Episode 30: What are the DISC profiles again?

Episode 30


Let’s get ready to Throwdown.

I don’t like reading shit on the internet like that, but I was hooked. I was reading it. I read the next one and the next one.

Holy shit. Let’s call her real quick she’s gonna lose her, she’s gonna lose her mind. Are we just rolling right now? Is this What’s happening?

Oh, game on.

Welcome everybody.

Well, I guess we shouldn’t talk about your day.

No, absolutely not. I was the one who said I wouldn’t

All right, let’s do let’s do some crowd giveback.

That’s DISC, actually.

We got we got a new review. And it was from Jay Massey 22. This is this is an awesome review though. Jay Massey, wherever you are. Thanks for posting this right. Thank you. The review says digging this podcast, love hearing the discussions from four different points of view and personalities. Because I know those same four people types are sitting around my sales teams, my sales team table each week as well. I look at the very end of it, it’s a very long review. He talks about to go back and listen to the first couple of episodes cuz we take a deeper dive into DISC but you don’t really have to because we’re doing kind of like a refresher on DISC because it’s been a while and, you know, we’ve all made some changes and some shifts and, you know, I’ve had a couple of people come up and be like, you’re not a C, like, well, wait a minute, you know,

So, are you rethinking the whole C thing?

I mean, it’s not like a like a choice, I don’t think

Okay, okay, Kung Fu. The only way I can get out the tunnel.

So I’m curious, if they are not seeing you as a C what are they seeing you as?

I had a guy say that I was an I, we sat down, we’re having coffee and we’re chatting. And I was telling about the show and he was like, Oh man, this is awesome. I present as a night right? I’m very social. I have to be for all the networking and biz dev and this and everything else, but it’s a it’s a perceived need to adjust, which is something that we haven’t really talked about a whole lot. But the more you have to adjust from your from your natural state to fill a role, the more liable you’re going to run into burnout and fatigue and feel like a bad fit, right?

I mean, absolutely, I’m an S. But if I’m around a certain I, I better become a D.

So can I throw an idea out there that just jumped into my mind. We have a DISC right? And the four quadrants is there the possibility that in the quadrant of C there’s another DISC relative to how you sit?

Did y’all hear crickets? Because I…

Took you a minute to get your mind around that. Right? So in your little gaming world, or you know, the little box of you know, we’re like, you know, of the analytics and playing chess. Yeah, I guess that’s all analytics is very C oriented kind of stuff? Are there guys who are I’s in that? Like, I never say anything and you say so much, but we are so interconnected in the C realm, right?

I think so, I think there’s a scale of all of this, right? Because while while I’m a C, and I’ve kind of shifted around when I first did my very first assessment, I was way up in the corner. And when I took an assessment, you know, not that long ago. I’m way more towards the D side of things because I have to be.

So now you’re a wild and crazy C, right.

I guess by comparison, you know, when I when I used to be a banker, we had a lot of Lockheed people, right? And so all these engineers would come in, they all drove Corollas. They all had like, tons of cash, and they would never do anything with it because they were just so so terrified of losing any money. And, and I’m like, No, those guys are C’s. Like I’m I’m footloose and fancy Fancy Free compared to those guys. But it’s all it’s all about scale very, because I’m not as footloose and fancy as you are. No, nobody’s as fancy as Al is.

Slow spin. Does that make sense?

I have Reba McEntire playing in my head.

What song from Reba?

Of course, you wouldn’t…

Of course I wouldn’t know!

Clint, sing it.

That’s Melissa’s favorite country singer.

We would have to pay a royalty so, you can hum it.

I don’t own the rights to singing the song badly. Sorry. So we got way off track. So,

So you met with this guy and he’s like, wow, I misread. He seemed to think that and I only threw back the the preposition or the supposition is that in the world of C’s, you’ve got people who are maybe just, you know, it’s these incremental distances from the, you know, from the sun. Yeah. And in that little galaxy, you’re sitting, you know, further out, you got out to the stratosphere and they’re hugging the Bible of the C’s, right?

Probably so right. And I think that within, you know, a couple of modifications along my life at some point, right. If I never waited tables, I probably would have been more attracted to like C-ness, right? But waiting tables is like, Okay, you got to talk to people, you know, and I was just home from the Army and stuff. And so it kind of like puts me on this path of divergence from. And then eventually I get to the point where I take this job where I don’t have to talk to anybody and I make it half a day and I’m like, Okay, this doesn’t work. I gotta, I gotta have some people around me. Oh, no. So, you know, in the grand scheme of things, I guess as far as the range of C, I could be more like, like, my grandfather’s a very big C.

I hava another question for you. Okay. Do you think your C-ism fluctuates, like you’ll run to the cave, and it’s real big. Of course it does. And then you got to start because that’s that self awareness. Right. Well, I mean, internally, do you feel like…

I think it depends on who you’re surrounded with?

Absolutely. For sure.

If you’re in a group of, you know, two I’s and you’re a C and they’re out having fun and drinking beer, and you’re and you’re involved in that group, you’re going to slide that way because you just have to to get along. Yeah.

It’s funny because whenever you and I hang out, and then I go home, and I’m talking to Melissa, she knows, she, “oh, you were you were hanging out with Clint, were you?” I was like, I was like, Yeah, she’s like, I can tell. I was like, Okay, cool.

He comes in with a five o’clock shadow. She’s like I think you’ve been with Clint.

But but but also when there’s like stress, right?

Covered in glitter.

And I smell like fear. But like, the more stressed out I am, the more I go for like process orientation, right. Like process and tasks.

It’s your safety blanket or just feels good to wrap yourself in.

When I get stressed out, I can’t be creative about anything. Right. And I and I don’t have any empathy or anything else, right? My, um, when I’m having a bad day, and my daughter’s kind of looking for some attention or like, and I don’t have it, you know, and she gets upset. I’m like, What are you upset about? And then she melts down and then I feel bad afterwards right? Because like she…

You start searching for empathy and you’re like, it’s around here some place, I put it over Oh, there it is.

I don’t have any at that moment. And so then she runs off and then Melissa is like, Look, I know you’re a robot but

That’s calling you a dick, good job, Melissa. Hit him with more of that stuff.

I need to be humbled, I guess. So, the past couple episodes, I was not drinking because I was doing my clean January that is done. So I am back, completely forgot. Back in my cups. So, and I and I did take my daughter to McDonalds. I’ve gotten a couple of texts and messages about that episode. You’re a good man, they were all on your side, by the way, no one was on my side. But you know, whatever. I’m used to that. So…

Heard that.

So yeah, so I think I think there’s very much a scale right, because we all know I’s that are way more I-ish than you are. Right? I I actually, I don’t know a D who’s more D than Clint, honestly.

