Episode 66: Should Your Personal Beliefs Affect Your Selling?


What is up everybody? Sales Throwdown, we are back, we are still working from home, as are most people. And we are talking about how much of your personal belief do you bring into your sales process? Right? We’re in the middle of an election season. There’s a lot of division, how much of that you carry in? How much do you talk about? What do you avoid? And yeah, and you know, Clint, you were talking about a project? You know, do you want to catch us up on that?

Yeah, sure. I mean, I feel like everything we talked about here, from, for my sake, is always about churches. You know, I just remember, recently, I got an invite, and a phone call from a customer that said, Hey, you know, we’re building this church, we have four or five in Dallas Fort Worth, we want to build one in Houston. And I said, that’s great. You know, what, uh, you know, what are you guys looking to do? They tell me about the building, they tell me about the mechanical system. And I said, Okay, well, you know, just for my reference, what what is the, you know, so I can write it down? What, what’s the project called, who’s the who’s the owner, who’s the architect, whatever. And as soon as I mentioned the name of the church, I kept the conversation going, but but deep down inside of me, it hit me in the gut of, wow, I don’t believe in any of what you guys believe in. And as a, as a person, as a human being, it’s hard for me to continue the talks on this deal. But as a businessman, I want to build a church, you know, so So, you know, it raises a good question. And I don’t know that there’s a right answer or a wrong answer, because I’d probably be you know, if you, if I shut the deal down today, because of my personal beliefs, I would feel okay with that. If I kept going and made a good business deal with the church I don’t believe in, I also, as a businessman feel good with this. So I don’t think there’s any right or wrong answer here. But I’m curious to see, you know, what the what everybody thinks about this, right?

Yeah, Nan. What are your thoughts?

Well, of course you go to her first.

Well, as someone who is very outspoken spiritual on the show, right, I’m curious as to as to what she would do. I mean, I think I know the answer, but I’m still curious.

Okay, so I want to say so many things, but I’m going to go directly to what Clint just spoke of, um, so I would feel compelled to go ahead and take the job. And because the building is going to get built, no matter what, right, but if you’re there, and I feel like I can, I think you can, I think you can be a positive influence in that project. So I would go in with into that project. Do it, be positive. You know, I’m not saying you’re going to change him. I’m definitely not saying that. But and I would interject at times through kindness, care, honesty, my beliefs, you know, I think that that you could do that, you know. So the first thing that popped in my head, and of course, a lot of things, because it happens a lot. I’ve a lot of people know, I love Jesus Christ. I mean, he’s number one in my life, right? So, um, the thing that I’m never the one of the biggest things that happened was I was in surgery. The team knew this about me, just because we had worked together for a long time. And the team being the surgeon, the PA, a bunch of the people, well, practically everyone in the in the room knew that I was a Christian, and a Christ follower, I should say. And my son was in the room at the time, and he’s very protective, you know, as sons are. And someone asked me a question about my beliefs. And if I wouldn’t have been professionally in that room, I would have said, Well, I would have really stated how I felt about it. But I was very, you know, limited with what I said, being respectful that I’m just a vendor in there, right. Number one, and then also, um, I don’t think, I think as a Christ follower, I’m supposed to be Christ like, and he didn’t stuff himself down people’s throats. He said he was kind honest, and he lived out his life. That way. Not forcing people. So you’re not gonna, you’re not going to change them. Right, you’re not going to go in and go, Okay, I hate your beliefs, you know, but you’re going to be you are going to be involved in the project. So why not be a good influence in that way. And that’s really leaving out a lot of other stuff I want to say, I don’t know. To the point that when I was in that room, numerous things were said, very common sending one was, I wouldn’t have a Bible in my house, if you paid me. And you know, just that kind of stuff intentionally to try to goat me. And my son was just looking at me like, Oh, my gosh, what’s my mom gonna say, you know, and I was, like, I said, Nothing. Because as I say all the time, it’s so important to you are a master of your unspoken word. And you are a slave to your spoken I mean, to your to, to your spoken word. So your wisdom will tell you when you should speak when you shouldn’t speak, you know, I mean, you’re an amazing man, plant. My goodness, you, this is easy, do it. It’s a project. That’s what we all we all need work. You’re not building an abortion clinic now there I would, I would go out.

