Episode 53: There Are No Shortcuts in Sales

Episode 53 - SalesThrowdown


Welcome to the show, everybody. Sales Throwdown. We are still in our respective homes. Clint is down in Houston, in somewhat in the middle of a hurricane. So if he dips out, it’s because of weather and not because we pissed him off. So with that being said, we could totally try to piss off Clint. And today we’re talking about shortcuts right, um, you know, easy buttons and workarounds and things like this and sales. And Clint has had some unique exposure to this rather recently. So why don’t you pick it, Clint, up from there?

Yeah, so You know, one of the things that is a common occurrence in at least my industry and maybe a little bit everybody’s is, you know, there’s always somebody out there trying to sell you this program or this, you know, this book, and if you do these 10 steps or the sales program, and if you do these, and if you follow this, or you buy our program that cost, you know, $10,000 a year, you will sell, you know, everything that you could ever want to sell. And, and there’s, there’s a morsel of truth in this, some of it, right? They’re templates, they’re guidelines, they’re tracking tools, they’re, they’re not bad programs, but they’re not an easy button to sell what you do, they, they don’t make magical things appear, and you can spend a lot of money and you can go down a lot of rabbit holes and they just get you nowhere, right. And so that’s kind of what we were talking about is is is really making sure that you vet those out because I’m here to tell you if there was an easy button, everybody Everybody that was a sales manager or CEO or president would would invest in those easy buttons. And I promise you, they’re just not there.

Yeah, I mean, I can speak to some of that in the sense that I’ve spent money thinking, A, this is going to shorten a particular process. And either just, you know, either they don’t fit the way they were described, or they don’t produce the way that they were intended. Right. And so you start seeing the cracks in somebody else’s one size fits all, versus just some of the basics right? That we all hate doing sometimes or that we stumble with struggle with, find a million other things to do. Other than, you know, get on that phone, get into a conversation with somebody or set a meeting, get out to the coffee shop or get into that office or have them come to your office. However, all this occurs in your world. You know, a lot of that is is driven by what you want to see an outcome. Right? B. And that’s really hard to gauge for you know, even for people that are in the same business how you go about doing your business. So yeah.

So yeah. And that that for me the reason this came up was in to speak particular to it, it was it was lead generation, right? This these companies want to sell you all these leads and then you go, you know, but if you buy our software, I’m going to give you 100 leads a day and and you’re going to be the best selling you know, person in construction. The fact is that you’re right, you are going to give me 100 leads a day what I do with those hundred leads a day is very much so on me and whether I can handle the bandwidth, what do you do with them? Do you do you shoot them a cold call or an email and hope that it picks up? My guess is not because you have no relationship, you don’t know the guy’s first name until you saw in an email. That’s not what we’re here to do, guys, and the And so buying all that stuff, even though you have like for my business, you give me 600 jobs to bid. Well, that’s great. I’m giving everybody free consulting and a number. But I didn’t develop any relationships. I didn’t go through conversations. Is the project even real? Or is this guy selling me a scam? You know? So that’s, that’s just me personally, that’s where I that’s where I’m finding myself having to deal with some of that stuff right now.

Yeah, I think ultimately, um, you can look at all the different programs that are out there. And I think initially, the first thing you’ve got to do is know who you are, build your confidence. Prior to us today starting to record, Al was talking about some of these companies, big companies, having confidence in him to go out and sell that they’re just like, here, you know, go sell for us. Well, the reason is not even have it has nothing to do with them. It has everything to do with his confidence level. I mean, he’s very confident, he knows who he is. He knows how to talk to people based on his what’s going on. We I mean, we talk about it all the time. But what’s your mindset? If you are confident in who you are, you know who you are? I think you’re, that’s the first step to success. I and I think you can look at all of us and I think we’re all pretty confident.

I was gonna say that’s probably a trait that all four of us have, I think our own wheelhouse, you know, coming from the wheel, right?

Because I think that’s, as I said, initially, you have to work on knowing who you are and building that confidence in yourself because if you’re you know, mamby pamby about something or you’ve lacked total confidence, and everyone doesn’t just naturally have that. I think probably the four of us do, but I don’t think if you if you don’t have that naturally, I think that is something that you can create you can figure out who you are and and what’s important to you I you know you need to know that. I believe that so strongly I don’t know if the the guys do but I think

I agree with you pretty strongly on that, Nan. I will tell you where I find this a lot of this is driven from the subject that we’re talking about today is is from the C corner right because they live in the more “I don’t want to talk to people” worlds and I know John is taking this as an insult but I’m not.

