to help. Right. And that doesn’t happen in that room. Right. So if you’re, you said in that room, and then you said it doesn’t happen in there. Well, correct, right. Because I I meet people there and we have our weekly meeting, but I’m reaching out to those people to go have coffees or go outside of that room. Absolutely right, because everyone only has a certain amount of time we kind of talk about who they want to talk to and what they’re trying to get accomplished and stuff. And so, for me, like speed dating. Exactly right. A little bit. Yeah. So I’m trying to reach out to those people. If you have a question about like, what I do or who I’m looking for, awesome, let’s get coffee. When do you want to chat? Because then we can sit down and the first 30 minutes of that. I’m putting that back on you. Who are you looking to meet? You know, what…

See that didn’t happen in our arena. But it’s just not part of our culture. I agree medical field.

For sure. But like, what I’m trying to do is I’m trying to deputize the 15 people in that room, so that way.

Man, you’re getting a posse together. Right, right, riding hard into the, ya know.

Because here’s the deal, right? Let’s say there’s 20 people in that room and all 20 of those people know, 50 people that I don’t, and they’re now listening for things around, hey, I’m not happy with the gaps on my sales team. Or I want to hire a salesperson but I have no idea and I’m just terrified and so I’m not going to do it. So if they’re listening for that stuff, and then saying, Hey, you know what, you need to talk to John. That makes my life a ton easier. Right? Like as opposed to me trying to go find all those people individually. So that’s…

You get a bunch of medical sales. It goes sideways real quickly. Well tell me what and they’re like I’m not telling you shit.

Exactly, but to that point that whenever I worked for you, Christmas and the holiday season is crazy with the parties. We do that. And Nannette crushes it.

Oh absolutely!

Because I feel like in y’alls world, whenever I was there, at least everyone was in a fight for themselves, like every man for themselves or a person for themselves, screw everybody else. But Nannette has got this ability at these. There was this huge Christmas party. It was at Del Frisco’s Grill. It was open bar and we were getting after it. And she is working the room like like a politician, but just mingling,

But, honest politician? No, wait a minute.


But everybody knows her. And she’s just moving from clump, to clump to clump to clump. And this is back before I had started working on any of this stuff. And so I’m just like, Al told me not to talk, not to talk to anyone.

But you only get three words exactly. Use them wisely.

So like seeing her I was I had this moment of like, Man, I’m never going to be like her. I’m never going to be this person who can just do this kind of thing. But I kind of do it in my own way. It’s just a different way than how she does it. So that was a really relevant…

Well if if you tried it wouldn’t be very natural and the relationship that you build would suck.

Absolutely. Which is why I, like my first 15 minutes if I if I’m sitting down to have coffee and I’m networking with someone who doesn’t know what I do, I’m not talking business at all right? Hey, what do you do when you’re not working? Right because I’m, I love my hobbies is as you guys all know, right? Martial arts and bicycling and poker and stuff. And so, and then business and sales like those are my big five things.

Which brings up a point. When you and the doc, remember you came over the clinic? Oh, yeah, he had the best conversation with him.

And that dude has met me before and did not remember it, but I guarantee you he remembers me now.

Yeah, I mean, the way that work the man I’ll let it just run. That was a beautiful man. You guys connected, he he wants to go hang out with you after that. It’s funny. I only say that in it just so that I don’t devulge who I do business with because he may not want his name put out here. But John came in and crushed it right there in the office at one of my clinics with the doc that I work with.

And I, so I’ve thought about that conversation actually a couple times since that happened as well. And I’ve been meaning to talk to you about it because that dude has met me before but it was in a situation back before I’d done any of this work.

You’ve probably taken his money or he’s taking yours?

Well no, I met him when I was working with you. Oh, ok. We all had lunch together.

That’s doctors for you though. No, I get it, we can only think so far down the road.

I I hadn’t done any of this work. I didn’t know who I was. I didn’t really. I didn’t have a framework or process. I was just kind of winging it. And so we all went to lunch. And I didn’t really say very much because I didn’t know really what to do and everything else. And you walked, you walked me into his office and he said, Hey, do you know this guy? And he’s like, No, and I was like, No, I don’t, you know, I’ve never seen him at a poker table. And then he he gets up. He comes around his desk, he comes over and he’s like, hey, like, Where are you playing cards?

You guys are talking about the same people who play poker together. And really crazy, fat Mike and Silly Billy and the food at this place.

But like, what was crazy is that rapport got established immediately and he was like hey, let me give you my number and then when the game runs again text me and let me know because I want to go.

Now that was that that was I wish I had videotape that because you could sell that online.

Well if I had that kind of a savvy whenever I worked for you, like kind of like I do now, I think, I think it would have been entirely different and I’d probably still be working with you and you’d be buying that jet airplane. exactly for myself but

You’d at least give me a ride, right?

So I spent the first like…

So what’s stopping you guys from going back to this Oh man. Jet airplanes, I’m in.

Hey, mark, write this on your calendar ladies and gentlemen. Right I just got up I left North Carolina got had to get up our time at 2am their time 3am to make to get a five o’clock six o’clock fly down. Screw that shit. Sign up I need a jet airplane. I’m like that minister. The congregation needs to give. I got some good work to do out there folks, get on board. Daddy needs a jet airplane. That’s called being attached to the business. That’s what

That’s called being attached ot the business. That’s what, that’s that’s a that’s a sure representation of that if I’ve ever seen it. So back to networking, right, so so when I’m networking. So when I’m networking, I’m trying to I’m trying to deputize other people, right to like,

I love that term deputize.