And I was actually going to go there next because, you know, I thought that was almost too easy question after hearing your response. And instead of abortion clinic, since we’re talking, you know, the debates are tonight, elections coming up in a few weeks. Let’s talk about this, you’re on one side of the fence, your political candidate, you know, enemy, so to speak, wants to build a a fundraiser clinic or a, you know, a spot that he can spread his team out in your city and you build buildings for a living like myself, or you put you know, air conditioning systems in? How far does your political reach go into your professional life? How far does your personal belief go into your professional life that, hey, I don’t support these people in the least, how can I build them a headquarters? Right?

Can I say something, really quick? I feel like it’s really important something is you said, you just said that the other person is an enemy. That is a huge, like, you don’t really think that okay? They, if you want to be successful in life, much less, you know, of course, in business, too, you know, you can’t see people as enemies. You You have to see people as they’re different. And how are we going to get along? And I know it sounds simplistic and maybe mamby pamby, but it’s ridiculous for us to look at people like that, you know, like, I’ll listen to some of these people right now in this whole political thing going on. And I just go what? You know, I guess, I

I mean, give an example of what you mean by cite an example, when you say you listen to people, and then you say, what, what does that look like? What did they say?

Oh, I don’t want, okay, there’s a show that I don’t even want to listen to, right. I mean, now, there’s a million examples, actually, that there is a show with four women on it. And the entire show the rhetoric on that show is just hate. Like, they’re not trying to, they’re complaining that Trump can I even think that Trump is is trying to pull is is discriminating and vulgar and tweeting and I’m and you know, how much they hate him. And I’m going…

Well, could it be because he said grab women by you know what I mean with that? Is that really,

and I will tell you, to most mom, I know, I know probably. Let’s say I know 1000 men, there’s probably 10 men that I haven’t heard comments like that.

My point that’s not germane. You said he’s vulgar. They’re upset about it for women, would, would four women sit by your old grab a woman by her whatever.

Stephen Heron grappling is okay. For the other side, I guess.

But saying it shouldn’t these should not be it’s, it’s crazy to me to base your opinion on someone because of a statement you heard them say one time and if you are that shallow that you want to hate someone or call them your enemy or whatever, based off of the stuff . I mean, you’re just gonna hate everybody. I mean, come on.

How many statements do we have to have before we can use the word I really dislike that individual and I don’t think their somebody I want to associate.

So So can I

That’s different than what I’m saying. Totally. Okay.

I do. I do want to say that you know, this. This can bring up some heated arguments amongst all walks of life, I believe, because I think we all have our we all have our cliff, right? We all have our, our, our button that we can push, and really fire. And it goes, you’re hearing right now from one side of the spectrum, which is Nan, right, and you’re hearing myself on the other, which is, you know, fight till the death type of mentality. They’re both not wrong and they’re both not right.

Exactly. I mean, how irritating am I to Clint and Al, I mean to John and Al, I mean, that’s probably a little irritating.

I think I think is a, I think as a business owner, and in sales as salesperson. We all we talked about this a lot, maybe not in this capacity, but it fits. You have to do business, in the sense that you feel is good business. I mean, I truly believe that, if you if you really feel I mean, if you feel that this is not the right business move for you, personally, professionally, I think you have to walk away from the deal, because you’ll never be totally bought into satisfying the situation, as a salesperson. Whether you’re right or wrong in the decision that you make, trust me, if you don’t do right by the customer, and don’t do what you need to do as a salesperson for your company, because of some politically driven or religious, you know, religiously driven stuff. That’s a failure in itself. So I think if you’re believe in it, and you’re bought into it into the sale or the deal, you know, go for it, but you got to be in in the moment that you’re not, get the hell out. I really believe that.

Okay, so I, I wake up, I’m a sales guy today and I walk in, and I’m supposed to press my value system into this equation. I don’t know if

But that’s the point. It’s, it’s freedom, right? You don’t have to what agreed? What I’m saying is at the moment that it doesn’t feel comfortable for you, but you make the deal anyway, you will never be bought into taking care of the situation. So you need to get our ass out of that.

