Episode 26: Sales Goal Setting for the New Year

Episode 26


Welcome to the show, everybody. We are fresh into 2020. It’s January, we practice what we preach. So today we’re going to be talking about some of our goals and the things we want to accomplish and also kind of looking at what we did last year, right? Being open and honest, because if we’re not on track, you got to make adjustments, right. It’s kind of where we live.

Better yet. It’s 10:15 on a Friday night. That’s true. And we all worked all week long. We actually have one of our members. He just flew in from Houston to be here with us in Dallas, Texas, and…

Weaksauce, that’s the least of our worries, right? Yeah.

Well, man, it’s nothing. Here’s the deal, everybody. Everybody wants the instant gratification.

This is the life we lead. There. Everybody sees the 10 minutes of fame on social media. What you don’t realize is the work that you put in, right? Oh, yeah,

Oh, yeah, right. I mean, so to Al’s point, right, it’s 1015. We’re all away from my family as usual, but from or flew from Houston. Right? And we’re going to knock out a couple more tomorrow, right on a Saturday.

It is what it is, you can do what you do and you get paid for what you do. Right?

You get after it or you don’t.

So, um, the creator of Ameritrade. I have this written down. I have to look at my notes. But he his name is Joe Ricketts. And I was listening to him talking.

Because he’s got like bowed legs? And, sorry, my bad bad, Joe, like you’re bigger than me. So

He’s so cool. I was just listening to him going, I love you. You’re amazing. I mean, he’s just a great example of Joe you want her phone number? Give me a call. He’s a great example of working hard. In fact, his book is entitled, “The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get,” tongue in cheek. And he was just talking about, you know, you’ve got to work hard, you have to pursue, pursue, and I was just listening to him thinking, gosh, if everyone would just do that, but like he said, Everyone does not have that work ethic. They just don’t, no, baby, go ahead.

I just read something today. You can’t have a million dollar goal with a minimum wage work ethic. Yeah,

Yeah, yes, exactly. Luck favors the prepared mind. I mean, I mean, so I was hanging out with my grandmother earlier this week, and she was asking me about, you know, everything everything I going on so I’m like, you know, we got the show and everything else and she goes, “but how’s the money?” Yeah. And I kind of got a little bit offended because I’m like, I’m like, you know, we don’t need to talk about money like you know.

She make it rain, did you start like ripping off the Benjamins?

So, so my grandmother was in sales for like, 25 years selling print and stuff.

Right, do you how do you judge success in sales?

Well, if you’re me because you’re, you’re doing KPIs but we know what Al’s answer is.


Yeah, bank account. And, uh, but it was so cool because I got that this really interesting conversation with my grandmother about like personalities, all the stuff we’re talking about here, which, you know, wasn’t even on anybody’s radar whenever she was selling prints to like people. And it was funny because I was kind of like, Man, I’m always gonna be okay, right? I’ve got the skill set, I’m gonna figure it out. And then I was catching up someone else in my family. And they’re like, like, yeah, yeah. Are you doing okay? And I’m like, Why is everyone so worried about it? And then I was talking to Melissa and she goes to the average person, the idea of working for yourself is so far removed, you know, and the the word entrepreneur for a lot of people just means that you’re unhireable you know, then now it’s like a badge of honor because, you know, a small business and entrepreneurship.

I look at it like a I see you were a consultant. Oh, you were a consultant for the last four years. So you didn’t have a job.

You know.

And I’m not saying that they’re wrong. I’m just saying that’s what this one perception is.

I had this huge reset right there in that moment, you know, because it’s not that they’re worried about me. It’s just that they’re worried about, like anybody going out and on their own, you know, so that’s not really what we’re here to talk about today. But I just thought…

If you’re in sales, you’re on your own, man. It’s you, your voice you, you are you. It’s your own cottage industry relative. You may be engulfed in a corporate structure.

Yeah, no, I’m fully in that.

But you get rewarded for your success. And you broker the deal. Try and then you use that success to either leave that company or make that company give you more to effing keep you. Yeah.

You know, so. So I’ll put that on the scale. You know, you talk about corporate structure. I am in the midst of a ginormous corporate structure that is, you know, it’s probably one of the biggest construction companies on the planet, and I’m immersed in that world. And I’ve also worked for independent people, then I’m the only sales guy in the entire company. Right? So, so I’ve worked in both worlds. And I’ll tell you, the attitude is the same because if you kill it, either way, you’re recognized. They want to keep you, absolutely right. You have bargaining chips, you have tools in your, you know, in your toolbox that you can use to benefit yourself. But you gotta kill it and kill it is a probably a not so good term. And I think we’re going to touch on that a little bit with our goals and why what kill it means, how to get there. Yeah, well, you know, because kill it is different for everybody, for sure.

Right? But but to the to the other point of that. This has happened maybe four or five times with different companies I work with. I’m like, I’m like, Okay, well, why do you need the process? Why do you need the CRM, you know, why do you need these things? And they say, Well, I got one guy, and he’s really good. And everybody else is kind of just doing okay, and I’m like, Okay, so what’s the big deal? Like if I lose this guy, we’re so screwed.

You get a back story today.

Exactly. And I’m like, I’m like, Okay. But, you know, no big deal. Just coach the other guys up, you know, just trying to like make sure that they that they really want this and they’re like…

He’s speaking to me now.

And they’re

Go on, Obi Wan.

And they’re they’re so concerned with good reason, right? Because if you’re good, you’re going to get poached. Right? I mean if you’re good you can write your own ticket, you can go do whatever you want.

Because here’s what happens, to that point, is the company has to man up, not you. Yeah, how sweet is that little situation? It is until you realize that

It is until you realize that you’re not all that important. You sell it…

In most organizations, yeah, right. It’s great one that’s great. But you know, if you have a bad month, like you’re dead to me, and you know,

I’m, and I hate to say this, but because I have one of those guys. I just do, and you guys all know me and if you’re out there listening, you know me well no, I’m, I’m as honest as the day comes, right. And if he’s listening, which is not because he’s not the personality to listen to this, right, it’s true. So I’m not worried about what I’m about to say, but I have that guy. I have that guy that kills it, right, and everybody’s scared to death that because I hired on to the position that I did that he’s gonna leave me and Oh god, what are we going to do if this guy leaves, right? And in my reassurance to everybody is we’ll find another one. Right, they’re out there. You know?