That’s easy.


I don’t know. Yeah.


But then there were people, especially S’s who are, you know, we talked about this a little bit and they’re so good at

Reigning you in?

What’s that?

Pulling you in.

Well, you know, in chameleoning, or that’s not even a word, but being a chameleon, you know, changing, because like, they want to be liked so bad.

It’s just adapting.

I’ve had too much. I smelled this thing, and I was halfway drunk.

So I know on that point when when I’m around, let’s say a couple S’s having a conversation. And

That happens all the time. I mean, I could see where

There’s more S’s than anything else.

In my office setting, that happens all the time.

Took me a minute to catch that, cuz I’m thinking you’re hanging out.

But like, he’s got to win. So he’s like, come on, you guys can come hang out with me.

Well I see them having this conversation. And it’s always interesting to me, right? Because it’s a completely opposite perspective of the same situation that I’m listening to some interested don’t always agree. But I find myself starting to be like, Oh, this is kind of a good feeling. I like this. Yes, but But the thing is, is 25 seconds into it. I can already feel myself. Okay, this is fun now it’s not so fun. I’m uncomfortable. Now I gotta get the fuck out of here. And I always find myself bolting out of that conversation.

I never felt that way whenever we talk. I never feel that way.

Because I’m really good at lying.

He can handle one, but two he feels outnumbered.

But I think that’s a, you know, to put this in a sales perspective, that happens to us, right? We can be a chameleon for a minute and the further away from where you’re naturally set. It’s tough.

Let me push this at you. But if there’s a greater rewards for staying. Oh, yeah. So again, it comes down to this is a bullshit conversation. I’m leaving because there’s no no economic value. But if you’re sitting with two clients that hold the keys to the kingdom, and they’re both S’s, what’s Clint doing?

Oh, I’m being an S all day. I mean…

What does this mean for your team if we’re able to work together?

I mean, absolutely.

Clint’s leaning in, thank you for asking. So nurturing, I feel so connected to this process.

You don’t think I haven’t said that stuff? It might not have been the right tone.

But they bought it anyway.

You don’t think I can’t be sympathetic to this shit? You don’t think I got damn empathy? Yeah, I mean, but in all seriousness, but in all seriousness, you know, I think that we all kind of can come, we can become other people for a little bit.

You have to, right, I mean, or else you’re going to fall flat on such a huge percentage of the time.

One of the things that I want to make sure that we’re clear about its don’t I think I’ve said this quite a few times, but don’t give up your strengths because you’re trying to be somebody else. That’s not what I’m saying at all. But the way you communicate it is what we’re talking about, right? Oh, yeah. You know, I’ve got a strength of being direct. I can be direct to an S and not offend the S. If I say it like I would to another D, conversation is over.

So I picked up a new client and they’re like a very high I, right? And so we’re talking about process and CRM and why it’s important and everything else. And he’s talking about how man he’s like I can get in any door and get in any office and then like, I don’t have any follow up, and I was like, Okay, fine. And so I started laying out kind of like what I do and, and mean it because I’ve been kind of in work mode earlier that morning. It was probably a little bit more C-ish than it should have been, you know, and I just look up and I’m like, What do you think and you just like, the eyes are completely glazed over and I was like, man, I completely last year and he was like, a little bit. What’s the first step? And I was like, okay, you know, the first step is like, we need to kind of talk about how you sell, you know.

But you did recognize that and that’s the important nugget out of that conversation.

Yeah, but he was three weeks in when he lifted his head, he’s like, well do we go back, we go back to January 14, it’s now the 7th.

And then phase 17 A

Okay, in all honesty, that throws me off. Like if we’re going and you’re like, Hey, I’m like I got the paragraph, move down to the next big letter, right, the one in crayon to the left. We go to B after A, right?

I mean, I’m with ya.

I said 17 A, and Clint looked like he wanted to flip the table. He was already over it. And it was like an anecdotal bad story.

Well let me guess you got seven tabs on the spreadsheet.

Okay, thank you for that. I mean, at a certain point, I’m glad you do it. I’m so glad you did. That’s when I looked down. I say, I have your cell number, right. This makes me like, speed dial, bro.

I mean, you got to build your team that way. There’s nothing more you know, when I when I go to one of my team members and I say Look, that’s a hard word for me to say team member.

Why? Like, the member part of it because you’re 12?

It’s like communism, right. We’re all right. Yeah, I don’t know. Let me just you know, you can’t inspire me by being above me.

Like in my brain it’s hard to be like oh we’re all this big lovey dovey relationship.

It’s not lovey dovey, I guarantee under you.

Got under her skin.

She’s like you can’t fake this.

But, the thing is,

You cold bastard.

Like when I, when I go to that C and I say, and somebody asked me, Hey, where’s this information? And I’m like, well I gotta go talk to that guy, right? Thank god he’s a C right and think, thank god he’s tracked it and made spreadsheets with color coordinate and all that stuff because I don’t do that, you know, mines in a notebook in the stack of notebooks over there or in my head.

We have an example of that that happened just this week, right? Nan’s out with a client, guy that we really needs, you know, he’s gonna make some money in we’re gonna make some money with him and go ahead and tell the story.

When I called you? Yeah, I had a busy week. Didn’t know what you were talking about. Little more information. Yeah. So I was all prepared. You know, I had all my notes, like I love notes and thought this whole thing through. Went in for a meeting that we totally had already talked about, had the whole agenda. I go in, and he’s like, brings up all this random stuff. And I’m like, all right. Let me get Al on the phone, which I have never had to do that, or wanted to do that. But it worked out really well. I think you have to pull in other people I and I think we’re going to do an episode talking about how a team needs all different aspects. You can’t just have all D’s, you’re gonna fail. So I get on the phone, you know, on the speaker, and I knew I knew the surgeon and it was weird. I mean, it felt a little weird, but it turned out great, actually, because we were able to do the bad cop, good cop thing and I think that’s really important.

But let me let me add some color to this. So Nan calls me? And I don’t know, right? I mean, this guy wants some numbers. And I understand numbers. I could tell him codes, things, things that are relative to this the sales process, but our C, who was, you know, runs the show. He didn’t even want you pointing at him without crying was out of the office. So then now I had to go into the I stall tactic of Yeah, absolutely. Doc, we want to get that together for you.

Good question, I’m so glad you asked.

Exactly. We just went…

I get I think people overuse that good question to kind of merge to the next thought, you know.

Oh, I overuse it, for sure.