But I’ve done business with people from all walks of life over the years. And what I really enjoy is when I find somebody who has a different point of view, right? So now there’s this engagement.

That works for you. Right, that works for you in that situation, that doesn’t work for all personalities, right? So that’s why I think that’s very personality driven.

Well, but I disagree. Because if I walk in, and somebody’s got to be exactly like me, for me to do business with them, and they got to align with me politically, and they got to have the 2.5 kids and that Yeah, yeah, I’ve got it. If I’m looking for similarities, I’m probably excluding a lot of business models at that point.

And that would that would make you a, you know, maybe less or more successful salesman, depending on how you look at it? Well, I would, I would say that if it makes you feel uncomfortable, and you’re never going to be bought into getting the work done, and you’re never going to be bought into the deal to actually go to work every day and get it done that then you need to not do the deal, because well, the people out there that need to do that.

How often does that happen? Yeah. Well, I don’t think that should ever happen.

I guess say that

There’s a so so there’s, there’s kind of a situation that I think most of us have heard about, right, with slightly off topic, but you know, with a gay couple with the wedding cake, you know, you know, situation. And, you know, I I don’t think that should be a thing I don’t think you should care about about the genders of people who were who were coming in asking for a cake, but I but I also kind of agree with Clint, right? If you just have some stance that that precludes you from being able to do this work and do it well. I don’t want you to do it at all.

Okay, that’s a great example. Well,

Ideally, ideally I’d rather I’d rather more people not be closed minded to the idea that you can love whoever you want.

But the conversation probably needs to go somewhat like I’m probably not a good fit for what you want, right. Not a I’m not going to do it because you’re gay. No doubt those are both those accomplish the same thing. So let’s quit with Christian hate and hating on people that are different from us. Instead of saying it’s just not my cup of tea, I’m probably not a good fit for this side of this equation.

I would like to respond to that. That that goes both ways. It is not the Christian that that’s a terrible thing to say Albert.

We’ll call it Muslim hate or Jewish hate.

Any hate or more. Any hate any time.

I just went religion, right? This this whole there’s Okay. All right.

Alright, Let’s, let’s scale this back a little bit. We were talking very specifically about about a religious event. Yeah. Right. So we were kind of on topic. So it kind of makes sense in relation to the thing. I don’t think anybody’s making the statement that all of these options are always religious people. So

I would guess it you know, I do know that we have people that follow us in other countries, I do know that we’ve seen the metrics, there’s a, Doc, you didn’t know that?

No, we have had no clue.

We have people all over the world. As a matter of fact.

That’s cool.

And we have people in Brazil that follow us all day long, whether you like it or not?

Hopefully, they’re Gracie Jiu Jitsu people, right? It’s like, you know, coming in and like buring people.

Agreed. So the thing is, is like, as free as we are as a nation and as free religiously, and how we are able to speak in some other countries as a salesperson, you know, this may be a real, real issue, what tribe you come from, what religion

Here it can be an issue?

Sure. It is. I think, I think another you know, I mean, I know, I

I mean, I know, a guy who takes off his his OU ring whenever he’s selling out in Lubbock, right. I mean,

You walk into my conference room with an A&M ring on, forget it, but get the hell Right. I mean, really, and I got a I got a hold all those comments in when I go to a company, that’s filled with em. I gotta hold all that in. So yeah, it’s not just religion. It’s not. It’s just No, I can’t

Yeah. Wow, that’s crazy that people make those assumptions predicated on the school you went to or the neighborhood you’re from? I mean, I just never had that.

All shapes and sizes guys like, I mean, yeah. Crazy.

Yeah. So I mean, to sit here. And you know, to make it my thing is, and I’ll push this until the end of the episode. But if you’re not bought into the sale that you’re making, you’re never going to treat the sale with the justification that it needs.

But I still go back to the point of, if you’re losing your cool to the point where you’re calling out the other person as being somebody because of their issue, you wouldn’t do business with them. I think that’s such a silly move. I think that’s what creates this…

That’s, that’s easy for you to say, as a people lover, but hold on, it’s your personality, right?