I don’t even know where I heard it. That’s right. Yeah, yeah, let’s go. And and because of that, I’ll get, I’ll get reach out to Hey, you know, you should talk to John about this. You should talk to john about this. And then because I’ve also kind of built this persona of someone who likes to make introductions, you know, each week, I tried to make five introductions within my network, right? Hey, you guy, you need this. You talked about this, you guys should meet. And sometimes it’s just, you’re cool. And you’re cool. We talked about the same topic. I think you guys should know each other. So because of that, everybody knows that I’m going to make a bunch of introductions and try to get people network and stuff like that. And so because that everybody’s willing to meet with me, right, so I’m playing the long game there. I take a lot of meetings and a lot of coffees that are trash. Right? You know, they’re not super beneficial to me my bottom line.

But sometimes that leads to something else.

But, I have had people come back…

sounds like you’re okay with that, though? I mean, it’s part of the process.

Here’s the deal. Not every prospect is qualified to buy from you as well. Sure. Right. So it’s, it’s taking that and just say managing my time around both of those things. But I have had people come back and say, Hey, meeting with you and those introductions have completely changed my business, which is awesome, right? I mean, I’m like hey, I love that.

Also humanitarian kind of reach out as well. Right. Right.

Right. I kind of believe in the karmic loop around business, right? If I make enough introductions for other people, then they’ll start bringing them back to me and then out all ships rise.

And I think Zig Ziglar kind of started that, you know, oh, really, you enough right things for the right reasons for the right people. Yeah. Then that comes back. Clint is about to choke himself over there.

My first time hearing that here at both things for people. Yeah, I mean, the conference where this idea originated was the first time that I saw that quote, you can have enough you can have everything you want if you help enough other people get what they want. And in that moment I like my why behind all my businesses changed. You know, I don’t know if we talked about that or not but that’s the first time that I’ve ever heard that quote seen attributed to Ziglar.

Yeah, what that is, that’s where that quote came from, and I paraphrase.

Because he said it was.

Look at that body language on Clint, he’s got the arms crossed.

Nobody else claimed so he said, yeah I’ll put my name on it.

Don’t kick a man when he’s dead. I say that respectfully, man. That was a great motivator and a good sales. Man. Okay, I’m asking, oh,

He does not want to commit himself one way or another.

He just doesn’t understand, that’s all.

I don’t know enough.

I like that.

RIF, reading his fundamental.

How do you spell read?

So let’s get back to networking.

So John, you do networking from a trying to grow your clientele, trying to grow your business. I’m very tactical about it. I’m the opposite. So I have a very broad network. Because of the business that I’m in, it comes natural, right? Especially companies that I’ve worked for have that name recognition out there. So I can kind of use that to get that big broad term, what I’m using networking for, is to hone it down.

So you gotta lay a big label and you need to bring it down to prospect.

I need to bring it down to people to the people I truly want to do business with.

Well, I think you’re networking with prospects, right? And you’re trying to get them out of the office and that way you can…

Well, I’m trying to I have a ton of prospects. I’m trying to focus the ones that one I think that will fit, qualify, and also that I just want to do business with right, because it goes it goes that way for us too. We don’t have to do business with everybody. We can choose who we do business with. Yeah, it’s a different mindset. But, you know, I’m starting with a piece of metal trying to hone it down to a really sharp ass machete. Yeah, you know, and that’s what networking does for me. So on the broad on the broad view of if I go into a conference and I see 1000 booths, some people start at the bottom knowing nobody and try to get out there to do business with everybody. I’m trying to, okay, I recognize all these players, I want to know one or two, when I leave here, I want to do business with one booth, because I’ve established all of our trust and bonding rapport. I love it. And I want to get to that one guy. And then next year, I want to do business with that guy and booth at nine over there.

Well, and that comes to like having a goal around your networking, right? And a lot of people go to the networking events and the happy hours and the breakfasts, and they don’t really have a goal. They don’t have a process. They’re just there because someone either told them to be there, or are they read in a book that they need to go network. If I’m going to a networking happy hour, my goal is to get two cards of people that I should follow up with. Because they’re they’re either like a power networker and the know everybody in town, or there’s overlap between what I do and what they do. And then, and after that, I can go the hell home if I want to or I can hang out and drink.

So in in my world we do have some of those mega events and I go knowing who’s already supposed to be there. So I do my homework ahead of time and then I formulate a plan to find them and look for them, look kind of like you do and then once I get that goal then the rest of it’s just party on saying saying hi how’s your business? Did you see so and so?

And that’s a whole other level around like conferences and trade shows and you know having to travel and like is this worth my time and stuff like that? I mean, you know you got to put in your homework right.

Guys got to know that when you show up like you said because it’s an out of town event I’m so if I get there and my targets aren’t there then I’ve wasted time. Now there usually are.

I mean, I could literally in DFW go to enough small business networking to have a breakfast and lunch and and a happy hour. Every day of the workweek.

People need to hear that because I think too many times salesman, all right, or I know sometimes If you want to be a big dog, you gotta run on the porch, right? And if the porch is those events, like inside your, your local arena, Clint’s like, no I’m marinating. Yeah. And then if it’s an out of town event, you got to go with this separate game plan for that. And I’m not saying you can’t do both right, I should probably do more of what you do. Not sure how it fits my dynamic, but I can see the value there. And and so I guess the only thing I’m throwing out there is formulate a game plan for your networking with a desired goal and a target audience and get out there and get it.

So to that point, though, a really good friend of mine, he does mid market commercial insurance. And he was in this networking group that I’m talking about on on Thursdays at lunch, and he was there for a while and he dropped away and followed up and said, Hey, man, where are you? I’m on the board. Right? So I’m trying to keep attendance I and and he’s like, my prospects aren’t in there. And so we sat down and I was like, hey, do you think that they’re within a range of you know, like two degrees or do you think

What does that mean when you say that?