Well okay because your bet, correct me if I’m wrong because in the back of your mind, you’re thinking I’m so much better than him. Well, that’s true. I came from well, and I came up the ranks, I came up the ranks, and it’s his bad draw to actually have somebody over him who’s better than him.

Well I look at it like…

His bad draw., I love that.

And I’ll back this up. But cuz if you’re really good, you’ll become Clint. And you’ll have a bunch of guys that are climbing the ladder, right?

Well, I look at it like, you know, so you’ve done great. You could do better, right? Let’s make…

We all can, that’s the way I wake up every day.

So I look at him and I’m like, Man, you are a traditional salesman to a tee. If I had to write a book or look up traditional salesman in definition, it would be a picture of that guy. I haven’t gotten

That tone plaid jacket,

You know, but the thing is, is it and I will say this on every episode if I have to. They are not failures. Traditional salespeople are not failures. They’ve been winning for a long time because some guy wrote a book or some guy did some training we all listened to, doesn’t make us completely right. Right. So it what what the thing is, is what makes him successful, right? So if I can up his percentages and hit ratios better because of the stuff that I know that he doesn’t, personality, the psychology of sales, the maybe body language, tonality, all that stuff that he just didn’t learn because it wasn’t his time in the sales industry to learn this stuff, if I can teach him a little bit of what I know and he’ll teach because let me tell you I’m learning to write if he can teach me a little bit of what makes him successful, and we can narrow down that focus and make us all better.

Wait a second. Stop, the guy’s 98 You better get on it.

He’s 62.

So I wasn’t far off. The more you went into that, I’m like, how much older is this guy than you?

Hey, but he literally is in the 60s and he’s, love it, he’ll but the thing is with his personality type he will go on till he’s 94 and he kicked them out the fucking door in the same day you put them in a coffin. Yeah,

Is he a D/I?

No, he’s a super I. Oh, super I? Super I, just that’s fair. Did. You know when when we say the phrase ‘you could sell ice to an eskimo.’ I think this guy could fucking sell ice to an Eskimo.

Or he would certainly try.

Yeah, he would certainly try and he would die trying. So the point of it is, is that I know this guy had this guy on my team. And look, I’m not going to come in with all the tips and tricks that we all talked about up here and, and the training that I have in raw just going to say, you need to stop what you’re doing, and do what I do, because I’m successful. Because because you’re forgetting about one part of the equation, which is that he’s been successful for a long time.

Okay, so let’s talk on that point for just a second, right? Because you were the first to admit that you have a hard time giving anybody credit for doing things well, especially if you have a little bit of experience in the field. Right. You know, they they have to prove it.

Yeah. Yeah.

So, why aren’t you just going out there and being like, Okay, you guys, you guys want to see it? Yeah, let’s go.

Okay, so so we are doing that now. The thing is, is that I’m getting a lot of push tour earlier topic that people were like, well, if you fire anybody, you can’t fire that guy, right? Because he sells for us.

Wow, man, that’s rough.

It is. But hold on, because they’re not wrong.

Right? If he’s producing what the

What the true, the true conversation to have is you’re right. He does sell force, and he is our top sales guy. And he’s been that way for 24 plus years. But he’s not efficient. And that’s where I have the heartburn. Not that he’s not successful. Not that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. It’s that’s,

Does he need to be?

Yes, because I can make him more efficient. So I need a lot of give on his part from a traditional sales and older gentlemen, a very opposite personality of me to be able to accept me.

Is he willing to give it?

I think we’re there now but it’s been four months, right? Okay. So it’s been four, but he’s pliable, yeah. Look guys, we’ve had a lot of beers, me and this guy.

You and him, not you and us.

Well me too, But but me too. I’ve had a lot of beer since Friday night. Happy Hour, but me and him have cut out of the office on two o’clock in the afternoon because I knew the conversation we were having wasn’t going

Did a little bonding.

It just wasn’t going anywhere. And in this setting, it just wasn’t going to happen. So we needed to become…

You’re like, you’re 62 I know you drink. Let’s beat to the common ground here.

And so we did so alright, so we we did some bonding rapport and we

That’s good sales management right there.

Look, we got on a common ground and the goal was is like, Look, I need to learn from you. Right. And I think that there’s a couple tricks that I might have to make what you’re already successful at doing better.

And that’s awesome when you phrase it that way, for the approach to the I. Who just thrives on oh yeah, let me show you how awesome I am, right. So you’re flanking right, essentially, is what you’re doing right because you could beat him down.

Look, that’s not my natural approach. No, that’s my, scorched earth. Absolutely. That’s not my natural approach. That’s a understanding DISC personalities. Because what I was telling, what I was telling Doc before, Mr. Al Daniels before this episode, was that I made everybody on my team do a DISC. What Mr? You don’t like Mr. Al Daniels? Sorry, I was. I was think that well, because not everybody knows him as Doc, right. So the guy sitting on my left is Al Daniels, he’s a doctor, and I love him to death. But what I was telling him before this episode was that I made everybody do a DISC personality exam on the team. So I know what I’m getting myself into when I have these conversations.

Did you make them go over it amongst each other?

We, yeah, we all did. So we’ve all talked about this. We’ve all sit down.

So you’re doing leadership well. That’s good.

Call it what you will. Its realization right. So, you know, everybody needs to know who they are. And everybody needs to know who I am in that role so that we can communicate. And by doing that, I think that we could have realistic, mature conversations about

Yeah. Adult adult.

Yeah, absolutely. Age difference doesn’t matter.

It’s a conversation.

Yeah. But so anyway, there we are. So we’re talking about goals, right for 2020. And, for me, that’s one of my biggest hurdles, is is my own best seller, if that makes sense to y’all. Yeah, yeah. So my biggest hurdle is my best selling guy. And for some people out there listening, like we talked about, just let them run.