John’s taking this to heart.

but so so I say I say

I don’t listen anything Clint says.

Oh, that’s false. That is false. I do say this a lot in my company is like we are not an accounting company that does HVAC, or an HVAC company that has an accounting department. And is there’s a lot of truth that right because those guys want to they would love to sell from a spreadsheet it would make the make the world right. So When they, it’s really easy for them to push those ideas on me of, Hey, we have this program, why don’t we buy this program? It’s because that doesn’t work. Right? That is you, there’s a reason that you have forced personalities. And there’s a reason that you do one and an Al does another, you know.

Because I’ll point, here’s where I have a problem with just what you described selling off a spreadsheet. Because when you fuck up a spreadsheet, you just go change the number, but out in the field, you got a whole line of domino effect from that number being off, they’d have to SAS, change the specs, call in material that you didn’t have, or you’ve got access, you got to figure out where to push it. It becomes so little digit head with your dm number on the sheet. Yeah. How far down the line is that guy usually thinking about the correctness or, or the variants of that number, and what the impact that has down the road?

Yeah, I mean, so you know, in my business engineer and engineer screws up a design, and we have that engineer on staff, I need about 17 eyes full blown eyes to go repair the one number that he screwed up on the spreadsheet. That’s just how it is. And that’s why we have, that’s why we have different multiple, you know, multiple personalities in the office. I mean, that’s, that’s the whole point to this show. And everything else that we do is, that’s why personality driven stuff is so important.

Yes. And it’s your personality that drives whatever your success is or whatever your failure is, because we all have our Achilles heel, right? Yeah, meaning that I drag on I mean, I try to hide all the bullshit that doesn’t work in my world, right? And really focus in on on the wins that I’m having, so that I can go back and stomach the things that I didn’t do so well and re hash those out. So you know, life’s a balancing game, you got to balance it between your own ears. Make sure it makes sense, but then look at your bank account, because numbers do Count, and be able to record some revenue that you then take back into your personal life that should hopefully ease the wounds of being in the battle. You know, and

I agree. I mean, I know that I know, John. And I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but you know, I have probably 25, 30 books that are geared towards selling right there with a wide range of topics. And I’ve skimmed through most of them, read a couple and it’s just kind of like, you know, you know, there’s some good points in there. I can read every hundred words and be like, Okay, I get what you’re saying. But you got to remember that a human being wrote that book, right? These aren’t these are ideas, these aren’t facts that if they were facts, everybody would buy your book, and that’s the only book we need in the world to do selling right but there’s a reason there’s hundreds of them out there is because they all work for different people and different personalities wrote the book that you’re reading, so you know, it’s just one of the things It comes up constantly when somebody hands me a book and says, Oh my gosh, you gotta read this and I look at it and I can tell right away by the picture on the back it’s like I’m not gonna like this guy maybe all I need is to say this book’s horseshit, okay, but that’s it that’s me.

So you’re not judging it by the cover you’re judging it by the back cover? Is that what’s happening right here?

In the 10 words you read through the different sections.

Okay, so it’s not done that to Clint, we’ve already identified this in previous podcasts that if you tell a D especially if it’s Clint, and this I’m surprised he didn’t just rip it like phonebook right there in front of the person cuz you hate that.

Well the thing is, is like if you tell me that these are if you read my book you will sell and I get on the first page and I find one flaw the whole book shit after that, right I’m done with it. There is no more book.

But could It also be said that you’re building a self fulfilling prophecy that like you’re, you’re approaching the same with, with any reason to pick it apart. So of course nothing is going to work because you’re not actively like actually doing these things.

No, I agree. That’s why that’s why I said that’s, that’s what I do right and stop, right. I’m not saying, I’m just describing me as a person. But yeah, but that’s the thing, right is if you can, if you if you are like me, and you can get past all the flaws of the book and find one or two things, it’s only helpful. I’m not saying, right, you can always pick out some things to load your toolbox with. But it’s not law. You cannot read that book and become this, this perfect sales guy.

So hold on, though, right? I mean, okay.

Ah, ha, tell us So, say it. Hold on, preach it brother.