But we ended up

I appreciate you sharing that.

making that work. And on Monday, we’ll deliver the data because we’ll pull it off because you know, we have it but it’s just not in my department. So from a team perspective, I don’t want to overreach and when I go in and ask them to move this column over here. That column over there. Hey, that looks great. That’s what he asked for. Boom, it’s back in the sand. So anyway, As part of the

it is really important, basically

discussion of how do you deal with things that you’re not so you know, capable of or you don’t have the resources? Yeah. Then you’ve got to have a team that can bring them to you. I mean, this is, guys, this is how the whole world works. Nobody does everything really, really well.

That’s pretty important.

And so I go in and I’d flip a light switch and the lights come on, and I’m like, every day, we should all go wow, right?

You’re welcome.

Because there’s some dude who makes electricity, I don’t even know him! And it shows up as long as I paid the bill. And that so when the lights don’t come on, I’m like, did that guy die? Or did I forget to pay the bill? The potentials there, right.

Well, saying so this is probably a topic for another day, but you know, talking about that thing, so you’re bringing it up because well, because I’m I’m bored. I’m hyping future episodes.

Oh, okay. Oh, foreshadowing exactly right. Yeah. Tale of Two Cities.

Leaving the hyping to doc.

You know, how do you sell it when when your back of the house can’t deliver or if you have doubts about their ability to deliver, right because…

Do you care?

I do a lot.

I know you do, do I care that though?

No, you don’t care because you’re going to figure it out after the job.

What’s a greater importance that you sell something or that you take care of the the situation of the people’s feelings?

But I feel like your wording that very intentionally to like, walk me into a bear trap now.

Do you do sugar or PCP?

For me, I you know, because someone Someone was like asking me this the other day, you know, we’re sitting down, we’re having coffee and he and he said, I don’t know if the people that I’m selling for can actually do the things that they’re like telling me that I should go out and talk about Okay, and that’s rough. I couldn’t, I would hate that.

Okay, so in my industry, if I’m selling something, I want to know how it breaks. I want to know the weakest link in the process. Because there there’s Ground Zero that screws all this up. But if this group has ground zero here, it’s a bit pretty similar ground zero over here, too. Yeah, when you agree, I agree that everybody has a potential to F something up.

I’d like an example. But like, what makes you even have that fear?

Well, I don’t have that fear. I mean, I mean, I know.

Oh, it’s on yours. Clint, I apologize. No, I know what I ran over.

He can be S squared.

But it’s kind of an interesting idea, right? Because like, I don’t think that I could work for a company if I had doubts. I wouldn’t want to go sell. I wouldn’t want to go have conversations and like kind of put myself out there as, hey, you should buy this from us. And here’s why and have have an actual pitch.

That’s where I’s come in.

Exactly. Well, trust me, don’t worry about that. I’ll take care of you.

No, you guys know, I don’t sell that way.

Now truly whenever I was when the surgeon was like, What about this? And I literally had never even looked into that. And so I thought, well, let me call Al. I wasn’t, gosh, I hope Al has the answer I knew that Al with he’s very good at even if he didn’t have the answer, I knew he would know how to handle it. So that was really, I think that’s really important to trust the people you’re working with. Know they’re the parameter.

Somebody’s gonna have your back or you’re just out there by yourself. Yeah, absolutely. And it’s, if you don’t, and when I say have your back, I mean, there has to be a team effort, where if you’re not working with all the resources, you need to be successful, well, then you’re not gonna be successful. Leave that company go to another one that gives you the tools that you need. And if it’s poor manufacturing, if it’s poor installation, if these are key factors, you’re going to consistantly fail because you’re selling something that people are just not going to be happy with. And that’s a life of misery. In my opinion, I agree. Because there are a lot of fine companies out there that you can sell for. So if you have a skill set, you’re a walking job. Go someplace else, quit with the bucket of misery. Unless you’re the bucket of misery blaming a very good process, then screw you, you’ll go one place after another until you burn all the bridges and you have to leave the entire industry for another one, and you’ll burn and again,

And I can tell you, I think that person that does that, where he’s got 50 not talking about you John. Yeah, it’s got 50 things on this job resume, right. That guy, if he would just learn personalities a little, just a little bit, who he is and who he’s operating around, because that’s usually what makes it miserable, right? I can’t get along at this company. Ah, F these people and you bounce right? You don’t get ever give it a chance and And it’s to me it’s never truly about the skill sets because most good companies out there will give you a chance they they train you they give you some setup. It’s what you do with it right? You say it all the time you fire yourself right? I don’t fire anybody.

Well, but what these guys are really good at the ones that are bouncers is getting just to where they should grind it out and they go, they get there and then the cracks start to occur and but they bail. But but their guys with some some bravado, so they take the well I did this here and they start jumping and start pecking at any phone call they’ve had they’re calling back real quick because this is cratering.

Well, and you know, to me that’s work ethic and laziness, right. That’s one side of it. The other side of it, you just can’t operate around other personalities.

I think it’s the ownership stuff, right? Because I think that there’s a layer to the whole DISC thing right to where if you are confident and are self aware, confident in you and you take ownership over the things that go wrong, right because it’s super easy to like, cast blame on oh my company sucks.

All personalities have to do that to be successful.

Get on your blog board about any industry you know yeah and you can see it in health care and and it’s hater hater hater hater. But hold on guys, we know you. Running around town, we know who you are, you cannot hide because we figure it out because you’ll want to connect enough dots because you’re a player. So you want to, you know, patch in who you know and how you are an opinion, which why your opinion should count. And then if you’re on the backside, you just discount the shit out of that.

Yeah, I mean, I’ve I’ve worked with plenty of guys, especially in the Marine Corps, that are those high corner D’s and they just burn relationships all day long and nobody wants to be around him right? And I’ve probably been that guy a few times.

For what reason?

It’s just natural, right? Like you just kind of puking out your natural self and not giving a shit about any consequences or anything and not realizing that other people aren’t accepting into what you’re doing right? And you don’t know that because you don’t understand anybody else. But the step one of that is, you don’t know you’re you don’t know yourself, you’re not aware. And I talked about that a ton is like a just a complete dickhead D or a douchebag D, right? And I look at that guy, and I think, man, you got all the right tools, you got everything you need to be as successful as you want to be. You’ve got strengths that it could take other people and this goes for all of us. It would take people 40 years of self awareness and trying to dig talking about the girl that sits in her car and won’t go talk to the front desk, front desk girl because she’s scared to death. Like those fears, meet all these personalities have those strengths inside of you. And until you know what they are and learn how to harness it all. I mean, you’re just a miserable bucket of failure walking around.

Do you think that in the military, there’s a lot of people who are like trying to be a D because they feel like they’re supposed to be?