Well, but you’re trying to build a culture. You’re trying to build a different culture for everybody.

Because doing more with less is the name of the game.

The thing is, if I have four sales people that look up to that guy because he’s the lead sales guy, they can’t model what he does, because one, there’s no past data. Two, they’re not him. Yeah, right. Yeah. So I need to take the good things out of what he does and model it for the other three that aren’t him.

But then, interject.

You’re speaking my language.

Yeah, sure. And little bit of what you got going on? Sure, like it.

And then turn it into a process that you can give to everybody. And that way everyone performs and is doing the same things and then you’re collecting like four times the data than you would be, which is…

Whoa, listen to that speed of talk we’ve got going on.

No, I got super fired up.

This, this is world right. So but once you find out that winning process, now you’re hiring people that fit your process, based on personality, based on go get it, you’re basing that on a lot more than a resume.

There’s, there’s actually another assessment and what it does is is they come in and they sit down with you and they kind of show you these different areas. And you kind of put these dots on these levels, right? And then you go you you use this as the model for the person you want to hire right?

Is it modeled after DISC?

No, no, it’s it’s totally different, right? It’s all about job fit.

And why are we talking about it?

Because, because it’s kind of interesting, right? Because just like DISC, you know, it can be very black and white and they and it can get you into some trouble there. It, you know, the thing, the thing about DISC is that it’s comfort zones, right? I can do all of these sayings, right? I can have empathy, I can be somewhat influential. Yeah, I mean, sometimes, not today, asshole.

Speaking my language.

But you know, their comfort zones, right? So the more you do it, the easier the easier it becomes right? Which is why if you just run me through one of these assessments, no one should hire me for a sales role.

Oh, for example, if I hire a high C, and I tell him, Hey, buddy, and you should go kill it. And that’s the end of our conversation. But you’re asking for ultimate, that might be the best sales guy that you have ever hired, but you didn’t set it up. Right, right. Absolutely. But if I hire a super I and I tell him the same thing, he may just go kill it for you and it’s a total winning success plan.

This is the reason why I have a company is because like this happens all the time just to make something happen. Okay, what is something and what timeline, when?

For some people that works. You tell me to go make it happen. I need you to sell 30 million a year go do it, dude, I get it you don’t, no other words need to be set up you have your bench I have my benchmark and I will create my own stuff and that works on your end.

And that works on your end. Because if anybody can see this, the middle of the table the right and left are dicks. Well, I mean in a certain sense you guys just do what you guys do. You don’t you there’s there’s some self reflection. Yeah, but it’s not it doesn’t eat you up like it eats up the two of us up right? Was I mean, what you know, do they like me? You know, we, should I have done something differently.

And I, and I care and the only reason, Doc, that I even go there to get to the center of the table as you speak to them, emotions and, and the way people react is only because it’s going to make my life better.

You know, of course. Yeah. So there’s a motive.

So versus where you are naturally inclined to care. Yeah, I care because it benefits me. So we’re a little…

Selfish… Nan, what does Nan think about that?

Aren’t we all? right? If you’re in sales, you know, and you’re out there, you know, you could do any other number of things.

I just mask mine a little bit better. I make you feel better about myself.

If I slide to my natural inclinations, every conversation that I have, I tell you, I don’t like your shirt. Your hair is ugly. Your fucking glasses are stupid.

Quit, quit looking at me when you’re making these statements.

I literally looked at your three things. Listen, but I

Listen, but I want I want people to listen up you can gain from this because most of us sit probably where Nan and I said, you know, it’s a little bit of compassion in our hearts. But if you ever have to man up, the two guys that I think about are Clint and you, John. Yeah, do I need to be analytical? Do I need to be a little more of a badass cuz Nan and I got the love and the khumbaya.

Don’t call him a badass, come on, you’re making his head huge.

Well, but I really believe that that you can gain strength by knowing people who aren’t you.

Oh, well, but, but here’s the deal. It has to start with you.

Well, you have to have the want and the desire to be something or get outside of your comfort zone.

John, how many times have we talked on the phone me and you together? Sometimes an hour long conversation on the on the phone? And we’re talking about a subject and, and we’re like,

But you’re in the same room? So

Check this out. Because this happened. This happened? What a week ago, a week ago. Yeah. And literally, me and John are talking on the phone and John brings up some problems. And John says shit, never thought about that way. Yeah, because you’re hearing it for me. And I bring up a topic and I said shit.

That’s how we got here. No doubt, I mean, sitting by the pool.

Finding value in the other people that we’re not.

Nannette had a problem. My answer was different than yours, but we all saw value in the other person’s answer.

But the whole point of it is that you know, you have to have other personalities surrounding you to really get that goal that you’re, the thing that you want to say or the email that you want to type. You should never type out of emotion and hit send. You should type it and hand it to somebody and say hey, read this. See if you’re, you know,

I do that all the time.

I do too. Any professional person…

Nan’s read more stuff, I’m like read this see if this makes sense.

Any professional person in this business, especially in sales, proofread everything, right.

Have, have somebody else, somebody else proofread it. Then ask you questions about what you, and I guys I’m not, I am well written I mean, I can type good letter I can, no doubt. And, but I get like you said emotionally caught up in either what I’m trying to deliver or I’m trying to be analytical but I got a little I in me so it gets a little confusing. I give that up to somebody else, they bring it back and I critique and it’s much better. Yeah.

Great. So, so sorry, I got us off topic like 20 minutes ago.

But so one more point on this topic about sliding, right? S’s are the best chameleons at the table, no doubt, right. And partially it’s because they’re they don’t want to rock the boat, right? I mean, because like you don’t run towards conflict, right Nannette? Absolutely not. Right. And so because of that, if you’re talking to someone who’s going to be a high I, you’re just naturally going to be like, more I-ish, right. Versus you know, talking to the D versus talking to someone like me, because you you want that rapport and you want that and like like such a deeply ingrained level. So S’s are the hardest people to peg normally. And…

But let’s back up. I’ve seen Nan talk to some really mean people and get them to calm down, no doubt, right. She’s a peacemaker. She can walk in between things. And I’ve heard her say, you know, some really good, I mean, brave things to people that I’m like, Oh, I’m Wow, that worked out.