I’m trying to I’m trying to think about the best way to say this, because I don’t think that anybody’s making that claim, right. I don’t think that like anybody is saying You have to say it exactly this way. What they’re saying is, hey, you need to be doing this fundamentally important thing, right? You know, call it framing, you know, or setting expectations or in Sandler world it’s called an upfront contract. It’s called different things depending upon who you follow. Basically same. It’s all basically the same thing. Right? But like, we all know that framing right and setting expectations around a sales conversation to make sure that like, we’re on the same page is important.

Agreed. But here’s my hang up with it is that your you spent and I know personally and professionally, you spent a ton of time figuring that statement, our own world. A lot of time, it gets you where you could say that. I don’t think on day one. When you went to sales training that you just had that that comment figured out? Oh, no, it’s a long time. So that’s what I’m saying is they’re speaking to the guy that’s started sales conversations or started a sales job today. He can’t go get a book and figure it out. They’re all just templates and guidelines. That’s all I’m saying.

But but but hold on. So like as a counterpoint, what you’re talking about a second ago is that you have to go be an I to fix problems. Right? Like No,

No, I just said that’s what I do. They’re are a whole lot better at it than me and you, John, fantastic attitude. It just seems in the the sweetheart in the in the party boy to say, I know we screwed up. But let’s go have a drink about it. Like that’s easier to do.

But hold on. Somebody just said something and see the Clint or John who said, you know, you can’t will it well, then you couldn’t this can be scripted. And I disagree. I write scripts for myself all the time. So only as a template to least get my mind to like you’re going to like you’re going to do a public speaking, right? So you write that shit out. Right? So you get all your thoughts on paper. Then you rearrange it and say, well, let’s take this paragraph up here because it probably makes sense to me. reject this if he says that right and have that. And so you build these little micros in your mind, right? That when he clicks this, this is this is micro I’m pulling. And so I love it’s scripted, but you got to get to the point where it doesn’t feel scripted that you’ve said it enough times to you know what’s D3 or you know what’s this? Hey boom boom boom you guys can probably do that a ton yourselves.

I’m gonna hire Al to be my my business development person because that’s what I’m doing for these people who don’t have salespeople is I’m as I’m giving them these frameworks and the technology and the speaking points and stuff like that. So that way they can go out and hit the ground running faster as opposed to let’s go burn this conversation and burn this conversation.

In the decade exactly the decade getting to where we’re at. 100%

I go ahead. I’ve said I’ve been saying it the whole time. These are templates exactly what you just said. doc. Framework, use these books as templates and and you build your knowledge.

Yeah. Okay, that’s where I was going with this. Sorry, I’m old.

All my, all of my point is is that you cannot go out there and buy a golden ticket or swallow up. No. Okay, the guy.

Yeah, but you just said that you’ve got 20 books there, right? I’ve got this I’ve got the same if not maybe even more. And if I don’t

You gotta have more.

Yeah, I got, I got him beat. I know I do. But if I grab one thing out of that one book, right, and it helps me build a sales script, or set this would up what I’ve already done, right all the time we’ve already spent in it. Wow, there’s a goal. There’s a nugget there. And I write that down. Sometimes I’ll even say it’s an and I’m like, I got to remember to say that right? Because it’s just wow, why reinvent the wheel if that thing is like, you know, the Cadillac four wheel drive of sales conversations. That’s what I want to be riding in. Cuz I’m riding with Biden.

I was wondering was wondering if that was going to make an appearance

Work it. That’s what I’m saying, work it into the conversation, baby, work it into the conversation.

Okay, so let’s go back to something you talked about a second ago that I have a I have a huge problem with you know, you you made a comment about you.

You meaning me? Okay.

Yeah. That you said you just look at the bank account, right? How long from the day that you sell a screw or a plate or something else like that to one of these surgeons.

30 days.

30 days, 30 days to get paid.

And I know what I’m getting paid because it’s an institutional thing, right? I got a price list. I charged this. I know what it costs. I know when I’m getting paid.

So, so realistically, you

Except when the hospital that went out of business that owed me a half a million dollars. Yeah, no, I know. Yeah.

So there are some lags in this process of just looking at the checkbook.

Oh, yeah. And I, hold on, if and when it lags to half a million dollars. News is ya ain’t fucking getting it. It’s gone.

So You’re telling me that there’s not a data point you can be looking at like a little bit earlier than that checking account that like says oh hey I’m on the right track or Hey, I might be telling myself a story.

Number of surgeries, products sold, you know, Nan how many units did Nan sell this this month? Sure. No, no, I got a bunch of units and I can do all the math on that. But you know what’s super special is just looking at that bank account right there.