Because the group itself is all small businesses, entrepreneurs and kind of, you know, okay, I get that range. So these two degrees, what does that mean in networking? Oh, so in my opinion, I don’t need to surround myself with people who are prospects, I need to surround myself with people who are talking to potential prospects of mine. Like that, to me is the win. And so when I’m thinking about, two degrees outside of what you do, absolutely, okay, right. I’m kind of framing it in that way. And in his opinion, it wasn’t said, Okay, awesome. Now, where do you go to find those people? Like, like, are they going to trade shows and they’re going to seminars? Are they doing the kind of stuff that you guys are talking about? Or is it just a different style of networking group that’s harder to get into and things like that, but you got to be super careful about where you spend your time, right? Because it’s really easy. Just like check that box. Hey, I went to my networking group this week. Okay, great. What happened and what you do? Absolutely, exactly. For sure. Because you were talking about deputising, deputising people.

Because you were talking about deputising, deputising people. It’s an interesting theory because if you do it perfect, they go out and they speak your good word and they go spread a good name. But if you do it, if you screw up and do something bad, they can be just as effective the other way.

Absolutely. And most people do it terribly. Hey, do you know anyone I should be talking to? No. But if I think of any Well, I’ll let you know. Because what can happen?

This has happened to me before where people have come to me and like, Oh, do you know if you’ve heard of this guy? Like, oh, yeah, I know, that fucking guy. He’s out there at every show.

Why, is he here? Cuz I’m going to kill him.

He’s out there. And every you know, he’s speaking the same speech. He’s telling everybody and it may work. But between us two, we could have done a lot of business with that guy. And now we both will not because you’re feeding us a line of bullshit. Because he’s hurting, he’s hurt. He’s hurt. He’s hurt. So I caution people little bit on you got to be deliberate when you do network.

Well, I agree, and don’t be so sucked in by that clown because we have them in our industry. Right? The guy that’s worked for every company out there, right? Yeah. And he’s still in the game. He knows everybody knows everybody. But he’s he’s a bag of hot wind. There’s a reason that he knows that, yeah, because yeah, he’s shuffled around,

or there’s a reason that everybody knows him, right? Because that works both ways. Like when you’re in a in the military in your boot camp, you either graduate and everybody knows your name, for two reasons. Yeah. You know, because you suck. Or they know because you’re great. Yeah. And the people that usually make it really well, nobody even knew who you are, you’re flying under the radar. Right? Absolutely. So you got to be careful.

You know, and the other side of that is the networking. Right? So I made a lot of people who try to be all things to everybody. Right? When I when I first started that, then their stories don’t match exactly in and that’s super important. We got I got invited to this Tuesday morning group and I meet this guy in there and he was like, Man, I’m a marketing consultant. I don’t build websites, I would love to send you my websites. I said, Okay, awesome. You know, what does that look like? And we had all this back and forth. And so he’s like, cool. Let me bring you guys in on the next one. Right we we have another episode talking about how to manage that relationship between the yes and actually like doing a project. So I’m doing a follow up. And is that cool? I got someone how much what’s your bid for this was like, Whoa, in like, This isn’t how we work. You know, when we, when we spoke about this, we talked about working together on this deal, which in my world looks like a conversation with the prospect, either as your partner from another company, or you’re more transparent and saying, Hey, I work with these guys. And they’re a separate company, but I trust them and we’re going to be really good to go. But if I can’t talk to these, if I can’t talk to this person, I’m a no go. So he’s going to be the intermediary for your, for your product? exactly. So that way he can go to go to the prospect and say, Hey, I built this website for you and everything else. And I was like, that doesn’t work for us.

So don’t get ripped off out there guys.

Well, because because here’s the deal if that’s your if that’s your game, and you’re a white label provider, meaning that you sell your services to other people and they can just slap their label on top There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. It’s just that that wasn’t a good fit for how we want it.

To be up front that I’m going to repackage what you absolutely under my label you good with that? I mean, that’s a business conversation.

I was excited. And this guy wanted to send us some business. So I got super excited. And I and I made some assumptions. Right. And I mean, I’m going to put this on a T shirt, assumptions or death. Right? assumptions are death, do not make assumptions.

Yeah. So, you know, networking, in a simple sense is like building a spider web. You’re at the very center, and you’re trying, yeah, another layer, right? And how you do that? We’re all going to do a little bit different. And because we all have different reasons of why we’re doing what we’re doing, right, you know, let’s just say you’re an Instagram model. You start with one you put a picture up now you got 100. Now you got 1000. Now you got a million. Now you’re a superstar, right? That’s, that’s building a network the same way as if I go to a conference and I start handing out business cards, right? You’re trying to build your followers in kind of modern day social media lingo here. Your Building your following base. And you want those people to tell other people. Hey, you need to go follow this guy. Yeah, this guy is killing it right now you got to go follow this guy. I only follow that guy in this business. That’s the guy I do best. So I caution you on when you’re actually networking, you’re building that rapport with those people to go out. Excuse me to go out sorry. Okay. Yeah, that hurt to go out and to build that one way or another. Good or bad, right. So you do you do a bad, it’s your reputation. And people, people follow you. Because you’re bad.

They will watch you will they’ll because again, it’s not in the way you need them to be, hurt your business. So I know that’s the take home message.

Yeah, I guess what I’m saying is in social media today, that people follow people because they hate them or love them.

Oh, that’s really interesting. That’s a good point.

And people in business will also do that, because there’s a lot of people in my business. I’m like, man, I gotta keep track of that guy. Because I love watching him just screw this stuff up.

Well, there’s also this idea that at the networking events, I wasn’t thinking about this until you said it, but there are some people that are, I’m so busy things are so, if you’re that busy, why are you coming to the networking lunch? Really, you know, and say, why are you here? Exactly right? You kind of build this facade around these people and you’re not really being your true authentic self. Or as I go the other way, like, hey, last week sucked. And if anyone wants to hear the details, I’m happy to tell you about like, last week was a rough week for me and that’s okay. Because that’s going to happen. And I think when with your social media metaphor of, you know, you only you only promote the good stuff, and you know, yeah, I think that that happens a lot.