Because I think I think there’s, well, I think there’s a right way and a wrong way, if you have a moral objection to say, Hey, I’m not gonna be able to work with you. Right? If you, if you say, hey, look, I don’t think I’m the right fit. I don’t think I’m the right one to help you. I think that’s totally okay. But if you get all finger wagging, because you, you, you can’t just leave it at that. You’ve, you’ve got to get your your ego and your tribe and your identity involved and say, Well, I’m not going to help you because of this and this. That just makes you a this shitty person.

Yeah, I mean, I mean, let’s, let’s look, let’s look at it this way. If you build, you know, a decks for living around a pool, that’s what you did for you’re working construction, like big decks, big, big decks, shoot a huge deck.

There you go, then go ahead, please proceed.

So and the reason I was saying this, because I thought, you know, what, if you’re a Biden supporter, or a Trump supporter, and you pull up and in their yard is filled with the signs of the opposite, you know, political affiliation, and that’s the job you have to do on Monday, how much does that impact the job that you’re willing to do? And, and, and my point of this is, it may, it may impact you hugely. It may want, it may you may turn around, that may be your stance, it may draw the line in the sand. And you may pull out of that and say, You know what, this isn’t for me, that as a salesperson, in my opinion, is your freaking decision. You can do that. Is it good business? I don’t know. I don’t know the situation? Maybe? Maybe not. But I’ll tell you this. Are you gonna if you have those feelings, or you want to back out of the driveway and not build the deck? Are you going to build the deck as good as you would for somebody that you supported? Well, that’s what I’m saying.

So this is a Trump hundred dollar bill. And this is a mighty supporter hundred dollar bill. I can’t see much of a difference between the two. And when they go into my pocket. I don’t know which ones which.

That is a, that is a fantastic point. For you.

Okay, so let’s back up a second. Because I mean, this, I think it I think it really, I mean, it’s it’s person dependent, obviously, right? We can all you know, go die on any hill we want. I I’d like to share a story about doing it the other way. I don’t know if I should have this on here or not. But I was selling investments. Alice had just been born and I was working in, like Aledo, which is like a small town just west of Fort Worth. And these people came in there and I’m trying to sell them something. And there’s a picture of my daughter who’s an infant, and they’re like, Oh, your daughter and I’m like, Yeah, like How old is she? And we’re doing all the back and forth and everything. And they said said, you know, you got to get her in church before she’s three. Right? And I was kind of like, Okay, thank you. Right, like, like, let’s just kind of move on past this part of the conversation that I have no interest in indulging. And then they’re like, Well, where do you go to church? And so then I’m like, oh, like, what do I, what do I do here? Right? Like, what do I say? And now looking back, I think I would have chosen the different answer. But like, in that time, I was like, Well, you know, we’re between churches and doing all this stuff, and just completely lying, right? Because I didn’t feel comfortable because I thought that, that I didn’t seem to chance if I was honest with these people. And then the whole rest of the day, the whole rest of week, I was like, Oh, God, like I was mad about it. Right? So I feel like that’s the that’s the other flip of the coin. Right? If you do something in that, like, where you compromise either yourself directly or maybe indirectly by by making moral kind of judgment call, like, can you live with it on the back end of it? No, I was not happy with the fact that I lied to those people to try to get a deal.

So So did say that you are not religiously affiliated, or we’re not affiliated with a church. I mean, I get it your arm sharing it. Now. I mean, you said what felt best to you at that point. But if somebody asks me, I can do one of two things. I can say Jesus Christ, lord and savior with the best of them, right? Or I can simply say, I’m not a believer, I can appreciate this being a Christian nation, and that you guys, you know, are, you know, have, you know, hey, go for it. But at a certain point, then it’s back on them to decide if they want to work with an atheist at this point, right?