For sure. Right there. Sure. Here’s the deal. I’m not saying that like anybody should not like relish when they win, right and go spend and buy whatever you want and everything else like this have have good spending habits please.

Do that already. Don’t sit on the cash, cash is king. In times like this.

But what I’m saying though, is that is that you can build up a huge bank account, right? And then your your to the end of the month in the end, maybe not so much in your in your industry because these doctors want to use your stuff and they have to To to get paid themselves, right. But in what I do in kind of in some areas of what Clint does, it’s kind of not as not as clearly defined, right? Oh, yeah, John, this looks awesome. But I think we’re gonna wait a little bit. So then what happens? Is that get Where are you going? Yeah, you’re exactly right. You need a KPI, right or a data point that you’re looking to that says, Okay, I’m on the right track based upon the fact that I do this every week, every month and I hit payroll consistently.

No, you’re right. So I do have people who crunch numbers so that when I go call for the books, or I’m looking at the you know, what our projected revenue for, you know, I and I, I’ll be honest with you, I sort of get lazy because I’m paying my bills and money’s in the bank. I do a look back instead of a look forward. So yeah, those are just one of my horrible habits of looking down and going, Oh, crap, we spent a lot of money. Now what are we waiting on to come in. So I balanced that because of poor habits on my side of the fence, so sure.

And for me, like the KPIs become even more important when you’re when you’re entering that complacency zone of just like, ah, I’ll be good. No, you won’t. Because if you take a break, stuff starts to fall apart, right? Like, like, you know, especially in like a relational type of sale and stuff like this, like you got to stay in front of them and you know, you got to be constantly growing, because nobody wants to be attached to like one one piece of business because I’ve done this right after after hearing all the horror stories about everybody else doing it, like I lost a piece of business there during all this it was paying me like 12 k a month, right? So, you know, you get you get a little comfortable, you get a little complacent, you take your foot off the gas a little bit. And to me that’s why the KPIs are so so important because it’s I can’t take my foot off the gas because it still got to heat. I still got to meet this metric, because I’m not wired to go seek that out. This is a default. So it’s kind of like I got to hit this goal. I got to hit this goal. I got to hit this goal.

Yeah, no, um, you know that that…

Yeah, I don’t, to me, to me personally, John? Yeah, so you know, one of the what you’re talking about to, you know, stay on stay on a little bit of topic here of not having a, you know, like an easy button or buying one thing and making it work. Yeah, you know, CRM is a prime example of that to me where somebody sells you a CRM tool, and they say, hey, if you’ll use this, you’ll be the best sales company out there, right? And that’s not true because CRMs are data in data out right for sure via CRM, and you let it sit on your desktop and you’ve never opened the program. It doesn’t do anything for you. What you put into that what you look at how you set all your KPIs within that CRM is everything right? Whether you do 10 steps or 100. In it, but but but hear me out, right is it is not a sales tool. You can’t or it’s not a sales winning ticket. It’s not a well, it’s everything. I’m sorry, go get you there. It’ll get you there, right. It can help You fast track to get there. And that’s more of the message that these things need to be right.

But But here’s the deal, right? We also know that if you just stop eating candy, you lose weight, right? If you stopped drinking alcohol, you lose weight, but none but moderation is not sexy, right? So it does not sell it is not incredibly marketable. So everyone needs bigger, faster and more improved. And the features and benefits of most salespeople sell on in their conversations. What I am here to tell you is that if we put your stuff into a pipeline, and I make you look at it every single day, you are going to improve, right, depending upon how seriously you take it and what kind of situation you are in your your mileage is gonna vary. But if I make you look at this tool every day, and we haven’t built to like, like kind of map out your process and stuff, you will start you’re gonna start to notice when you’re anxious and when you’re selling badly versus when you’re feeling you know, in abundance and that things are going smoothly and stuff like that, because you’ve got this tool, it’s right here in front of you. The thing the things that we look at and the things that we measure and manage are the things and improve.

So then, then here’s what you need to do with some of the, cuz I know you sell across a broad range of products, right? So you need to do some rebranding right, because you need to be saying, hey Al, we’ve got some great products out here. We have our cocaine line, we’ve got our heroin line, we’ve got our, you know, crystal meth,

Dude, are you trying to get me raided on like a, like a Saturday at five o’clock, what is going on?