I will say everybody that I’ve ever walked around and said that guy’s a I/D. And then when they come out an S, it’s it’s mind blowing, and I’ll say, oh, that guy’s a C. Yeah. Or she’s an I, no actually she’s an S. I’ve been, I’ve been stumped on the S 10 times more than any other personality

When I’m, when you said chameleon, that’s what I’m saying is when I mislabel someone it’s a it’s always an always an S. Yep. D’s, C’s and I’s, I have no problem.

D’s, see ’em a mile away, C’s definitely. And I’s, probably the easiest spot there is. Oh, for sure.

Oh, stop that. So so much flattery.


Right. And, and I was I was having a coffee with a guy. And he goes, you know, we’re talking about the show and what it was about and it is like Ah man, I love DISC stuff. And I was like, Oh, that’s cool, and I get riled up and I’m You know, we’re going back and forth and everything. And I said, you know, and I’m the high C, and he was like, What? Who lets you out of your hole? And I was like, I was like, What do you mean? He’s like he’s like, no way you’re a C. Good statement though. No, right. Yeah. All right.

So, you know, maybe, maybe coming into 2020 we kind of recap a little bit about who we all are, why we’re here. Yeah.

Yeah. Go ahead.

If they don’t already know, but go ahead.

If you haven’t picked apart, you know, one of the things we do here on Sales Throwdown is we talk DISC a lot. We talk about sales conversations, why we’re here what we’re doing. The thing that drew us all together is definitely our personalities. Right? And, and how we do our own business. We’re all in sales, and we’re all on the day to day grind. We all fail every day, and we all succeed every day, at some point. Every day. So the reason I bring that up is because going into 2020 we’re talking about goals and and why we have the goals and every goal that you’re going to hear is going to be motivated. think differently right?

Oh, wait till you hear mine it’s, it’s…

But let me, but at the end of the day and maybe I’m speaking a little early on what you’re about to say is, it’s money right?

Well I was gonna say, you say money and I agree with that. But it’s work ethic. Yeah. We will be the first up in the last to go. There’s no doubt that, except for John, he schedules like a mother. So anyway, he’s like closed and done.

Culture time. Culture, bro.

But hear me out, John has scheduled himself so well that he doesn’t have to get up at 5.

I agree, no, I know, I want to be him. On the schedule, I want to be you.

I think, I think working hard is getting up at 4:30, yeah, whether I get anything done though or not, but I just think that works hard. John says why don’t get anything done between 430 and seven so I get up at eight, yeah and kill it. Right because

Because I planned ahead, it’s already scheduled and I just flipped the page.

Well, again, we talked about this a couple episodes ago on culture, right? I am very, very purposefully built a business because, for those of you who don’t know, I worked for Al for for for 18 months, right. And I saw how available you have to be to be successful in that world and things like this, and I was like, man I don’t want to be on call like this, right. I’m not trying to do the digital nomad thing to where I don’t have to answer to anybody or any or any of this stuff like I, that’s not my game, but I don’t want to be accessible. Right and I…

You don’t want to be accessible?

Not 24/7.

Agree but and and there’s so many people out there that thinks that’s what sales is right? Like if I’m going to be a successful salesperson somebody told me that’s what, that’s the guy for. I need to answer my phone call at family reunions. And whenever I’m at my daughter’s eighth birthday party, I gotta answer my phone because I might miss a sale. Absolutely. There’s people out there and I’m just going to guess that it’s a lot of people. A majority of people well, right. Yeah. When I first got into it, I don’t know how many people that I’ve, you know, walked out of an important thing with my family personal to say I’ve got to take this call because that gets me business. Yep. And I’ve used that excuse. I don’t know how many times. And fast forward to today. I say, You know what? It ain’t worth it. Yeah. Or they knew that I was here or I don’t need this phone call right now. They’ll wait till tomorrow. And I’m able to do that because of man, like 50 things that we could speak on, get me to that point. But I started at the point where I was like, I gotta take every phone call every hour the fucking day. I’ve got to be on the phone and I’ve got to be that guy with the the bluetooth earbuds in my ear driving around in a convertible with a suit on. I gotta be that guy. But that’s what salespeople typically think. Right?

We posted a quote from from Al that was on a recent show, and it was talking about that. Once you understand that your time is more important than than the money like that’s a good spot to be in. That happens eventually, but you got to have some successes to get to that point, right? Because if you’re a couple levels under that, right, you know, Maslow’s, Maslow’s hierarchy, right? If all your bandwidth is allocated to keeping the lights on and keeping food on the table and keeping your job, you you have no other choice, right? You can’t not answer the phone. It’s just such a panic. gotta, gotta answer it. So desperation. Yeah, for sure. Right. Throwing everything against the wall.

Stinky cologne.

Stinky cologne. Okay, cool. So let’s talk about goals. Right? We’re gonna we’re gonna go I think, I think the goal of the goals conversation was super meta, is the is to be pretty transparent about like, where we want to end up the year. Right? Sure. So, you want to start team D.

Eh, So, you know, I work for a mechanical contractor and in our branch office needs to do, quite frankly, 30 million this year. For me, and past experiences, that’s a very obtainable goal in a very big market which is so personally it’s in Houston, Houston, Texas, right. A lot of stuff going on there a lot of stuff building a lot of new expansion, it never ends. Right? It’s, this isn’t like, you know, if you live there, Ada, Oklahoma. Sorry, I’m not insulting you. I’m just saying it’s not growing, right. Like you don’t have the growth opportunity that Houston, Texas or Dallas Fort Worth or, you know, Seattle, Washington or San Diego has, right. I’m expected to grow with the market. Right. So our goal is actually $20-$30 million less this year than it was three or four years ago. Right? Because of some failures, because of some things happening. And

but so to that point, though, this is slightly off topic but good for your company for like realizing, and yes and making the goal attainable.