Well it doesn’t build bonding and rapport.

Well you’re not being honest or authentic.

But it’s okay to say you know, things are going well. But even when they’re going well, we still face issues so hungry, so keep it real. Exactly. And if you’re doing really good pick up the fucking tab.

You know, my my thing is, if I invite and I’ve told all the people this I invite you to a coffee. I’m buying the coffee. Like, like that’s the tax on my part of having hopefully a good conversation.

Did everybody hear that out there? Bring your wallet when you go to a networking event.

because you invite me, period. That was the word I needed here. You invited me.

Yeah. Right. And so then here’s what happens. You’re 99 times out of 10. I say, cool, I got it. I pick up the tab and they say, Man, you don’t have to do that. And I was like, You know what, next time, we’ll go out again, we’ll go out for like whiskey, and then you could buy. It’s way more expensive. Sure. And then everyone’s now thinking like, Oh, he’s gonna want to hang out again, this is gonna be awesome, right?

Be tactful, when you’re out there in exercise some good judgment, because this isn’t just being silly and stupid when you’re out there. Have a lot of fun, but have a goal in mind, and then have some, you know, understand how this works.

It’s also the long game, right? We had a guy who came into the group he was there for two weeks and then he left and I sent him a message is okay, you know, it’s seemed like you were enjoying the group. What happened? Haven’t seen you in a couple weeks. He’s like, Well, my boss said that there wasn’t working with him. I said, Okay, how’d you come to that decision? He’s like, Well, I didn’t get into business and said, You’ve been here two weeks. Yeah. How much business are you expecting to get in two weeks? Like, well, process? It is a process, right? Yeah. And

you got to, but the thing is, is it may not be the business, it may be the connections, right? For sure.

You gotta hang out at a target rich environment, though.

One of the biggest things that you can make a mistake as as a as a salesperson, because most companies I’ve worked for both some don’t give a shit what you do. Hey, you went to a conference? Great. What you get. I got a few business cards. Cool, man success. Yeah, thumbs up. I mean, I’ve been in that company. I’ve also been in the other company where you go and it’s like, Okay, what training cycles did you go through? What kind of literature did you get? How many people did you meet? Did you scan all the business cards that you got? I’ve been in that environment to right. That’s John’s work.

That’s my jam.

But I like that to the agree right.

from a management perspective, it’s super great, but at some point, you gotta trust the people you work with.

But the point of it is, is that if you didn’t get anything, what were you really doing there? So Well, it’s kind of validation on both sides, right? Like you can, anybody can just say, Oh, it’s fantastic, man, I’m going to get so much business out of there. It’s another thing to track it, because I think he should have.

I mean, tracking is huge. There was a,

course it is,

I’m not I’m not asking you.

John, you’re going to say huge every time. Well, some data. Yeah, hit’s the plate. No, I’m just saying you’re always going to say tha’s huge. Why is that bad? Nothing. I just said you’re always going to use that that verbiage when we start talking data. It’s huge, right?

Because you know what, you got to use it. If you don’t have data, you’re just going against guts, right? So what does your gut say?

But here’s the thing is that most personalities aren’t going to do that, track the data. That’s why, in my opinion,

That’s the point I was trying to make it.

No, I get it. In my opinion. You either have somebody on your team that is a CRM, Literally, that’s what they do for you. They track your CRM from your salespeople, they go get all the data from your salespeople, or you hire a third party, John, right? I mean, but honestly a guy like you to go do that third party because there’s so much information there. And and typical salespeople are running gun type of people, they’re D’s and they’re I’s, there I’s and D’s.

No right you, the four of us all know because we’ve all met these people who love to talk a bunch of for lack of a better term, shit about how busy they are and how big the pipeline is. What do you do? Show me show it to me, if you can’t show it to me, this all lives in your head. And that doesn’t do anybody any good?

Because I will tell you that if you go to, and I think you’ll agree with this, and possibly I know Nan will I go look at all the vendors who came to sell, all the participants that were coming because they give those lists out. And if you can take that, and then figure out how many of those people you went by what you did with and who they were connecting and who you saw around those particular booths, then then now you have the connection of what they’re buying, what they like to buy, who they’re doing business with or who they’re palling around and you can interject yourself into that little microcosm of the bigger network right? Absolutely. There’s okay that’s how, that’s how I approach it.

So networking to me is tough because as a as a sales manager or even like a even the president of a company or maybe even an owner right you’re looking at your sales people who are already on your overhead right they already cost you money if you’re paying them a salary plus commission right commissions one thing because they’re bringing in you’re earning Yeah,

yeah. That a whole show by itself.

Yeah. If you’re paying them a salary, you’re looking I’m like, dude, I’m already you’re already costing me money by you showing up today. Now you want to go to this conference. Now you want to go write me? You want me to sign off on this bar tab for 1200 bucks. What the hell do you get out of it? Yeah. Right. So if you do networking correctly, that should be a really easy question to answer. Man, it really should.

Well, let me ask you a little, let me point something out because you just brought up a thing. So yeah, you get to that. But I think that the question I always ask is when I see the booth and I see the prospect, and I know we all kind of revolve is a couple questions. Oh, hey, are you guys doing business together? Right? Because a lot of times, you know, what they’ll say is, no, I wish we were right. The guy came by to look, but isn’t buying. So now I want to know, okay, he’s not buying from him. Who’s he buying from? Who’s he doing business with?

He’s doing business with somebody.

Somebody, because he’s there. Yeah. Right. And so I guess what I’m saying is don’t look at look below the surface. I mean, there’s, there’s a reason to dig down a little bit deeper. Just because two people are standing in the room doesn’t mean they like each other.