So no, when you said it gets a little monotonous or boring, or whatever, I think that that is part of the problem with some of this stuff that that the grind is boring, man. It’s sometimes it’s hard. So you know, it’s waking up and get on the phone or wake up and get to the office or waking but if you’re not waking up saying, I gotta damn well eat this week, and I want to eat good. And if you don’t have that motivation to use these tools to sharpen who you are in sales, you need to go find something else to do, right because it’s When I go into places and I see people, they’re good salespeople, too. I sell against some of the best salespeople you’ve ever met and Nan will agree with this. They have their little quirkiness. But man, they’re knocking on doors, they will come and sell in front of you, you can stay in right there and your competition will walk up to a surgeon you’re doing business with and hijack the conversation. You’re like, seriously, I’m gonna, but it’s the it’s just that’s the way it rolls.

So So let me ask you this question. Because looking back on the on the industry now, after after doing all the training and the work that I’ve done, I would argue that most of the people that I met while I was working with you are not really great salespeople. They’re great at like, bullshitting and maintaining relationships with people.

I disagree that there’s the guys that live that now maybe if they’re just doing servicing a case or something like that, but no I disagree. You’re gonna find people. They will Get up early, stay late, you know, they come in sometimes hung over, you know, and you know, everybody chats it up. So you kind of know, you know what’s going on outside the game. But when they’re in there, you know, there’s a handful of critiques I could give to them, but by and large, I look at my competition and I like who they are. I usually like what they’re saying to their docs, you know, to the docs. And yeah, I mean, I can’t fault them for trying their game and putting their spin on their product.

Sure, I’m not. So let’s make sure we’re talking about the same thing, right? I’m talking about like, because like, like and maybe this is colored by like how I view things but like I’m thinking about a like, like a high performing salesperson who can really have a pretty clear glimpse of like, what they’re going to be doing from like a monthly and annual revenue number right there. They’ve got stuff going on, they’re constantly trying to expand because if you’re if you’re only with one surgeon, you could lose that surgeon you know, and stuff like that. So, so really like, like working myth, methodically to, you know, continue to grow and stuff like this. Whereas the people that I met in that industry were not that right. It was just like, cool. I’ve got one doctor, let me do everything I can to like hold on to this relationships that way not to get another one because it’s really difficult. and stuff like that. So

Well, part of that is it’s hard to be two places at one time when you’re just one rep, right? Sure. So I guess maybe I’m talking about guys who own similar businesses, right? And so I see the the way they treat their staff, I see the way they interact with doctors, and I see them in on some of the sales calls. Now those guys do one or two things, right. You excel at the bottom level as you come up, either go to a corporate route, and you’re a regional vice president, a bunch of guys like me that you’re talking to and get in product, or you go out sort on your own and you sit in charge of your own game. And you know, the lazy spot in my business is about 250 a year. Right? And then there are plenty of people who make that and it’s not Out of bad income and you know, you can generate some some nice things for your family and yourself. Now, a lot of times, yeah, you’re hanging on and you’re you got your one doc and, you know, as long as they get stays alive, you know, again, it’s it’s, you know, definitely multiple pathways to being successful in this arena.

Yeah, I mean and I think that’s to be said for like any arena right I mean yeah there’s no real one way to like skin any one of these cats right to use the popular thing because you know, you might you might go the marketing route and really invest in some good marketing and depending upon your like industry and vertical that might make a lot of sense right. But there’s there’s some situations right and I’m kind of coming to realize this that the people that I can have the biggest impact with are like people like in Clint’s industry or people like in Al’s industry, right. And so by focusing on these, like agency owners who are working in tech already, their their natural skill set around tech is going to be higher than some other people not for better or for worse, but like that’s just the environment that they’re in So for those people, I gotta be operating in that last 20%, like at the very top end of like what I can do for them to have like a light on moment, which is what I’m going for when I’m working with a client. Whereas if I can work with somebody who is not in tech already, so they might not be, you know, looking at this stuff, you know, as a way to track and everything else, like when I show them what we can do in a CRM, it’s almost revelatory for them, because I’m like, Oh, you know, tracking and, you know, getting getting notifications about like, what you need to be doing and stuff like that. That way, nothing falls through the cracks. So I’m kind of shifting my market a little bit to more of the, the the not as tech savvy crew. But you can do it any way you want it.