Because that’s the key word is is I think when I got hired on it was, okay, resume says this, conversations have said this, we’re going to be able to do, you know, $100 million. But it’s really good leadership that says, well, hundred million dollars is obtainable, but it’s a 10 year plan, right? Because today we’re at 15 or 16. Right? And I’ll tell you that, for me, coming from where I came from 15 or $16 million is maybe one job, right? So the companies that have come from the past, so what’s a one sale? Right? So I’m looking at 30 million like I should, I gotta tell, sell two jobs a week. So the difference is there is that my goals, don’t even compare to that one or two sales. It’s, it’s 40 or 50, sales or even 60 sales, right? Because that’s the company that I’m in now. And no matter and that’s the thing about these. You look at a corporate giant that’s a bazillion dollar company or a $5 million company. You have to set your goals and they have to be obtainable per what your market is and what your company, right? So for me this year is 30 million in sales. And I look at it and I say, chump change. That’s my personality, right. I look at and if you just said 150 million and I’d have said the same damn thing, chump change. Let’s go get it. Right. But I have all the confidence in the world to go set goals.

Well, but we also got to talk about the other thing is that you are not the only producer now, right? So sure, so it’s easy for you to be like cool, I’m gonna go get it. But now you’re in this leadership spot.

You know, the thing is, I’m not a producer at all. I’m a manager right? And I have…

You’re an officer, you’re no longer enlisted, bro.

Country club.

Well, that’s what most would think. But I but let me tell you I’m pulling up in a way less cooler vehicle than everybody else on the team.

You’re just modest, you’re just modest. So big fatty roll out of your pocket. Wiping eyebrows.

Combing the hair over, wearing the suit. You know, the thing is, is I have all the faith in the world that that I know exactly how to get that goal done. Where I’m at right now is transferring that idea for other people to buy into. Right. So as a sales…

How are you going to do that?

Well, that’s a good question. Because a lot of it is personality, right? A lot of it is psychological. And God help me I don’t want to go into this, this rant that you guys don’t understand. But it is a ton of personality study. And

Your pers-

Both, both. It is mine. And it is my team. How it reflects on your team. Absolutely. It is not only mine. So I’ll tell you guys, one of the things that I requested was not only my team’s this personality, we all took it. I took it again. We all compared but I also asked for the leadership above me to take it so that I know how to come. You know.

Was that a buy in from them?

It was Yeah, but to be honest with you, it was negotiated because I was not taking this job unless that was something we all agreed to do.

You big balls, big balls.

But But the thing is, is I was successful where I was at so I didn’t have more things to lose, right? So you’re either gonna buy into my ideas are, are now and I’m good

I hear that. Get it your way when

I think you shouldn’t, right.

It was only because of leverage.

Well and if you ask.

But I built my success, right so I have my, I have my chips to play, right? My stockpile of my poker chips is mine that I earned.

You got a bunch of reds, not too many blocks. That’s right. Yeah. So listen to that episode. Yes.

Yeah. So the point of it is, is that when I went into this, that I knew how to communicate below me and above me, and I knew how to accept what people said to me and I knew how to communicate it above me. But I only knew how to do that because of the psychology of sales. Yeah, period.

So okay, so you got 30 million that you need to sell Or that you guys need to sell and you need to manage them to like, like get them to that finish line. Yeah. What other so what other goals do you have?

Let’s talk metrics right? So he split that over 12 months, right? So I’m a big believer in in construction world of monthly sales and not weekly, not daily. My trend in my market typically goes monthly. So have 12 months, have $30 million to execute. Break it up. A lot of people out there will break this up evenly right? It’s a $2.6 million spread per month you got to sell this and go get it but if you don’t know your market, or maybe you do know your market, but you’re just want easy mass. So you do that. The problem is November December in my world, it’s a failure. Total absolute fucking failure. So you have 10 months. I have 10 months to sell. Right? And even January is sketchy. Right? Because people and I’ll tell you exactly why it’s holiday or not Europe, right. We don’t take too month holidays. We don’t shut everything down to go on these breaks. People are working on Christmas Eve, right? But the problem with it is, is that everybody in construction uses November December to push to January. We’ll talk about Give me your budget numbers today. But we’ll, when we get the new revenue forecast in January one will talk about this, right? So you can pretty much guarantee the November December is a zero. Like it’s a goose egg, right? So now it’s not $30 mil, or 12 months, it’s $30 million over 10 months, right. But even then, it’s a it’s a it’s a peak. And in my business, which is conditioned air. It’s a summer hot portion of the year. It’s a May, June, July, August, September, right. So now you’re not talking about 10 months and we’re talking about really the big work is in four or five months.

Yeah, so you have to do 6 million a month. Sure. Yeah, I’m really fast during those good months here.

So the thing is to be realistic, to be obtainable. Don’t set your sights in February at 4 million if you’ve never sold anything in February, never sell sold anything in February. Why? Right? The thing is for me is that you know, you typically trend in the $4 to $5 million range in May. And in June you go five to six and in July, you’re six and, and September and even into October, you’re in the $5 million range, set your trend line that way, set your goals up that way, right. So that if you do pick up a $3 million job in February, it’s great. You guys are fucking you guys are made through March. And then you sell March in your May through June and you sell May…

It’s the consistency thing. Yeah, so

Yeah, so, so. So set realistic obtainable, fucking goals per month and maybe in your business, it’s daily, right but make them realistic. If I need To sell 30 widgets today, but it’s a bad part of the year. Maybe it’s 20. And maybe in June, it’s 40. Yeah. Right. So set realistic expectations.

So any other goals? Or..

Advice? advice? Any other advice? Yeah. I would say, you know, the thing is, is that trend lines are really important to me. So setting goals are based off past data. And that past data comes from CRM, right? And those CRMs are built by a lot of data input. The only way to forecast in my business is to input data. Realistically, right.

I’m going to give you a T shirt, but keep going.

Yeah. So when, you know for example, when you have a meeting with a customer, and you say it went good, and you put that down on paper, and you move forward. You have you have nothing. In my mind you have nothing. But when you say, guy talked about this subject, he talked about that. He responded well to this, this is what we respond with. he reacted this way. When you when you’re talking about that level of detail, you can forecast from that right? So now that’s a good customer. That’s a guy that I want to do business with in the future. But you got to have that past data and and that comes from sitting in meetings and recording data, writing stuff down. Not just the meeting was good.