Well, yeah, that’s a good point, too. Because you could also say nothing and and if you were a true honest, like hardcore, salesman, honest salesman, you say, why does that have anything to do with the deal that I’m about to make? And? And if they answer that, that’s on them to answer, right? If they say, I think I’m gonna give the job to somebody who doesn’t go to this church or this affiliation, you have a million different decisions to make after that, but I think as a good salesperson, one of the things you don’t want to do is puke all your opinions and, and voices out on somebody. I mean, I, I’m very strongly opinion, opinionated, you guys know that. But I don’t puke it in my sales meetings. You know, I mean, in my business meetings, I don’t care.

Well, so or better yet, you could say, hey, sounds like that’s important to you. What religion should I be?

I mean, you, that is absolutely a way to do it. And that’s…

You asked that for a reason.

And I and I really love this topic, because all the all the answers given aren’t wrong, right. They’re just how you personally professionally want to do the deal, or not do the deal. Like, this is on you. That’s, that’s why I love this situation, where we always talk about, you are in control of the sales that you sell. I mean, like you are truly in that.

So I know a guy and he, he has a business doing IT support. And he got a call in Texas, it is an open carry state for people who don’t know which, which means that you can carry a weapon on your hip kind of anywhere you want to go. And so this guy walks into the office, the guy sitting down, and he stands up, like shake his hand, he’s wearing a pistol on the side, right? And my friend was not comfortable with this, right? And so since he knew that he wasn’t comfortable going into this spot, he wouldn’t be comfortable sending any of his team in there. Because they might have the same objections, right? And so, he immediately was like, Hey, you know, would would be happy to talk more, but you know, we kind of need to have a conversation about that, because you might not want to work with me. And the guy was like, What do you mean? And he goes, he goes, if you’re wearing that on your hip, I can’t, I can’t send anybody in here, we’re not gonna be able to work together. And the guy was like, Okay, why, and they and they had this, you know, human adult conversation. And then the guy was like, Okay, I won’t, I won’t wear it whenever you and your team are here. And he was like, okay, that’s really all I can ask for. But, you know,

it’s mean a lot. A lot of this will work itself out. Just don’t be. Well, first of all, you could go John’s route and feel bad all week, because he didn’t really tell the truth, and you weren’t truthful about who you were right? And maybe people live that on a constant basis. Or you could be like me and say, Well, you know, the truth is, but why would it you know, why this is? Is this going to be a deal breaker, and if so, then all right, call it that and move on?

I mean, I mean, I don’t I don’t know how many mistakes I’ve made by saying though, you know, pardon my French but fuck em. I mean, I’ve said that my entire career. It’s made me who I am. It’s got me some great deals, but it’s also lost a lot of business deals Don’t get me wrong, I’ve shit on some business deals because hey, I didn’t feel good about it. They called me and they were a little heated and I said, You know what, I don’t need to do business with them fuck em, right. And I’ve said those words too quick. And it’s it’s saved me a lot of bad deals, and it’s lost me some good deals. So you know, agree. I mean,

But, but isn’t that isn’t that the tribute to calling it like you see it, live into fight another day, that if there’s any inkling out there, if you have have that luxury, go ahead and take it and say, sounds like this may not be a good match if I’ve got to be something for you, other than myself, right? So.

Yeah, you want me to change all of my human being, or my company’s policies to make a deal for you. Sorry, man, we’re just not a fit. If that’s what you believe. Now, if you’re saying, Yeah, I’m willing to do whatever you takes to be that’s also on you. That’s why I said, there’s no right answer here.

But But I think most of this may be just kind of trying to find some common ground for most people, right. And so don’t take it too deep. I don’t think that you blow the deal up because you perceive somebody to be different than you. I think that’s a great way to build reports to say, Hey, I know very little I was trying to do a deal up in in Utah, in Salt Lake City, and it was predominantly Mormon comp company. So my first question was, Hey, don’t know much about Mormons. Um, tell me a little bit about it. And we opened some great discussions to the point where I literally, we went out to dinner, and the waitress came over, and I go, are you Mormon, and she goes jack Mormon, which means, you know, born in the Mormon faith, but I drink, I cuss, I do everything else. So yeah, I learned that terminology. And, and so this really became a nice weekend of figuring out what Mormons do and don’t do. But you know, the deal didn’t go through, but they had a legitimate chance of getting our business if we got the project far enough down. And they were they were down with the fact that we weren’t in you know, they, yeah, unique lifestyle, different from anything that I had, you know, had a discussion about, but very legit business people that understood they live their faith, and that to ask him a question, was it so off the Richter scale that they wouldn’t answer it, honestly. And it never really seemed to interfere with any of our business that we were talking about.