And I think that, you know, everybody out there that’s listening to this, you you have to figure out what your process is and what accoutrements you need to stay at your highest level of performance at your high. None of this replaces you. And I think there’s the fallacy, right? Is that well, if I get this, like you said, I got a magic bullet or I got I got, you know, I’ve got something that does the work for me. No, no, no, no, these are storage devices. These are communication devices, these are these are accoutrements to that face that you have to put out there on a regular basis. Yeah. And sometimes, you know, I don’t give a shit What’s your feeling? Like you got to be on your A game to win an account. Well, if that’s the day, you know that something else is in your way. That’s on you. Right? Yeah. You know, if you’re mad at the wife for you drank too much last night, or you just didn’t didn’t spend time that’s on you. So own that and get better at that portion of the process.

I mean, it’s so important. I mean, talking about the easy button. Again, I go back to I think knowing you, knowing your words, and watching your actions That’s just what Al just said. But, you know, don’t just think that you’re going to go out, as Clint said also that you’re going to go out, read this book, follow those instructions, and there you go, you’re going to be successful. You know, they’re, it. They’re all pretty similar. And I do think you need, again, I’m going to just reiterate, just know who you are. Know, the words you’re going to use. Words are huge, and action are huge.

Okay, let me, let me add to that you have to, you have to actually press your emotional intelligence, right? Because I think anytime you can bring emotion to the game, right? Then facts and figures and everything that you’re talking about. You bring them to life with your words and your emotions, right. And I shouldn’t answer that because maybe somebody’s saying wrong out there. So that’s part of emotional intelligence, right? Don’t answer other people’s questions. So where I’m going With this is take that in think about because whenever you think about a CRM, that’s why I threw in the cocaine, you know, I’m like, how do you jazz that up? Right? Well, you name it something different. When you wake up, right, and you’re not on your game, you got to put some emotion behind that and get yourself into a different state than you woke up with. Yeah, because nobody gives a shit if you’re having a bad day, guys. If you’re having a bad day, guess what you’re not gonna sell? Don’t have them. Don’t have em.

Yeah, that is so true. Whenever I’m you know, I don’t want to belabor it. But, you know, I can tell you so many times, I’ll see other sales reps. And, you know, they’re like, you know, the docs like How you doing, man, I just had a really crappy day or you know, they’ll they’ll just whine and I’m just sitting there going, you’re an idiot. Like literally, you do not do that. I don’t care if you’re having the worst day. You are having a great day. You You, you know you don’t want to lie. I know that you’re like, oh, because you’re supposed to just go in and fake it. No, you just go in with a good attitude. I mean, attitude, again, is everything. You have to have a good attitude people don’t want to buy from a whiny person. They’re not going to go ahead, Al.

Oh, I was gonna say, all you have to do is go get in front of a gatekeeper. They’re gonna they have such a shittier day than everybody everyday, right. All you got to do to improve your status is go crank open an office store. I don’t care if you’re selling anything. Don’t just walk in there. Like you’re going to go Hey, how’s your day? Oh, you know, and it just starts right? So there you go, guys. That’s how important are unimportant whether you’re having a good day or a bad day is right. Go tell how poorly your day is going to the next gatekeeper. Right? She could give a shit. She wants to tell you about hers. She will Tell You About hers which he does not care about yours, so stow it, leave it in the trunk. Come on.

What are you thinking about over there? Clint? You’ve been quiet.

No, no, listen, it’s all good points. Yeah.

Awesome. Clint is sippin, he’s Saturday, sipping.

Saturday sipping. I was, I’m out.

Right out of the, right out of the mason jar. Right.

Right out of the pan. You can take the boy off the farm.

That’s old school right there.

Well, like honestly, guys, that’s 30 minutes. And that’s probably as solid a place to leave it as we could come up with right. Does anybody have anything else to add? I mean, I agree. We want to go around, Clint, you have anything else? All right. All right, guys. So let’s call it here.

I think we hit all the points.

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. So if you are in sales and you’re struggling, the first thing you need to do is you need to find out who you are and how you communicate and find out some of the blind spots he might not even know Realizing that are right there in front of you, reach out to us DISC@salesthrowdown.com, we can run you through one of these assessments. If you want, we can hop on a call and go over it with you get some advice about like, how to make sure you’re looking at this stuff. If you know somebody else in sales, please share this with them. We don’t have to make it harder. Any coaching and help in just reinforcement is hugely valuable. And if you’re watching on YouTube, please like and subscribe. If you would leave us a review on iTunes, that would probably be the best thing you could do for us right now. So we read every one we share them with each other, and it would be a huge help. So we’ll see you guys next week. Thanks so much. Have a great day.