Yeah, which is crazy. I mean, It’s absolutely a ridiculous thing to think. But yeah, it is kind of pushed. I think you know that you got to be this big, tough guy. And then that just happens to like, want to coincide with a D, which is stupid.

But you’re also a Marine which, out of respect, I was in the Navy. I mean you guys have this persona. I mean globally, meaning globally of toughness.

And we use it?

That’s true. But my father in law was a, my ex father in law was a Marine. And he, he was super he, he, he was a D. But he also talked a lot about the teamwork that the Marines tell.

The Brotherhood, the Marines, you could not, I couldn’t say. I would say the same thing. I talked about it all the time. You know, I look at them as family you know, if I had compassion and empathy for anything in the world, that would be those guys. You know, but yeah, I think they pushed that. I think they push that.

But, but Coca Cola pushes an image, you know, Nike pushes the image, the Marine Corps has every right to push that image and then people emulate, right. You put Nikes on, am I in trouble for using labels. Okay, thank you. I’m new to all this stuff. So, you know, to, to make people better by that right, you know, you know, dress better, feel better, act better.

You know, it’s at the end of the day, it’s marketing.

Well, but also at the end of the day, it’s the process because I can tell you so let me paint this scenario.

That’s what sucked me into wanting to go to the Marine Corps was that marketing structure of, I want to be that fucking guy.

The sword on the commercial?

I’m thinking of the guy that popped out of the water?

Okay, good. Let me let me actually just run you down this radius. Yeah, I am for just a second. So you take a kid who’s 18, 19 years old, right. He came from from anywhere in the United States, pcik good, bad or otherwise. You bring him in. And you put him through boot camp. And there’s three of us that have been through boot camp here, right? And then you take that 18, 19 Now, maybe he’s 20. And you send him overseas and you give him a gun, and you tell him to walk up a very, very dark street and decide what happens next. You know, that’s a big process that has some really stellar results.


And by the way, I mean, I’ve been in boot camp, the parking lot. I’m kidding.

Yeah, you know, I was, I was thinking in my head, where would I label and I do this a lot. Maybe we all do a little bit more. When I think about DISC. I instantly go to movie characters right? Where would I put these people at? And I think to like Wyatt Earp that Kurt Russell played in Tombstone, right? Where’s that guy at? Boom, I instantly want to throw him in the corner D. But then you start, then you start dissecting that a little bit if you know anything about the movie, he’s a pretty compassionate guy. He’s a lover. You know, he actually tries to not fight all the time. But that’s where we go this he’s the squinty eyed tough guy that’s silent, you throw him in a corner that he’s actually not in. Right. So it’s misjudge a character. And, you know, like a Johnny Ringo. That’s a he’s the crazy guy that you know, I put him in the he’s the dumb ass D. Right. Yeah. And he’s foolish, and he’s got all the strengths. He’s a badass gun fighter but he’s not self aware and he thinks everybody should conform to him. So he’s the dumb ass you know, unaware guy.

I think wider is much more of like a like a D/I. Probably, like way more closer to the line, you know, whereas like doc Holly Doc Holliday in that in that movie, specifically the way that they portray him as much more of a like an I.

Thrives off his own, he thrives off his own, you know, caricature? Absolutely. But that’s what I was thinking in my head is, you know, maybe to help understand some DISC kind of go through that in your head of what you portray.

Or pick a movie and think about characters you really like.

me I can’t watch it. I can’t watch anything or have a conversation with anybody without running DISC through my head constantly.

Melissa hates it because I come home and I’m like, man, I was talking with this D today and she’s like, Is it important? You know, I mean, I mean, a year ago should be like, Is it important that I know that they’re a D? And I’m like when I tell you how they phrase their questioning to me, you’re going to be offended for me. So yes, it’s important that you know that.

Building family empathy through DISC. You know who I am therefore, you know what they were doing to me because they work versus who I am. Guys, don’t take it that serious. Relax a minute.

I will say that, you know, Even my wife when I, when I started talking about DISC a lot, she, she actually wanted to know what she was. And so she took the test and she was what we thought she was.

But so this is how it’s done. You girl. Me man. Me man.

Clint just walked over got a beer out of the fridge and sat down. That’s how your house runs right? Cook faster. No, I’ve met your wife. She’s a very, very good woman to put up with you.

Oh, yeah, no doubt. But she you know, she wanted to know more about it and and then you can kind of start seeing our relationship get better communication-wise just because of that. I mean, it works in all walks of life and to notice the three personalities and my children, you know, between the three and you know, that’s not a D. You know, that’s a super S that oh, god I’m gonna be screwed when she’s a teenager.

Is that your middle child?

Yeah, yeah. She’s, no, no. Sorry, that’s my oldest oldest, the middle is probably super I.

Oh, yeah, they’re all sweethearts.

The boy’s just like corner D.

Is he?

Oh, oh yeah, I’m trying so but the thing is, is knowing all that information, I think I can help shape them a whole lot better and help you know.

For sure.

So I’m excited about you know, and I get excited about those situations where like when it comes to discipline and discipline them all three differently. I give them all props differently, you know, it’s just it’s

in my business we just started and John can attest to this. All new applicants have to take a DISC assessment. And you know, you know, we have to front a little bit of money to do these assessments. It’s not horrible, but we’ve been under two hires off of the DISC assessments thus far. I’ve, Melissa, not your Melissa but my office manager. She’s she Kind of filled her and kind of walked her through a bunch of this stuff. We are now three months with one of our new employees. And she’s amazing, she fit in. And I had to decide which employee I was gonna hire. And we hired her based off of her DISC profile. I never met her. Melissa did the interview. She knew the specifics of the position and what she really needed and one, and it has been a great fit, because we knew where she was coming from, what her communication skills, all the above.

So that’s really, that’s really interesting, because, you know, I think about maybe 10 years ago, I took my first psychological test, you know, to hand into

And they let you out? When I mean how many years did that cost you? John, that’s what I was afraid of. Do a jujitsu crawl right around my chair through the stranglehold is what I want to see right after that.

I wadded up that straight jacket and threw it at them.

It’s in a ditch somewhere, that’s why you drive how fast every time you go some place. It’s all beginning to fit my man. Like if there’s a pattern

If I could go 130, I’d go 130.

As fast as it goes, but I took one of those, is that a speed?

And it was all job related to how I fit in to do that one particular job. Yeah, right. And that’s great. That’s a part. Yeah, that’s a,

So many assessments for hiring for sure.

Yeah. And that’s what most people are geared towards too. Right? As they have you take this and they go analyze and they tell you, okay, well, you’re a fit for this job this role, but you’re not quite a fit for that role. But what about the people that I’m surrounded with every day? How do I fit in that? Yeah, so I qualified for the role fantastically, but then I come on board and everybody alienates me because our personalities don’t match.