The only place I’ve ever been arrested.

Wow. Well, city, Salt Lake City, Clint’s, gotta got a wanted poster in Salt Lake City at the post office brought.

So so quick little story. I got arrested there. And I left the state, right. And they said, you have to pay this fine. I said, What if I don’t pay the fine? They said, well, then you will have a warrant out for your arrest in the state of Utah some fine by me, I’ll never go to Utah ever again. So no big deal. And then I found out that the state that I was living in was a reciprocating state to Utah’s laws. And I got a bench warrant in the mail from my state tell me I had a warrant in Utah. I said, Okay, we better pay this fine. Let’s call a judge.

Wow, I was I was about I was about to call the dog on you, man. I have your fugitive, tell him where to come pick you up.

It’s been settled. It’s been settled.

So you know, in this day, when everybody’s on all these social media platforms, you know, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and everything else like this? How much? How much do you talk about your beliefs on and I know, this is kind of like a, like a, like an interesting question, because I don’t think Clint does a whole lot on social media. I don’t think Nannette does either. Whereas like, I do a lot. So how much of that would you be talking about? And how much of it would you just not?

I mean, I have social media, you know, and I don’t put my stuff out there. One one, for the protection of my professional life and personal life. I mean, that’s just how I think I don’t think that everybody needs to know what i what i what I’m feeling every day and what I think because I think that people close to me don’t need social media to know what I think right? So like, there’s an agenda there when you put stuff out you want people to I think I don’t know because I don’t do this right? But I always feel like when you put your your feelings out there on social media, you’re asking for people to either agree or disagree or you know, come into your life you’re welcoming people in and I’ve never done that. I’ve always kept it pretty close pocket because that’s my business as my family’s business. I just never really been out there. And but it’s also I see it, I see it affect people professionally, I really do. I mean, you know, it’s nothing anymore when you when you interview with somebody for them to not go check out your Facebook and your LinkedIn and your Instagram and your TikTok. And then to not make judgments about you and you know, that I just feel like you need to keep it to yourself. I really do not, not in the sense that you don’t have the freedom to do what you want but, but in the sense of be careful what you put out there because it’s your business right keep keep your business, your business.

And to that point, Clint that I think you can, you know, when you look at the these opinions right and left, right, they don’t get extreme until you get way outside the bell curve, right? We, you know, there becomes this point where it’s reasonable to take a position on the left and a position on the right, you may not agree with either side, because you sit on the other side, but at a certain point, you need to know if you’re taking things to an extreme, they could damage you professionally.

Right? And you might, and you might not know that you’re doing that until it gets brought up.

Too late too late. Right? Well, that’s where that so that self awareness, right? Or if you think something’s a little edgy, you might ask a good friend, right?

I mean, a prime example. This is a simplistic form of all of this. But, you know, if I’m hiring a babysitter, off, like, let’s say, you know, one of the babysitter apps that they have out there, and I and I see a name, but you know, what I see is a is a picture of a girl that’s holding up holding a Bible up. But then I go to her Instagram, and I find her on Instagram, and she’s twerking it off the floor. I’m obviously not going to hire this girl to come watch my kids, you know what I mean? And, and she might be a fine person, she might be a great person. But now my opinion is swayed completely and on

Another way, another step further, because I’ve seen people hide behind religion and using religious jargon to make themselves look better than they really are. And we’ve seen that in media too, right? Where you’ve got these, you know, these big preacher types that are, you know, out in the public one way and in their private life. They’re all sinning like, the better than the rest of us, right. And