So basically, what you’re saying it networking is investigating, you’re, you’re figuring out that so we got to figure out every layer.

Know what the connections are, how these dots are connected, or even if they’re connected at all, just like I said, just because you’re in the same event, doesn’t mean you’re connected. Maybe the guy shopping. Which is a good indication that he’s not happy where he is.

So this is, in my opinion, one of the coolest shows we’ve done because it’s such a breadth of like how we do it and how we use it.

What I think is funny is that at the very beginning we said that man absolutely kills it at networking. We haven’t let her we haven’t let her say that word. She’s so nice and let’s us talk. So Nan, I got to know when you’re in that room just killing it. Going around. What is your secret sauce? What is what is making, what is your drive?

Nobody throw up. Literally, I really want to know everyone in that room. I really care. And I know that I can take, I know, I know. I’m sorry Clint, sorry about the D. We thought you were throwing up earlier. That anyway, it’s true. I want to and I know how advantageous it is to get to know people beyond just their surface. You know, everyone’s there. Okay, so at the Christmas party, everyone’s there because they want to eat and drink and look hot in front, everybody else that they normally are just in scrubs, right? Okay. But really, if you go up and hang with five minutes with what John was saying, with this person in that person you get I mean, the stuff you find out and to Dr. Daniels point, you, you also get to find out what they’re doing, who they’re working with. And that’s advantageous, especially in our field because our networking is not usually, like, it’s more sleuthing it sounds like than it is when you’ve got it. We don’t have again, a million people.

Well, here’s, here’s what I think Nan probably won’t say about ourselves. Sales is hard, right? I mean, it’s hard on all of them. And when you get this moment where you kind of let your guard down. I mean, you want a soft place to land. Somebody who thinks honest, is sincere about what they say to you that they’re in and there’s where I think Nan does her best work is people trust her, they trust exactly, you hit it.

Okay, so I want to go back to that night,

And I want to, okay, go ahead.

Well, I was gonna say because in our world, right whenever I work with you guys there was there was like the Christmas time with all the Christmas parties. And then there’s a couple of big seminars, you know, a big kind of like trade shows for for lack of better term and not really trade shows, but they kind of end up kind of going that way. So whenever we walked into Del Frisco Grill that night, other than the open bar, which we both made liberal use of..

Not me, I have no idea what he’s talking about.

Oh, come on MacAllan 25.

Now you’re speaking my language.

What? Do you walk into that room with a goal? Do you walk in there with I’m trying to meet certain people? Are you just taking it kind of, you know, what are you trying to get?

So when you said you walk in there with a goal, my thought was, so you know, you’re you’re chasing two rabbits. You’re only gonna you know, you’re going to lose both of them. So now Yeah, of course everyone has a goal. If you don’t have a goal, that’s a great proverb. Then how silly is it? You have to have a goal. My goal is not to go in. And, and necessarily gaining account as much as gain relationship, because that’s the perfect environment. So often I’ve heard I can literally, I could name 10 people, which of course I won’t that are in business and they have said to me, Well, you know, I’m just not gonna, I’m not going to the bar, I’m not gonna do this and I’m not they, you know, I don’t have enough time I need to go home with my family or I don’t I don’t go out and fraternize after hours or go to the happy hour, I guarantee you can look across the board. If you do not go out and network or build relationships outside of the work environment, you are going to fail. You have to networking for us is like I said is more just building the relationships with the people that we already know. Because that, you know, it spills over to other people.

So it sounds like it’s a little bit like Clint’s version of networking, right because like I don’t really think Clint is deputising, other people to try to bring in new traffic I think i think i think that we don’t either know exactly, I think, I think that the three of you guys are are looking at networking as much more of like bonding and rapport outside of the office.

Trying to get to the next level. Exactly. Okay.

Because what it will do is and I think Nan would agree with me, you will gain insight, okay, that you didn’t have before, about that individual and other things that they do and other conversations that you can have with them right about their other interests. Because you get into you know, you get into the rut of just business. And if you’re gonna again, take it to the next level, it becomes that where do you kids you know, these other personal aspects start to unfold? And then you will meet other people because they’re sitting in a group and you know, one person and you probably need to know the other three or four that are standing there so. and Nan does it better than anybody with Hey, girl, how are you doing? Or Hey, dude, Oh, are you?

A few minutes ago…

Let me introduce you to, oh who’s this person?

Few minutes ago Dr. Daniel you made reference to John meeting someone in your business and the initial meet was didn’t go well because there was nothing that bonded y’all then later just recently apparently, you had this great bond well that’s not going to normally happen in business it happened and now that this has happened and but that can be created outside of you know, when you’re networking that’s when you can really bond with people and genuinely not be you know, and that’s what you did.

Sometimes self performing or to a really good quality is networking.

Say that again, self performing?

Like when you do your the things that you say you’re going to do

Oh, self promoting?

Now, well, I said self performing literally doing what you say you can do. Okay, okay, performing on the level that you said you could do it at the quality you preached, right. Sometimes that In itself, networking because that guy now is going to go out and say, Look, that guy killed it. Right? So sometimes focusing outwards. Yeah, trying to find new customers and new client base. Sometimes you need to focus on the people that you are doing business with and kill it with those guys. And let those guys go network for you.

That’s basically word of mouth.

Okay, but do you ask for a referral?

I’m not a big referral guy.

That’s a whole other conversation.

We could go sideways? Sorry, I didn’t mean to bring it up. Tune in next week.

So referrals Yeah, I mean, that is that that’s what a good time when you’ve had a successful project for somebody, you know, to do that, right. They can do that. What I want to happen is that naturally, yeah, right. So I didn’t ask for it. They just did it.

How is that different from hoping though?

No, it isn’t.