No, we took that into consideration with the DISC.

No, that’s what I’m saying. Oh, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

I’m sorry. I thought, it’s helpful in my opinion.

People qualified people for the role but they don’t qualify for the personalities absolutely right and that’s why DISC is such a good key.

And there’s a level of DISC to where to where you can do an entire team assessment to figure out like where you guys are going to like struggle and get along and everything else but a lot of people only do the individual assessment.

Well because I had Melissa do it first so I knew what approach she,

What’d she come back as?


C/S. Okay that makes sense yeah. I thought she was more of a D honestly.

She’s got to swing up towards D, but…

To keep you corralled. Yeah,

Well I’m like that’s a little fishing line I throw, she’s above

That’s just a pissed off C?

That’s true. That’s true.

And there’s nothing worse than a pissed off C in my opinion.

When a C knows their stuff, they come across very D-ish.

But I think it’s funny and they anchor really hard, like it’s the Alamo over there. Whereas you and I can say look, we could butt heads all day long. Why are we doing this? You go pee in that corner.

We usually laugh at the end of it at some point.

I have blown up so many deals because I’m like, No, you were wrong about this one individual thing and I have the facts to back it up and let’s go look at it.

John. I love you. We could have a jet airplane if you weren’t such a dick.

I know, that’s true. That’s true.

Stop that man.

He’s working on it.

Hey, compared to compared to work compared to when I work for you I’m I’m pretty I’m pretty easygoing these days. Absolutely. And it’s funny because Al and I knew each other in Kung Fu.

So you’re saying you got humbled when he fired you?

No, they, I didn’t fire anybody guys, I don’t need to.

I quit.

In my game, you’re not making any money and you’re seeing people bank and it’s just just not a good fit. I mean, you’re bad. And not not in this industry. Because if you got to medical sales, you got some savvy because it scares the shit out of most people anyway, right? Not Hold on, climbing up on roofs, roofing, sales. All that comes, scares the shit out of Me. Yeah, I’m just saying.

Everybody has different fears.

Yeah, for sure. So, so I left and started working with Geof and then I would see Al periodically at the kung fu school. And then finally one time he comes up and he was like, man, where was where was this version of you when you were working for me? And I was like, Well, when I wasn’t there, I couldn’t, I couldn’t get to it, you know? And, you know, that’s kind of how we got you to here and all this stuff.

Right? Because, you know, it’s not where you start, it’s where you finish, right? And that’s a cliche, I get it, guys, I’m full of those sometimes. But, um,

But I think it’s it but it’s totally true statement. The thing is, with assessing all the personalities, especially with the people that are surrounding you, or if you’re a salesperson in the sales room, the end game can come a lot faster. And I mean, like, speed it up light years ahead. You know, the goal that you’re trying to achieve. If you just pay attention a little bit.

If you’re aware of yourself, you’re aware of others.

Shut up for two seconds and just listen. Or in your case, do the opposite. Yeah, you know,

yeah. Don’t don’t overload somebody the facts and don’t be so attached to like, I’m right and you’re wrong. And I…

Or just don’t, don’t be scared to take a chance and say something right? Like, because it goes both ways.

It’s hard for me.

You need to learn how to say, you’re really stupid, but I like you. So

I just think that about people.

I knew it, you’re really stupid, but man, your a means to an end. You’re like a ground beef that goes in tacos. You’re like, you’re part of this process in my world.

Well, Clint talks about, I do this eye thing apparently, whenever I’m thinking about something.

I’m pretty sure I could whip your ass at poker.

See, but here’s the deal. You know.

I mean, John’s a good poker player. Maybe not.

Right? You can tell that I’m thinking, you don’t know what I’m thinking. Let’s go bro. Live on on our YouTube channel that no one’s going to watch. Okay.

Okay. Yeah, like, like when I see that on TV like professional poker, I’m like, seriously? And I don’t even watch TV. But I’m like, how does that even?

Right, so let’s get back on track because we have been all over the place, right?

Is that surprising?

Yeah, it does. Interesting.

He likes to win.

But watching poker? I mean, I’m like I

Every time right?

Like painting the wall.

Everybody aroudn the half round table that wins. I put myself in their shoes. Like that felt good. That would be me if I was there. I always win at the poker when I’m not playing.

Do you ever sleep? I mean, see, you’re always watching stuff and doing stuff. I’m like, do you ever sleep?

He’s a Marine. Marines sleep when they’re dead.

Like, how many hours a night do you sleep?

Yeah, I think we all know the truth.

I mean, I’m horizontal for probably 8. You know what I mean? Sorry. I go bed and just don’t always shut her down.

So I think we’ve pretty well encapsulated what makes up a C, right? Very fact driven. And task driven, right? I logic numbers. You know, we want to know the rules of the box right before we start. And that sometimes means that as a salesperson, if you switch industries, or if you switch companies, you’re going to you’re going to be you’re going to elongate that ramp up cycle, because you were thinking, I don’t know, enough, right? I don’t know enough about the competition or the offering or any of these things, and you want to check all those boxes before you start. I’m here to tell you that that does not serve you you’ve got to just like kinda, and that’s hard for me, right? But you kind of got to get out there and you got to be okay doing some of the I stuff of like, Hey, you might have some questions I don’t have answers to.

Let me throw you a nugget there. Yeah, go ahead. If you’re a C out there and you’re thinking along those lines, just put that whole thing in your spreadsheet of how how much quicker you would be to the to the win, if you could encapsulate what we’re talking about. Right now you put it a part of your process and your formula.

Well, so so my nugget for that is just set an expectation that you don’t know everything. Right? Hey, you might have some questions that, that I don’t have the answers to, is it okay, if I get back to you? And they’re of course gonna say yes. Absolutely. And then I feel okay.

I just naturally do that. You naturally do that. Yeah,

you guys do that just like willy nilly and like, and you don’t even express it and you just expect everyone to go along with it and be okay with it.

And you have a problem with it. And people go along with that statement. Oh, yeah, I hate it. They’re good with it. Now. Now. What? I’m a dumb ass. Excuse me. I gotta make a phone call. Are you okay with that? And I’ll get back with you.

Once I say it, and there’s an expectation and it’s clearly communicated that I’m fine. I don’t feel any pressure anymore.

But always my relief valve I they I it gives me comfort to be able to say, you know I don’t know that. That’s on you.

But I’s are so, they’re so good at being able to say those statements. without anybody in the, and they always laugh, right. I you know, I’m a dumb fuck, I don’t know that shit. And you laugh at it? Or is it when I say that? It’s like, why is he in the room? He’s like, I’m done. There’s that there’s a tactic man of knowing what you got in the in the tool chest.