Did you say C and Bs? What’d you say?

I don’t know.

Never mind, you good? Okay, because we’re, you know, we kind of went down a tangental hole earlier. I want to make sure we get everybody covered. You don’t gotta push it away. You’re gonna have some input for sure.

Don’t act like that.


We want you.

You know, to the other side of Clint is the small business, say small, I mean, we do millions, we just don’t do the millions and we’re not, we don’t do coast to coast. So from a segmental kind of scenario, because we have different segments of our business, most of its hemmed in, in the very beginning because of deductibles in healthcare, right, people have to climb the hurdle of their out of pocket expenses. And so they have approach avoidance, you know, health care’s Yeah, that’s the costly thing, making me come out of pocket. So they’ve got a really experience something that, you know, prompts them to do that. So our goal is to be in to work that schedule through the first part of the year, getting to out of pocket being met, bigger ticket items being you know, pushed towards the insurance company, and that’s just the reality of insurance. They’re the backstop, but in the beginning comes out of your pocket. So, to that end, it’s it’s a lot of, I’ll be up front, it is basically survival until you get to the point where it’s free flowing in healthcare. So we watch our budgets. Our goal is to keep costs down in the very beginning of the year is to, you know, we hold the money we made at the end of the year to cover costs for the front of the year. And we now start to ration anything that would cost us more. So and that’s purely from a business standpoint, but we also market a lot. We go out and in and promote what we can do and what our services are and we have conversations. So the lull is actually a great time to get your name out there, to get the exposure that you’ve been looking forward that you were too busy because you were servicing at the end of last year. Once we get through the middle of the year, I mean catastrophic events, car wrecks, work injuries, all of those are not deductible related. So we really market the business that we can get at the front of the year, knowing that the rest of it will come. And so we do a lot of mining, we do a lot of, you know, you know, talking to other physicians. We talked to, you know, people that do that we do things that they don’t do, we, you know, we just get out. Yeah, we get out a lot. And so, you know, the goal is to be out there to be really working our marketing side of things, our sales side, and then the latter half is all about production. It’s all about how many patients can we see? They are here and we have services.

So so what kind of cycle is that? Is that a six months – six months or is that a three month down?

It pretty much breaks six months, six months because we’ll see now we have a lot of Medicare, a lot of federal programs that we push from, particularly for bigger procedures, into the first part of the fiscal year, first quarter, because the hurdles aren’t as hard. But when everybody’s deductible resets and it resets sometimes higher, very seldom is it lower. And in literally it’s three grand is the rock bottom in most cases, and it goes up to 10 grand

That Q4 for you is is big.

Oh, oh, and it was big this last year. So we but here’s the hesitation to not rest on the laurels because we know the famine is coming. Right. The cycle is turned we’re hitting winter and I mean, Winter is coming. Yeah. But we know it every year. Yeah. And you’re a fool to think that it isn’t. Nan’s shaking her head. She knows what I’m talking about.

So can I dig in? Yeah. Okay. So you’re talking about that in the first part of the year it’s all about like marketing and getting getting out in front of people filling the pipeline it sounds like.

Reconnecting because all these people are pipeline, we just hadn’t seen much I’m because they’re doing what they’re doing. I’m doing what I’m doing or we are.

What does success look like for that?

That is a Nan, Nan can speak to this. That is the on the phone, that’s in person. That’s you know, Nan can relate Hey just stop by, talking about other things in our bag. Okay, you know what if you hadn’t seen you in a while.

Oh, we’ve been so busy doing our current business. So right now it’s time to recreate really create new relationships tweak the relationships we know and we’ve just had a lot of luck so far and it’s we’re only…

Luck, no. Wrong wrong room, Nan’s too gracious.

But but you know…

And I don’t believe in luck so.

So in your world, you know that six month is really active and that that’s going to be your workhorse months right this six month of just killing it and then the other six month is is where you develop getting killed. Getting

That’s why you have to strategize. You cannot just go, oh I’ll do this. You have to have a plan.

But what you can’t do. Yeah. Like you said, You can’t just sit by and say this sucks for six months and

Sucks for everybody, right? Yeah. I mean, I just I got a call.

But I think every industry has that.

But I have a doc going out of bus-. Okay. Okay, Case in point, we have a doctor who’s going out of business. Where’s he sending this patients? Does he want some extra work? Opportunities are really popping, it will pop up during this time. Don’t go sleepy. Get out there. And even though it’s non revenue producing in a lot of cases, there are a lot of nuggets out there that we can pick up.

Well, it’s not it’s not immediately revenue producing.

Yeah. Because because you don’t have the revenue down the road without the the homework.

Exactly. If you feel it’s the pipeline or developing the pipeline, the pages the last six months and if you can’t live off of that six months, you’re in the wrong business.

And almost every industry that I know everybody gets caught up on what’s now right yeah. So you get caught up, and I’m so busy I came to think about the future until the future is here.

Therefore, and every and now you can only think you should have prepared like shit

So so in my business it’s a six month turnaround. it what what you’re failing in January is because you didn’t sell in July of the year previous. And every industry all of us up here can talk about that right maybe it’s a month maybe it’s 30 days. Same thing. Maybe maybe it maybe it’s a week, maybe it’s four months, whatever. But the thing is, is that you have to look back and you have to prepare for those cold winter months where you shelter down and you have to do your shit to get out there so that you don’t have those slow months. Yeah, that’s what we’re doing.

Do you want to share a number Al? Or you don’t have to if you don’t want to?

I will. I will.

Because you only bought like 13 clinics this year.

We actually we have a goal. I have two we’re on three at the six month mark right? You don’t ever start a clinic now. Right, you prep to get it there. But um, I’m hoping to do probably about 6 million in top line revenue.

And then do you have any other goals like personal, family, otherwise, travel, anything else?


Okay. Cool.