I’ve seen it in I’ve seen it in veterans I’ve seen in MMA fighters, I’ve seen it in everything, you know, these people that tell you, I am this And trust me, I am this. And, you know, just like we were joking about today at the office, the guy that says, hey, I’m I, I am a scratch golfer I shoot par every single time. Well, that’s funny, because I’ve golfed with you twice and he shot 150, like, Oh, you had a bad day twice out of the two times I golf with you, like you’re, you know, eventually the truth is going to surface and come out. And, and social media is a is a, it’s a great platform, if you use it correctly. I see a lot of people use it correctly, I really do. I see a lot of people on LinkedIn, and I can swap over to their Instagram page. And it’s the same person, right, I can see that transition of like a health and wellness coach have, you know, given good speeches on LinkedIn to where they’re saying, Hey, you know, you know, those, those motivational speeches are those quotes that they put out, and then you go to their Instagram feed, and they they live that life, because that’s what they’re posting. But I’ve seen it work the opposite way. Right? And, and let me tell you, you know, employers, people that hire you to do stuff, whether it’s direct, or they hire you to your company to do a job for them. Guys, that stuff’s all out there. And they all look at it. And if they don’t, they’re gonna, at some point, you know, for some, for some social media still new for for a lot of the hiring age, the 55 to 65. Age, social media is still new, but but those days are dwindling. Right? And and very quickly, the 45 to 55 year olds that grew up on social media, or have social media are eventually going to be the hire fire people. And if you think they’re not going to go to all that stuff to make a decision. You’re crazy.

Yeah, exactly. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Well, and I think you speak to the, to be consistent, right? With your, your message both? Because it is it’s a message whenever we start talking about social media that you’re putting out there. And if it’s a radical message, I mean, as long as it’s consistently radical, and you’re not too different,

At least I know who I’m dealing with.

Exactly. You say, hey, kind of a crazy individual, but man, they get the job done, right. Because they show up, they said they were gonna do this, and that’s what they did. So, so again, it doesn’t automatically invite that you can’t do business if you’re, you know, a, you know, a serious, you know, left or right player. It just, I’ve

I’ve had subcontractors come into my office and sit down and tell me the most off the wall beliefs and politically I’m flat earthers I’ve had a flat earther sit in front of my office, you know, and how and how can I do business with this guy? If you believe that how can I do business with you but you’ve done 12 jobs for me in the past before I do that, and you did a stand up, bang up job. I don’t care if you believe the earth is flat. Your stupid opinion. Right. But that’s my decision to make

What? What? Clint? No

No, Doc, Doc, it’s it’s round.

No, no, no, no. Look, I I’m looking out. No, I’m sorry.

Yeah, I was I was worried about saying that thinking, Oh, we might lose some followers, but then I thought, well, we might lose a follower.

All right, well, we are coming up on time. So let’s…

Or, or, I just gained about 6 million of them out.

Al believes… Wow, we’re all watching this guy, right? A flat earthers. Bring it I’m on your side. I’m not, I’m not convinced this round either to be.

Alright, so let’s do a quick Throwdown.

I’m just dying to go look over the edge. I’m keeping all the options open, man. Right, blowing my mind.

We’re coming up on time. So let’s go around real quick. Right? Um, Clint?

We lost Nan somewhere along the way, you see her?

Uh, no, hopefully she comes back up. There she is. There she is. There she is.

Cat again, my cat and dog and sorry. Okay.

So where do you Where do you draw the line? How do you decide what’s important? And what and what isn’t? And what gets in your way?

Well, it’s an easy, easy solution for me, because I’m gut driven. I am 100% gut driven. Which means if it feels good, that’s what I’m doing. If it feels bad, I’m walking away and I can make that, that gut call, instantly, I have no remorse for the decision I make. If I make the decision to go for it, and it is wrong, I will ride the storm and I will write it to the end. If it’s my death, I’ll do it. You know, if I make the if I make the wrong call, and I should have went for it. And I’ll I don’t have that regret because I made that call right then and there. Right. So so to me this, this decision is very good driven, it’s very personality driven. It’s how I feel about it. And that’s not going to sit well with some of you guys. But as a D, that’s the tool you have in the toolbox. And I will tell you that whatever decision you make with you stand beside that, right make make it learn if it’s a mistake, learn from it, right? Put that in your in your toolbox of tricks and tips. And never do that again, if it’s wrong. If it’s right, Hey, man, do it to it. But I will tell you that as a D as a corner D especially this is easy for me just it’s a gut feel. And you got to go with it and own it.