So let’s talk I’s, right. I mean, I think we just did. Well, a little bit more, because we want to recap, you guys can…

I get that.

You guys can like get into a conversation with anybody, right? Everybody wants to be around you.

But we still live in this little DISC inside the DISC, right? There’re guys who definitely can engage better than I can or ever probably will be. You know, I tend to slide a little sort of D because I run a company and so sometimes I get caught up with what’s the best approach instead of just running with scissors and poking everybody’s eyes out, right? Yeah. So I’m, there’s that little DISC inside of a DISC that we all have to be aware of. But yeah, go ahead with

I mean, I mean, those are the big things right? And in the in the downside of that is, the more I you are, the more in that corner you are, the more you have this need to be liked, right? And that becomes problematic in sales because then it’s like, well, I don’t know that I can set a frame because it’s going to feel manipulative. So I’m not going to do that, but everything’s going to be okay. Or I’m not gonna talk about money because it’s uncomfortable and I’m not supposed to and you’re not gonna like me if I do, right. And there’s where

And there’s where, yeah, you just, you, man or girl up on on knowing that that’s weak for you, you know, that’s hard to do. But if you can, that’s your limbic system, that’s your emotions, but cortically you figure out how it’s like people who fight addictions, every day, they have to make a decision to be sober. You have to make a decision as an I to be strong and to be tough and to emulate things that don’t really feel good to you to get the job done. And then when you go home, you know, you can go back to your natural state. That’s what it’s talking about these caves that you come out, you come out and you have to be stronger than you really want to and it’s tough, I mean it I do it every day.

Especially in a sales role. Arguably more than anything else.

I mean most like I had two of my sales guys are high corner I’s. I mean, and their conversations when they come back from a meeting is it feels great man they are, dude they love us they’re going to use this I can’t wait to do this job with them. That’s their perception what happened the meeting and my natural reaction is okay what are the facts were the details right? Oh, I don’t know. I didn’t get any of that shit. But it feels good. We’re gonna go golfing next Thursday.

You slide so C and I don’t even think you realize it.

No, of course I do. I because I’m because I’m dealing with something that, well, I think you do in business but

You need to fire those two guys because they need to be able to slide into, here’s what went well because how I chop it down because again that’s that inside that DISC. I come back inzone dances money on the table right money in my bank account for payroll which will be due this week.

But that’s the D in you, right, if you lived as an I all the time…

Have you seen me though? Make it rain! I got a lot of that me too and that is stupid as hell. But it’s fun but I’ll continue to do it.

In that team role like when you’re asking those questions you got to be able to ask those guys those questions in a certain way and then be able to teach that guy to, hey next time. You know, I need these I need these nuggets. You know, what?

He’s like, but weren’t we going drinking because it’s amazing.

I got one boss, you didn’t hear me correctly.

You’re not feeling me? Let’s drink!

Right We will we will celebrate seven times and we still won’t

Your carpets worn out, too because they’re doing, look at me, look at me!

Bro, you had one phone call.

Hey, look, there’s there’s a reason there’s concrete down there.

Yeah, You so it’s so important how you verbalize to them. You know, you can’t just go Oh, man, you know, yeah, you want to.

You know better? I do. There’s a big Oh, wow. You know, let me put a little two characters you go put it on your desk and then

Back to the DISC. That’s why it’s so important to know…

I was gonna say, it’s even more important with me to you, right? If you come back and you say, look, I have a really good feeling, we connected, we’re on a spiritual level. If you said those words to me, that’s great. Right? But, you know. We do have a defibulator. But let me tell you, it’s taken me a long time to respond to that statement, whereas before, I’d be like, so you didn’t get shit. Right? That would that would be my natural reaction. And now it’s more like okay, that’s great. You know, maybe next time when you connect spiritually…

When you make them hold their hands out and I’m gonna put this in this hand, and this in this hand.

Now when you leave the room, I might bash my head off the concrete wall.

Here’s a piece of my scalp because it’s in this hand, and my head hurts.

At the same time. Like, I probably do the same thing. Like, look, this guy’s badass Dude, this is a badass company. We are badass together. You know? Like, those are my words. It’s like, okay, but can we do any business together? You guys just gonna go run off…

And you’re out of breath when you walk to the car.

Because the thing is, is that I’s and D’s are both like driven, right? So you show up with without the facts that I’m looking for. You’re like, Bro, I got it. I got it. Don’t worry about it. I was in the room when it happened.

I promise you my gravestone will say that. I got this? Hold my beer. Watch this. I got it.

Right because because you guys share that major trait of gut driven. You’re gonna look you’re gonna jump off the cliff right which is why there’s so many entrepreneurs and guys who run businesses and stuff like this who are I’s and D’s because you’re like, I trust myself, I can be the positive impact on this situation. I’m going to make it work even without a plan. Right?

And there’s another component,

Without a plan, that’s so true.

you know, four fingers going back to you. Sorry. There’s a line right here do not come across it. But the thought that I was trying to get to until I was so rudely interrupted was that on the sense of failure on the sense of failure we take it the same way and

You guys take it harder because it’s so much more of a personal affront.

Oh it is! And for different reasons like me a meltdown like is exactly and I’m like, cuz Nan’s seen me like go Are you kidding? I don’t like to fail.

Yeah, was it to me, no, it wasn’t to me.

But about how I get agitated about

But not as much as him. Well, I’m sorry. No, no, it hits you harder than it hits the D because the D’s like he’s gonna go, you know what, fuck that guy. He doesn’t know what he’s doing, I’m on to the next one.

He doesn’t even exist. Why do I care? Exactly.

Exactly. Whereas the I’s like, this guy doesn’t like me?

I’m like, fuck this guy if he doesn’t like me, but the combination is I’m like, I take it personally, and this guy goes, man, another another, I’ll eat some more glass and I’m like, I’m tired of this shit.

That literally happened. I’m not gonna go into details, but that literally happened. That’s why it’s so vital because I knew him. And so I was like, all right, calm down and left the room

I was in the fetal position.

You should have been because it was that bad, but and then I was able to after he had his little temper tantrum.

He was taken by the vapors.

And then he calmed down and you can talk to him.

John, did I tell you how much I like you, man. Don’t go down those roads. Is it on the spreadsheet? John, thank you.

I will I will give you plus one on my spreadsheet later on that I

I was literally thinking how we would all jump out of an airplane with the chutes on and what we would all think right before we jumped off. Little D, I, S, and C? So John’s jumping out like, you know what I got all my ducks in a row I packed that chute like four or five times, and I’ve went over everything there’s nothing that could possibly go wrong. I’ve read seven books, right I’ve read sseven books, I know how to do this. I went to training four times before I got in the plane. Oh, so right like all that’s run through your head.