Hold on because my network. The network that I work in, is very tight. Right. Okay. Same as probably the doctors right? Like hey, who do you useto provide this?

Yeah. And and you’re like, good company.

Yeah, I only use this guy. One he’s fun to hang around with. Yeah, he’s a cut up man. He knows his shit he can sit in there that operating room with me and tell me things that I never knew about right. And that’s only because you performed those things.

So okay hold on one second though. I’m really curious. Does that happen a lot in your role Clint to where to where you kill it on a job and then someone reaches out and they’re like, hey, I need I need somebody does this like Hey, man, you got to talk to Clint. Absolutely. Okay. Does that I, I’ve never seen that happen whenever whenever I work with Al, and Nannette.

It doesn’t.

But you might not never know.


But you know what, you know where it happens because people will call me and I’ll say, not what I do. Here’s the guy you need to call. Okay, whether that happens, whether or not that is reciprocated back to me, but when you’re trying to solve a solution, and I don’t have the best answer if I give you the best answer. And that guy I know will perform. Because if I give you what I think is the best answer, and it’s not the best answer, and it stinks, guess what? I fail. Yeah. But you know what, when I give you the best answer, and it is the best answer, I succeed, because you’ll come to me with every one of your problems after that, and I have offices that do that. Absolutely. So, so it benefits me in a backhanded way.

But doesn’t that make it hard for you to want to do referrals to other people? Because don’t because doesn’t that also inherently mean you don’t want to refer to anyone who you haven’t experienced their service?

Well, I know the reputations because I’ve been out at the parties. I’ve been there. I’ve been in the OR. I’ve been through the hospital system, you know, the whole the whole start to finish the process. I know the groundwork that’s the day in and day out. I know the aftermath. I know whether they’re going to badger I know whether they’re going to be a pain in the ass like we’ve talked about another other.

Right. That’s something interesting because I think I just Realize that I do this a lot where I’ll be in in with customers and I can’t like right now I’m going through this I can’t really break open that door yet because I’m brand new to the market and brand new to the company but I’ve heard them say a name

because of the so that people are just catching up because of…

Job Change.

New VP position that he just took in a in a different city. Same arena.

Yeah. Kind of a different even a little bit different market but…

He’s an officer, he’s no longer enlisted. You got

You got the jet airplane. The corporate, not even close. You’re the C suite bro. I just want to see what it looks like. You need to invite me down there for lunch. Walk around. I know him.

It’s smaller than my last office.

The front seat of your car.

Yeah. The funny thing is, is I’ve heard these newer customers say, not even a competitor but just a different person like a vendor right? I’ve heard them say a certain name a few times. Network networking for me now is to go find that guy and befriend him. Right? Because he’s…

Is that hard for you?

Were they being positive or negative?

Very positive.

One of like, okay, so some guy it’s really not only when we need rooftop units for a new building, this is the guy we always go to and they’re like, Oh, yeah, I love that guy. Yeah, I love that guy. Right.

So is that okay, hold on.

That’s kind of indirect networking. I want to get into end of this here right because but you know me I’m deliberate and I’m very tactical.

Exactly right which is, but it sounds like this is like overlap of center center of influence right? Because if a guy is known for doing like really good like roof work, he probably doesn’t do exactly what you do. Therefore…

He doesn’t do anything I do.

Now, okay, so that’s, that’s huge, but he’s bought in right? They bought into his word. Exactly. Go find the people who sell to your same customers, but don’t do the exact same thing that you do and you’ll…

There are superstars. That’s what I’m saying. Get to know I agree. And I do that all day long.

So what happens for Clint whenever someone is is doing the same thing and then everyone is talking about this person and not you, as a D?

That is to say they’re my competitor? Exactly, like instantly I got to know what they do. yeah, I want to know why do you want to be reached out to them to be so close, do you sleuth it, or like how do you figure that? Oh, my recon game is strong.

But hold on, but I go into there I go meet them. Right. Yeah, sure.

If there if there is a way.

If they’re that good, they know when they’re being stalked.

If there’s a way that I can spend some time around them, I’m going to do it whether it’s face to face in a meeting me hijacking their you know, networking event where I stand in with a deer leaned in a little bit. Yeah, I’m going to find out.

As a D though. My view of a D is that they would see that as a challenge and be like, you know what, fuck that. Yes. But hold on, though. How much is this normal for you? Or is this normal now with you and your awareness?

Very normal for me. Really. To to hear somebody is the greatest and me have to beat the greatest. I’ve got to train to beat the greatest and therefore I need to figure out everything that that person does well does bad everything.

You know you can beat this guy, right? There’s no challenge there.

I’m not saying it is wrong, I’m just trying to figure it out because to me, I wouldn’t. From the way the way that I view would be no, I get that at the task, but I just think about it as you being you know what, fuck that guy. I’m better than that.

Once again, ignorant ass D, right? Yeah, that’s okay. Well, that’s an ignorant D. That’s a D that truly lives to his potential and wants to win. Well, there’s many ways of winning, right? You can jump in the ring with no talent, no training, and think you’re the baddest…

Didn’t you do a fight like that once?

I did. Absolutely. And I lost.

There goes that Yeah, we kind of Yeah,

I love it. I love it. I mean, I’ve been that person before where I popped in, in a cage fight and said, I know exactly how to do this. I’m a bad mother f-er. And the video gamer kid with the pumpkin pie haircut that he did jiu jitsu five times a week, whipped the shit out of me. Love it. Look, guys, that’s what happens, right? I mean, you come in with no training you come in with no, you know expectations other than I’m just going to go, I’m going to go when you might, you might get lucky. Let’s put it that way you might get lucky. The more tactical deliberate side says let’s go figure out what he’s doing great. And it may be even asking those guys What does that guy do that’s so freakin great. And it’s even easier when he’s not in your industry, right? When he’s a customer just like you could be. And you look at that guy and you say, Hey, man, that guy provides you all this stuff. What does he do so well? Well, dude, he’s, every time I call you answers, every time I turn my shoulder, he’s there.