I mean, I only say that because right now business is everything, I mean, I’ll get there will do things.


So, I’m, I work for Al. So mine is pretty much the same for and so really I can just speak personally and of course I’m gonna go here but it’s the truth I’m really wanting to seek wisdom. And I’m not talking about knowledge necessarily. I just really have this desire to gain wisdom and I have a lot of ways to do that. And I’ve been doing that. And I also when we were talking about…

Be specific, wisdom is vague and ways of doing it

So I wake up in the morning, and I’ve discovered that it’s way more important to get into the Word, the Bible for me. And I get a lot of wisdom from that. I just think it’s the truth. So it’s very applicable to, if I can say that word correctly, applicable to life. And it helps me in my business, and it helps personally. And when we were talking about our timing, and, you know, over time you when I first started working in sales, I was just like, I would, you know, be out there before eight, and that’s after I made breakfast for the kids and then I wouldn’t get home until six. And I had this ridiculous goal. You know that then I get home and cook dinner. Well, as I get older,

you made almost 400 K a year. That’s true. Must have been something going on. That’s nothing to sneeze at.


Success is only relative.

Yes, and If that’s what you were speaking about earlier, I’m telling you, it is biblical to have a day of rest. It is crazy to focus only on a dollar amount, and not spend time with your family and your life and just enjoy your life. So…

Well, thank you for the shout out, but I don’t think I said anything of the sort. But thank you.

You did you talked about, you know, spending time wisely. And you know, Al always talks about the two minute and he his two minute is for 24 hours a day, like two minutes on this thing and for them. So I don’t know if that’s true at all. But I do think you have to be smart.

Are you referencing everything?


I don’t believe that.

I do think it’s very wise to spend time, your time wisely and not just focused on this on work. But if you’re smart, you’ll you will figure out how to do it correctly.

And everybody’s wisely is different. Right? So So our goals personally are very relative to us, for sure. And and I think that when you pick apart certain things that maybe you realize and personality and one of us any pick apart the goals and maybe your industry that coincides with one of us, it’s all very relative, right? You have to make that shit work for you. Right? There’s no one thing that any of us are going to say that’s going to make you a million dollars tomorrow. This shit is relative to you. And you have to go find out what that that is. That’s a super good

That’s a super good point. Alright.

So John?

My turn? Okay, so I’ve been doing a lot of reading around like goal setting and in doing some things and so I’ve kind of take taken a different approach than how I would normally do it because normally I’m just like, here’s this and here’s how I’m gonna get there and here’s this and how we gonna get there. And so, I I kind of sat down and thought about like, what two areas do I think that I am not as good at as I as I want to be in, right? And one of those things is being intent. Right? I have a lot of stuff going on. And we’ll, we’ll dig into that in a second. And so it’s super easy for me to be hopping between things. Right? And that’s not productive, right? No one multitasks well, right. If you think you do, you’re lying to yourself, right? So consistency and intent are my two big, big words for this year. Right. And so with that in mind, I have laid out some personal goals, and then different business goals for for all the different things that I’m working on. Right. So I’ve got Adapted Growth, which is the main thing I’ve got goals for this as far as like, where where I want this to be at the end of the year.

This being Sales Throwdown?

So yeah, the, the podcast as well. I’m trying to do like some personal branding stuff, you know, and so I’ve got goals for Adapted Growth. For the personal brand. I want to write a book around this thing that I focus on about the database sales and you know, collecting more data and having the process and doing all of this stuff.

I would read that. I’d read that.

So would I.

Oh, man, cool.

On audio, but…

I might not understand it. I’d take a stab at that,

You know, the the…

I actually read,, if you want to learn, give me a call.

The book thing is now, you know, for for entrepreneurs and stuff like this, it’s kind of the business card, right? I mean, I mean, not everybody does it, and that’s okay. But I have a lot to say about this topic. Right? It’s, it’s, it’s a, it’s a passion project for me. So I’m in talks to some people about like helping me out with this, because I know that due to my C-ness, I will overthink the crap out of it and won’t ever get anything ever done.

Hey, that’s a good point, though. You talked about that’s kind of the way everybody thinks is that, oh, if you have a book, maybe you have this, then I need to listen to your 10 ways and success to sales, right. I’m going to tell you, what I truly believe is that everything that’s being set up here is from the grunt side of the fence, right? It’s stuff that we deal with it every day, Sure, and we we literally fail. And we’re telling you about our, you know, our own personal failures and our own goals. Be careful what you, you know, I’ve read a book in the last year that was a guy that sold one job, one, and he was a gazillionaire, right? And now he travels around, I won’t mention his name because it’d be goddamn embarrassing to him. But he travels around, it just would travels around he he preaches sales success, right? And and as I read his book, I say, I could punch 500 holes in that, right? That’s bullshit. You made it once. you’re successful. So therefore, you’re you. You got this opportunity, right? Yeah. But be careful what you look at. Right? That’s all I’m saying. Of course, right? Be careful what you read. Be careful what you do. And and I think that when you hear success stories from us, or you hear recommendations from us, it’s it’s real because we’re literally living

And we’re diverse. We’re not just one little focused, you know.

So yeah, so I have my goals broken down for the personal brand stuff, write the book I wanted, I’d like to do two speaking engagements that don’t even need to be paid because I would be new to that. Let’s see.

But he would like to be paid.

Well, sure. All right, I’m not gonna say no to that.

What do you mean speaking engagements?

Getting up in front of a group and talking about these topics.

Like at a sales conference or?

Sales and entrepreneurship, right. A lot of the things that I think about and talk about with people that I work with is much more about not immediate sales process and like how you think about things but a lot of the people that I work with end up continuing to work with me because we’re talking about how they’re structuring their business and their goals and all of these other things right. So it’s kind of taking on this life of its own so and I I’m very very passionate about it and I because I agree with you, right? There’s so many of these talking heads now all these influencers and stuff like this all over social media that are quit your job and start you know, right like you need have a really good reason. If you’re going to go out and do the same because a little bit more money isn’t worth it.

You do not quit your job until you have a job, and then you quit the other one.