And I’m still gonna go last because I want to see how you guys all do it. exactly right.

Exactly, right. Snd then the S over here is going to strap it on. She’s gonna like do her cross thing and pray to God and then she’s gonna jump and it’s all in the Lord’s hands.

But she wants to jump with the rest of us. Sure.

It’s all going to be a team effort. Right? And then doc is gonna like slam a beer, throw it out the plane, strap it on,

And he’ll be naked.

Because I’m thinking if it doesn’t open, his did and I think that I can fly over and grab it.

The level of hope that’s in there. Then, you know, for me, it’s like, I hope I hope that guy that I paid to pack my chute doesn’t fucking hate me?

And you’ve got your gun ready? And you’re like, Man it’s coming quick. I’m doing this myself.

Like, I turn around and look at that fucking guy like, I’ll see you.

I will be back.

It’s funny because this guy that that I follow and you follow, Jocko Willink, you know he talks about on this podcast that that he’s like you know when you’re on the plane and they’re giving you the safety briefing and everything else. He’s like, I never think I’m going to die. He’s like, he’s like, I look around and I’m like, Okay, everyone else is gonna die and I’m gonna make it and I’m like, That’s such a D trait.

If somebody planted a bomb right here, somehow I’m gonna be floating through the air. Everybody else is gonna be like, I’m still gonna get a second chance like tying my pant legs in a knot and hopefully it helps as a parachute. Yeah.

So, so along that with I’s right when they when they manage you, right, and you’re working under an I, something you have to be aware about is they

Like to drink.

that will, a lot of them like to drink but they’re they’ve got extreme ranges of emotional range. Absolutely.

My staff has learned a long time ago.

The good days are super good and the bad days are super bad and I’s are known for making for like overinflating everything. Like everything is like really great and we’re gonna crush or like oh my god we’re going to shut it down kind of thing you know? So, but it never last very long right I’s don’t stay mad at people.

I was gonna say there’s the nice thing it changes like, you know, open the door. whereas me

Whereas me, I got a list. I’m like, Oh, this guy did me wrong once I know we’re just gonna put this over here, you know.

Also known as a serial killer.

John’s like at a desk. He turns the paper and shows you how many exits he’s given you like he’s like, not complete and just spins around and you have to walk on, come back another day, right? You’re not good enough.

Yeah and S’s don’t really have that big range right it’s just it’s even when it’s down, it’s positive Yeah. When it’s great, it’s positive. When it’s down, we’re gonna get through this together.

But they can be like passive agressive.

Oh, for sure they can absolutely, well no just just general right, they hold on to stuff.

They can, they can,

Because they pack it away.

I was gonna say, I only see that in S’s when you back them into a corner right and I think every person out there

Or they don’t like you, cuz they feel threatened by you.

That’s what I’m saying, everybody that gets backed into a corner has their pretty typical reaction so I can’t even really

Hey dickhead, How are you? Don’t you hit me today, do not hit me, you’re gonna get arrested again. You’re gonna get arrested again. Don’t hit me, cuz you never kill me, you just like

Wow. So yeah, so S’s are known for being kind of like stamp collectors, right? They kind of hold on to this stuff because they don’t want to address it because they don’t love conflict. You know, with my girlfriend is an S. I’m like, Hey, what’s wrong? Nothing. I know that tone. It’s not nothing. You just don’t want to talk about it yet.

The fact that you said nothing means something.

Exactly. So yeah, no, I’m fine.

But the fact that you push it and don’t understand, she just needs to…

Oh, I do better now. I’m like, I’m like,

But I was gonna say, don’t be a dick. Practice what you preach, practice what you preach.

Yeah, well, I’m, you know, I mean, I’ve been with Melissa for 16 years, right? And I’ve only been on this path for about six.

I think she’s been with you for 16 years, bud.

No, absolutely. I completely out-punted my coverage. I will admit that. But, you know, for the first before I started learning about DISC, it was just like me trying to pressure her to be like me, right? And she’s in she’s an S/C, you know, with a little bit of social anxiety and that doesn’t really like crowds or people or anything else. And so pointing that out, you know, she knows it. She owns it, you know, she she tells people like, hey, look, I’m gonna tell you yes, but on the day of I might cancel, right? I mean, she gets it now. And that’s awesome because now there’s just like this expectation. So but um, you know, for the first you know, the majority of our relationship was me trying to make her be like me, which was like not fair and kind of a crappy thing to do and then I started learn about this stuff and I’m like, oh wait a minute.

To speak to that, Nan’s an S, right. And she runs accounts that are very lucrative to our business. She has taught finance to them, she takes spreadsheets and she knows who to call. So she’s got a team backing her when when she has to talk about things that are uncomfortable a lot of times with the client. Yeah, like hey, you know, this is…

She does that now. Right beginning beginning, you probably didn’t do that.

You didn’t feel comfortable to do it. Yeah. Because, because…

Alright you religious zealots? You’re a sinner, no redemption?

I think I

I’m just saying, you

I don’t know, if I’ve been, I know that sounds weird for an S to say. I think I’ve always just been really tough. I think I just have a different mentality. Even when I very first started in pharmaceuticals, I was just tough, you know.

Here’s what Nan is, she’s pragmatic. It’s like actually at the core right part of its because of her faith. That’s a whole nother layer to the onion. But that pragmatic attitude allows her to weather the storm, right? And not ever I lose my shit. You want to hurt somebody and you’re just crunching numbers like a bit like, there’s a reason here, there’s a reason here.

I put on my little green visor and I get out my little

there’s a real reason here. I don’t know it Yeah, but I’m working. And the ships just like sinking. Right? And so where Nan’s just swimming, she’s just swimming, she’s just swimming.

That’s fair. And you know, Don’t get the wrong idea. If you’re listening to this, you know, if if there’s not any one bad compartment, right? There’s not a bad section to this thing right in when you start to paint it with that brush, that’s when you start to get in trouble. Like when you’re, when you’re selling with your manager.

Does any adult wake up and not realize that there’s, there’s, there’s lousy, there’s good, there’s better, right? And that we all exist in that realm. I didn’t do this so well, I could have done this better. Wow, I actually did a good job, within every one of us.

Think about how many salespeople you know who were doing a terrible job but like can’t accept any ownership about the fact that it’s them.

I love that because they go job to job and we’re all so much better. We gotta have that man. Some of you guys are gonna have to fail out there. All right. Balance in the universe.

I don’t, I don’t think that way.