All right, good Al, what you got?

I take people as they come I and I encourage them to be who they are in an honest way around me. I don’t I don’t think I create a threatening environment that doesn’t allow either in a sales call in my business in in anything that I’ve strived to do. It’s always been inclusive. I’m driven by the bottom line, which is how much money does the project make, and then what you know, and then doing a good job for that client, whether they’re from any walk of life, you know, as long as they can pay the bill. I’m down with the project as long as it’s in my wheelhouse. And they’re going to honor their side of the equation, I want to honor my side of the equation. So bring it Come as you are but let me be me too during this process, because it’s going to sneak out. I mean, I have a tendency to talk. And so you’re going to see me, but I assure you, it’s gonna be the same philosophy that shows up every day at your doorstep. And I’m going to be hopefully interested in who you are. But maybe not buying into all your beliefs and your theories and but I do like that flat earth thing, I really do.

All right, Nan. Let’s go to you. Okay, Hey, hold on stance, turn, parliamentarian.

I just like to say I really strive to respect other people and not, and I guarantee all three of you and anyone that knows me probably has stepped on a toe or two and I’m really trying to not be that person. I’m just give everyone everyone gets to have their own opinion and just care about people. I know that sounds again. Oh, God, I hear me and just go god, so obnoxious. But it’s true. It is true.

Okay, okay. Um, yeah, so for me on the seaside I guess, um, I think Clint made the best point and we’re pretty opposite when it comes to like how we view some of this stuff but uh, if it if it’s going to stand in your way and it’s gonna keep you from doing like the best absolute work as far as delivering for that client. You need to you need to say no, right and not in like a way of like, I’m holier than thou or better than you or anything else like this, but just say I’m not the right one to work with, right? It’s very, it’s very succinct. It’s very simple. And you can extricate yourself, right? Because you don’t want you don’t want anybody crunching it on your belief. So it’s not really fair that you know, you’re going to crunch it on somebody else’s. on the same side of that I’m a big believer these days of not compromising my my own objections and, or my own beliefs to make a sell anymore, right? If somebody says something that, you know, doesn’t line up, I try to make it about business and not, you know, any kind of beliefs that they have. But, you know, we had to, we had to walk away from a deal last week, because, you know, the, the ideas weren’t aligned, and they weren’t political. It was just like, how we were going to move forward. And I knew that I wasn’t gonna be able to do a good job. So I said, Hey, we’re not the right people. We shut it down and moved on. And there’s I don’t know where I read this and I apologize for not having a better research but I saw the some waste someplace. And it talks about the man with no fear doesn’t fear the knock at midnight. Right. And I and I think about that, right? Because I, I, I’m really focused on being consistent and being I don’t ever want to be on the stage right and or talking to a group and someone said, “man I had a terrible experience with John” with with it just based upon me, overselling, or not following my beliefs and things like this. So you can’t kill it for like, every person you work for. Sometimes mistakes do happen, you know, but I never want to be the guy who’s accused of not living, like my beliefs where I view it to be important. So yeah, this is kind of an interesting episode, and very kind of off topic from how we, I think, normally handle things. You know, we try to stay away from the politics and stuff, but, uh, with everything going on, I mean, you can’t not talk about it. Right? You know, I mean, people are wanting to have conversations, they want to know where you stand and stuff like that. So we thought it was a good topic. If you guys know anybody who is not sure who to vote for, maybe you should play them this episode.

Come on over to the winning side.

All right, I got to wrap this up quick. So if you know someone in sales is struggling, please share this with them. If you have a question that you’d like to be talked about on the show, we can keep all the details hidden if you want to, but send us a text 817-345-7449. Follow us on all social media. Everything is at Sales Throwdown update on YouTube. Please take a look at Clint’s ridiculous mass. Hey,

Hey, wait a second, wait a second. Hey, if you’re tired of the Trump train, come ride with Biden baby.

Oh, word. All right. Good night, everybody. We’ll see you all next week. Bye. Go vote. Go vote. Go vote for sure.

Bye bye.