You emulate it at that point, right?

Sure. Well you take the things that you can do, right because you might not be able to do all of them. It might just not be your style, but you got to do as many as you can. And don’t fake it? Look if you’re not willing to sacrifice your morals to get there, don’t do that. Absolutely right. That’s not a customer for you.

That’s the fight. Oh, man. Yeah, hold on, I’m getting amped up. Because I would do that in website world, right? Because most people had already had a website. Okay, awesome. What do you like about the last experience? I didn’t like any of it. Okay, tell me more about that. What didn’t you like? Well, they were hard to get ahold of, we never knew what we were doing. costs an arm and a leg. Okay, what is what is the arm and a leg mean? First of all, you know, all of that stuff. I don’t get the opportunity to do that as much because usually, whenever people are hiring me, they’ve never worked with someone who’s doing what I’m doing before. But I missed that. Because if you can ask those questions, what did you like about the other guy, what did you hate, and then you let him and them fight. And as opposed to you bashing your competition, which never helps you. You then are getting told exactly what they view as success. And without even having to guess or make assumptions, which we know is terrible.

And it goes back to it’s even better if you don’t use your competitor. Or your incumbent. So like in my world, right that my customer will have nine or 10 subcontractors a roofer a concrete guy, me a plumber

And real quick. Are you a sub?

I am a sub.

You are, okay, so you’re not like the GC or anything?

Is like a bottom?

No, I’m mid, I’m mid.

I didn’t expect that to come out.

Let’s get back on track, talking about subcontractors.

Construction humor from a guy who’s not in construction.

You saw how well that landed, right?

I’m gonna get my ass beat later guys

And I’ll take my hand out of my pockets.

There’s gonna be a GoFundMe for my medical bills later.

Alright, so back on track you know that that guy subs out concrete work or plumbing or whatever h/vac, and you’re one of those things. It’s best not to trash. The people that are in your lane.

Oh, it doesn’t help you at all.

But don’t even ask about those guys ask about what the plumber or the concrete guy that you use slowly because I find out over and over and over again that when when I talk about like oh we only we’re only getting a bid from this one concrete guy we’re only using a bid from this plumber but when it comes to h/vac, you’re shopping 14 of us right. So why are these guys sole source and your business out? Well because you never had good coverage Okay, why did these guys cover you so well.

You found out about what they’re looking for in their coverage right? You find out how to cater to the person you’re trying to sell to.

So it goes back it goes back to the same thing of like you only buy toilet paper from that one freakin guy. Why do you, why do you buy from that one guy? Why don’t you shop him out, you’re shopping us out?

Yeah, I take I take kind of a similar approach, right but I say not so much now because I don’t have as much people who are doing the same thing that I do. But in website world, it’s like okay, who helped you with the with last website? Well, this company over here. Okay, how can how can we not talking to them again, that’s the first thing I’m going to find out. Because are you, are you just price shopping? You know? Well, it didn’t go very well. Oh, I’ve heard nothing but good things about those guys. You know what happened in your experience? Can I stop you for a sec? Yeah,

Can I stop you for a sec? Yeah, go ahead. When you, when you say price shop, so, so this happens a lot. Right? You’re, you’re obviously not using them because you weren’t happy for some reason you’re out there looking right. And for whatever reason you got my number. Right now I’m at the table talking about something that you’re just wanting to check and make sure everything that they’re providing for you is true and honest. Right? It’s a price check, right?

So many people don’t know how to price anything. Sure. Because I don’t do any research. I’m the opposite.

So maybe, maybe this is maybe in a high D but that’s a really good time where I interject. Okay, so hold on, if you’re just price shopping, what’s their price point that they’re at? Right? Let’s find that out. $13 per unit, and I can get to 9 and provide you the same coverage. Do we have a deal like that? I like to hate that. Don’t word it like that. I’m just saying, what I’m saying is…

You have to, maybe soften it a bit.

The way that I phrase that…

what I’m saying is don’t miss opportunities when you’re networking and talking about this, okay?

No, I agree. Yeah, because you’re exactly right. because that’ll come up in that conversation and have the drink in your hand. And you’re like, well, what if you got it at this?

Because you might close the deal just like that.

True. Okay. But

What I’m saying is don’t when you’re hearing those things, right? You can write them down you can jot them in the back of your noggin and move on.

The opportunity presents make your pitch right then and there. Do not miss that opportunity.

No, I know you don’t but you’re very calculated right.

But But hold on, though. Even website world I’m going the other way. Right. I’m saying hey, I it got to the point where everyone was telling me that they’re going to call five people. Okay, so then I start, I start making the assumption and I would talk about it. Hey, I’m assuming that since we’re on the phone, you probably talked to three or four other agencies. How do those conversations go? Right? Well, you know, pricing is all over the place. Okay. Awesome. You know, Anyone lining up with kind of what you were thinking it was going to be? Well, actually no, John, not at all. Okay, why do you think that’s happening? You know, and I would dig into it from there. But to me, that’s all happening as part of my budget conversation. And I don’t have to do this as much down but I don’t have to, I don’t have to deal with bids as much as Clint does now.

Well, I’m saying that you don’t get very many opportunities, right to really hit home runs, so to speak. So like when that opportunity comes up, that might be time to move this conversation along and start qualifying, like right here.

Yeah, don’t don’t I guess if what I’m hearing you say and what what speaking to me is, in these networking events, which is you know, what we’re talking about when that conversation comes up the, you know, a roundabout way about another person they’re doing business with and then it kind of segues back to what you do. If the opportunity is to provide an up them…

Don’t miss your opportunity to qualify right then.