I do. I need failure to grow.

Everyone has failed failure.

Okay, so So yeah, I agree that like failing makes you stronger and stuff like that. But I don’t have this to some people. I don’t have this, this outlook of limitations that I have to win. So therefore you have to fail because I think there’s enough business for everybody.

That’s a whole different.

Yeah. That’s not where I was going with that. I’m like, but if you keep owning the, you know, lying to yourself. That’s on you and you just get to get what you get. Yeah, I mean, I mean, I mean, Christians talk about, I mean, you got to open your eyes guys, even in a secular sense. You’ve got to evolve. You will not be the same person you started as.

I mean, I wouldn’t be here if I if I was the same guy five years ago and I or seven years ago now,

Everyone, I don’t think literally Is there anyone?

Damn sure know I wouldn’t be.

Yeah, you you do you have a glitch? And you go, that was

Exactly, I mean, we all know that pathway. We just have to recognize it and be okay with your station where you’re at and start to, you know, you know, cuz sometimes frustration just prevents you from going forward. Oh, yeah. You’re so frustrated with where you are that it just hold you down like glue.

Or it makes you jump ship, and you are screwed out of a potential. Something that could have been grand, but you’ve left it you know? Sure. I’m sorry.

I don’t know why you’d be sorry.

Well, you’re about to say something. What were you gonna say.

And she so rudely as an S does, interrupted, was like not til I’m finished, stop.

But I think that a lot of people get stuck in failure because they don’t know how to move forward. Right? And so maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s because I’m in a in the D category, but I always look at somebody that has done it right. You know, and when I fail, I think, okay, I break all that down. How did he get through? How did they or she or she or they, how did that group get through it? And I break all that down, and I’m, and then me being me, I’m going to go train and work on that not in front of everybody, you know, I’m going to go back on my own personal time and analyze all that data and I’m going to put it together and then the next time I try it, I know that I’ve got a winning package now. And if it fails again, I reassess and I go again.

So but what happens though, when you’re when you’re not as aware of of the D versus all these other traits, right? Because because it…

You think that you’re not the reason you failed was not your fault. That’s a very unaware high corner D is, it failed, well, it couldn’t have been me. Be me, dude. I’m the I’m the reason that we got as far as we did. I mean, that’s a very high corner D statement, that’s unaware. And I’ve thought that many, many times, still do naturally. But I know better to say, okay, you know, now I need to assess the stuff and get back. I don’t know that we need to do a Throwdown, we can.

I don’t know. We’ve been just going pretty deep. I think. I don’t know that. We need to do a throwdown. I don’t either. Yeah, we’re getting we’re getting the head shake from from producer Paul, who’s the real boss. So TeamP. So yeah, so let’s, let’s wrap this up. So, I mean, I don’t I don’t even know how to do a wrap up without a Throwdown. I feel so out of place. So yeah, so this was kind of just going over the segments and you know, we didn’t go as deep into the I don’t think but you know, if you if you if you listen to a couple of episodes and you can’t figure out,

He’s pretty in your face. So yeah, he sees it a little easier sometimes to figure out.

Sure, absolutely. I mean, I think that

As you’re running from there’s an indication he’s a D, and you’re just a big ol wuss. Right, which would be me, I’m the poster child.

So, yeah, I think that the whole this thing, you can break it down in quadrants, you can do all this stuff. Everybody has some different layers and they fit in some and you adapt and others and you see what you like, you go after that. You see what you don’t like in yourself and you change it, but the point of it all is is to be aware of all walks of life. Yeah. And how to adapt to that or don’t and if you don’t, probably shouldn’t be in sales, right. And to put that in perspective here, if you’re not willing to…

Towards a short stint, and then it’s on to leadership or something like that. Pretend that you were salesman, so alright…

I mean, but

well, you know, when I was down…

And I think that change is probably a bad word because you’re not trying to change it. Just adapt is a good word, you know, adapt to your environment that you’re in at that present time. And you can’t do that if you don’t know what the environment holds, right?

Yeah. So it’s a relationship. If you’re in sales, your leadership in a relationship, you need to, you’re gonna do better. To simplify it, you’re gonna do better if you know what, who you’re dealing with, and who you are. I mean, you don’t go in blindly into relationships and an into sales.

If you go to the rain forest, and then all sudden rains and you’re unprepared. It’s like, well, no shit dumbass, you’re here in the rain forest. You know, like, bring a fucking raincoat? Exactly, you gotta adapt. So I like it.

I had a client that I’ve been working with for about a year, you know, just kind of like he brings on new people and stuff. And so finally he was tired of like turnover. And so whenever we first started talking together, I said, hey, look, you know, you should check out these assessments if you’re if you’re trying to grow sales team, you know, You know yourself and you know, the people that you’re trying to hire. It’s like no man.

How big a company?

They’re, they do about I think, I think like 15 k in revenue, it’s a team of about seven, they do marketing.

And it’s a month right?

Well, yeah, a month. Yeah. So and, and so he was like, Oh, no, these these are too expensive. And and so he went did a free one for himself. I said, Okay. And he kept hiring people and wasn’t going and wasn’t going, going, huh. And so, then I said, I said, Look, you know, he’s like, I can’t figure this out. And I was like, Well look, why don’t you let me kind of help you know, we’ll do these assessments and everything else. And he had done one of the free ones online, you know, and so then whenever I showed him like the full assessment that you get after like, going through this thing, it’s like 37 pages, he was like, Why didn’t you tell me there was all this stuff in here? Right super D. And I was like, dude, I told you, you didn’t want to spend the money. And he was like, Well, I’m never not doing this ever again. And I was kind of like Okay, cool.

And even yourself you know, as a as a business owner of a couple different things. You You’ve done that you’ve made that mistake before. Oh, yeah. You know, we had that conversation, we’re gonna have a conversation. Like, Hey, man, we fucking preaching every day and you’re not, you know, you’re not doing that one thing that might be the missing key. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But I’d start there, oh for sure. Yeah. And so I mean, like,

We need to do an episode on accountability, you know, how you hold yourself accountable? Yeah, I’m totally down for that. So anyway, just throwing it out there. So I think we’re all I want as much to say,

If, if, if you’ve been listening, and you don’t know where you are on this scale, or maybe you’ve taken a free one or whatever, but you think there’s more to it. Send us an email assessment@salesthrowdown.com, we can get you hooked up. If you’re sharing this or if you listen to this and you know someone else in sales and they’re struggling, share this with them, like no one’s got to be out there by themselves. If you leave a review, we will read it on the show give you a shout out, because that’s how we grow. That’s how we get better. So thanks a lot for listening everybody. Have a good night. Thank you.