When the supermodel on Instagram tells me to drink sugar free Red Bull because it’s awesome. Versus the scientist that tells me probably shouldn’t drink that shit. Who do you want to listen to? It’s all I’m saying. It looks, she looks no no supermodel but but some some personalities are going to gravitate towards the super attractive and some are gonna gravitate to the facts. So I’m drinking. No, no doubt. I’m on board with you. Until I, till I end up in a hospital on my deathbed. Shit, I shouldn’t have trusted that girl. I’m just saying, you know, watch what you hear. Yeah, for sure. Right? Do your own research.

I’ve heard someone else say this. And the first time I heard it, I was like, Man, this makes so much sense. There’s so much content out there right between YouTube and like Google will show you whatever whatever the the thing that’s worked on the most.

It’s go to I’m right dot com and you make everything work.

Yeah. Right. It’s it’s, you can you can tell yourself whatever you want. So I think that the people they’re gonna that are going to end up being successful like further on down the road are the people who are capable of high levels of critical thought and being like, Okay, this doesn’t make sense. So let me go see five more of this and see if it’s true or if this person is trying to sell me something. Okay? So I’ve got the personal brand stuff, Adapted Growth. One of my big goals for that company is to replace myself as the as the day to, day to day CRM consultant because that that’s really my why right I would not be here if it was not for for Al Daniel taking a shot on me right and putting me in my first b2b realm. Wow, right? Absolutely not. Yeah.

You earned your way into everything that you’ve done with me.

So so there’s three guys in my life who have spent lots of time and taking shots on me and stuff. And you know, at this conference, when when we actually came up with this idea, like there was this Zig Ziglar quote up on the up on the screen, right.

I thought you’re gonna give me a shout out. I was ready.

No, sorry, bro. You’re not there yet, super happy you’re here. But you know, that Zig Ziglar quote was “You can have anything you want if you help enough other people get what they want.” And I just had this super weird, my hair was standing up on end, goose bumps, and I just sat down and started like, because before this, I just wanted Adapted Growth to do like, you know, 200 k and no big deal. And I’ll just do it myself and everything else. And in that moment, I was like, man, I think it’d be pretty selfish for me to like, not try to get to a spot to where I can take shots on like other people. So that that’s the big goal for that. You know, my girlfriend works on the team, and that presents some interesting dynamics, you know, and, you know, so trying to grow that as well as help her grow her business is a big goal of mine as well. You know, I want to do I want to do three to 400 k in that company this year. Well, that would be pretty significant because there’s not a lot of overhead in consulting.

But also coming from zero.

Well, yeah, you know, I mean, I didn’t do $300k last year, so you know, I mean, I, I did you know about half of that. So, I mean It’s a pretty big goal, but I think I know exactly what it takes to get there. You know, for the podcast, right, my goals and I don’t think I’ve shared this with you guys, honestly, because I’ve been kind of head down in game planning is that, you know, we have an email list, I want 5000 people on that I want 1000 people like listening each week, whenever we launch and I want, you know, 250 views of the YouTube show.

I gave you 4700. So I don’t know what you’re bitching about.

So like, those are my goals for that. Because I think that, that at that level, we, you know, can do some really cool things and impact people because once again, this is this is not like I like obviously getting up here in front of this table and talking with you guys and drinking. Even though I’m not drinking today. And, you know, getting to talk about my experience and stuff, but like, really, I want to help other people to like, make this more approachable, right? Because man, I was under that weight, right? I mean, it was so funny because when I stopped working for Al and started to work with Geof and we were launching the website design business, I would still see Al occasionally you know, at Kung Fu and everything else. And one time he comes in and he was like man, like where was this guy? Right, because I’d been I’d been working right in like trying to work on myself and improve and get better. And I was like man it’s all it’s all over here right. And and now like we’re all here and we’re all we’re all on this path together but I was under all of that weight right and so much of this stuff is just helped me right it’s only when I’m speaking it’s more to like, this would have helped me six years ago, so go do that.

Shorten that learning curve.

Yeah. And then my personal goals right I want to be 200 pounds, right down from 240. I was 240 the majority of last year, not super happy with it. I’m a tall guy, right, hence Small Mountain. So you know, I also want to develop cooking as a skill because I hate it. I loathe cooking so much right? And Al gets super excited about it and talks about all the time. And you know, I don’t think I’m going to get to 200 pounds if I don’t develop a cooking habit and like enjoy cooking at home right. And so when and bought a grill and you know we’re kind of working down this path and everything.

Cooking class at my house everybody.

Jiu jitsu, right I want to be a blue belt. Right? Which is kind of the one step after white belt. So it’s not like that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things but you know, its progression and moving forward. Right? So

Because this guy is a beast on the kung fu, kung fu arena so yeah,

Thank you right it’s hard to say it’s hard to start over as well right so I got like a new dance. Oh my god yeah, that’s pretty rough. But yeah, you know I’m not to like monopolize because you know, I’ve got all of this laid out in a very C fashion. I actually have it as a blog post if anyone wants to go look at it. It’s on Johnsmallmountain.com. It’s worth reading, all laid out. Very, very kind of very specific, very C-ness. But

I’m in love with John Hill.

Do we have a throwdown for this?

Yeah, I think we did it.

I think that was it. So you, Set goals.

Hey, let us hear from you. Reach out. We’d love to hear what your goals are. How 2020 is gonna be your year as well.

We read all the reviews.

Yeah, what books you’re reading?

Right now?

No, no, to our listeners.

Oh, I’m like, oh, man, we don’t have time.

Right? But uh, you know what motivates you? What will get you turned on about sales?

What do you want to see on the show? Right? It’s a new year. We’re here for you guys. All right, we’re not here to just talk into the vacuum for no good reason. So, you know, we want we want your questions, right? Because we can help and, you know, if you know someone else who’s struggling, please share this with them. We’re on all the social media, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. You know, if you want to take this assessment, because you’re not sure where you are, and you’ve never really known, reach out assessments@salesthrowdown.com and leave a review and a rating because that’s how we grow.

Thank you. Thanks, John.

Thanks, guys. See ya!