Don’t set the meeting. Go for the conversation about why they should buy because you once you know where that she goes,

We’re getting a little too a little too in the weeds around talking about like, like how they get to Yes, right. Right, right, which is a huge part of like how we do business now and with the website world because I would just kind of assume that right? And then people like, okay, we’d love for you guys to submit a bid. And I would love to be like, Okay, awesome. I’d love to see your RFQ. I’m sorry, my, my what your RFQ your request for quote. We don’t have one of those. Oh, well, typically, whenever people are asking for a bid, they’ve got a whole packet about about the capabilities and the timelines and what you’re doing right there is qualifying and if you if you I absolutely am, but I’m doing it in a way so that way they they’re understanding like, Oh, I’m just trying to blatantly take advantage of all the sales people I’m talking to.

I’m letting the scotch do the quote for me.

Yeah, right sign here, buddy. No, no, that’s a little bit of

Nannette’s got something. Hold on. Nannette, what do you got? Come on, you got something to say.

We’ll throw it down, throw down.

No, I’m done. I mean, I’m not done.

Are you quitting, so soon?

No, I just…

What do you mean the scotch qualifies them?

It was a it was a tongue in cheek.

Tongue in cheek quote when the opportunities there maybe the client is relaxed.

Quit being so analytical.

Yeah. I’m Captain Obvious, right. I’m Captain Literal.

Well, Captain literal actually has has has there your moments there too right where you don’t have to set the whole process up you skip it’s like a free pass to skip jail go to the you know go around the go around the board right okay, you know.

Buying Park Place baby.

Because you saw that opportunity, the time’s right and that they’re out there in these networking events.

Nannette is looking at me and laughing at it. I don’t know what she’s laughing at. What are you laughing?

Absolutely nothing, here we go.

Alright, so let’s, let’s get into the Throwdown. Networking from a D in, let’s talk about construction specifically.

Well, it’s going to be tough for you to want to have in depth conversations in networking that don’t deal with task and, you know, directives, right? You got to get past a little bit, you got to open the door a little bit to yourself. vulnerability is big. Checking that ego is big. So when somebody finally tells you their favorite fishing story, you don’t say, Oh, yeah, by the way, I caught a big fish in that last year. That’s, that’s a big, I mean, but that’s a typical trait of a D right? is the one up Yeah, I’m the champion, I’m the greatest well be that be the greatest, be it. But do it from a point of professionalism. And let the other people talk, let them tell you their their doubts, their fears, their strengths or weaknesses, harbor all that stuff, put it in a bubble and then make start making decisions out of that, but I’m gonna tell you right now, the best networking that I do is probably when I cover my own mouth with my hand. Literally, that’s interesting, like ask a question. Put your hand over your mouth lean against the table and freakin listen for let them tell you there’s I mean, I’m serious. I’m that sounds jokingly but I mean, I will you know if you can see me on youtube I will cross one arm and I will cover my mouth. I’ll ask a question on let’s do this a lot. Yeah. And I’ll just sit right here like one finger, but your Put your finger and all it does, it’s just a, you know, it’s a little tick that gets you to stop talking for a second. And it’s not going to work every time. But guys ask questions. really care about the questions you’re asking? Because if you don’t, just just don’t, because it’ll end bad, right? Like, this is a lot of practice. Get in these environments, work your routines. Really make sure that what you’re asking you care about and you’re listening to the answer because if they tell you if they tell you what, what you need to hear you better remember that shit, because they’re going to expect it from you down the road. Absolutely.

Al, networking.

I think guards get dropped when you’re out in a social setting that’s outside of the normal business pattern. I think you get the backstory, a lot of times, they you build rapport and you, you should be mining for opportunities while you’re doing all of that. And if the opportunity presents itself, make the deal right there. There’s nothing wrong with that. Okay, don’t force it. But when it presents know what that looks like and make that deal right then and there.


So don’t let it be wasted time. I think it’s really important to go into each situation, as I said about the whole rabbit thing. You know, have a focus and know that strong people this kind of really a little dorky, but strong people are inspired by others, but even stronger people, inspire others. So go into those networking events or after hours or whatever, and think about what you’re going to do, what are you going to bring to that person? The people you meet?

Well, okay, awesome. For me, as a C, recognize the fact you’re playing the long game, or if you’re networking and you’re, you’re taking my approach to where you’re going to chamber events, or BNI events, or whatever that looks like, your goal is not to sell to the people in the room. It’s trying to have conversations with those people so that way they will actively refer to you. And understand that that takes time. And that doesn’t happen in the meeting, you got to get them out of that room, you got to get down for a coffee or beer or lunch or whatever that looks like in your world. So that where you can really dig in and build some sort of relationships that way you have a shot of being top of mind. I think that’s kind of all I got to say, which is drastically different approach from how you guys handle networking. So

And don’t be afraid to stretch those alligator arms and pick up that tab.

Absolutely right. If you invite someone out, you should pick up the tab and if you want, if you want business referrals or anything else, pick up the Because that’s going to lead to them wanting to take you out and pick up your tab.

They will, they will reciprocate, absolutely nine out of 10 times. And if they don’t, they don’t need to be doing business.

Absolutely. Some people are just takers and they’re not givers. And you gotta, you gotta figure out how to suss that out. So awesome, everybody. Once again, if you’re listening to this, and you’re getting some value out of it, you know someone else in sales, who is struggling or wants to improve, please share this with them. It’s hard enough, as we talked about up here already. If you want to take the assessment, because you’re not really sure, maybe you’re somewhere between Clint and Al, or Al and Nannette or, you know, some other combination of that. Reach out to us assessments@salesthrowdown.com. Follow us on social media. Everything is that Sales Throwdown and we’ll talk to you everybody real soon. Thanks a lot. Thank you.